73 Curse Or A Gif

    "You two! Why are you not coming home at all?" asked Senior Yang as soon as he entered Xander's office. He was with Butler Gary who had two paperbags of the herbal supplements, the same supplements he had provided the couple with in their home.

    "I want to make sure that you two will not skip drinking this at work. Butler Gary go and put all that at Xander's fridge." he instructed Butler Gary before he sat comfortably at Xander's couch.

    Then he added, "Also, Butler Gary don't forget to give instructions at secretary Ness, assistant Ron and that new assistant of Yera about this herbal supplements. They should not skip in taking it."

    "Where is my daughter-in-law?" asked Senior Yang afterwards as he shifted his gaze to his son. He could not believe how workaholic the couple were! How about his future grandchildren?! If the couple would continue to go on like this he was afraid it would take a long time to fulfil those dreams of his.

    "I will send her a message that you're here. I'm sure she will get here soon dad..." Xander replied as he sat in front of his dad while he tried to call Yera but ended up sending her a message because the latter was not answering.

    He appreciated the hard work of his father. Moreover, it was more like he was supporting his father's aggressive act like this.

    "Son, are you sure you did things right during the honeymoon? I mean you're a doctor so you should have the knowledge with correct timings. I even make sure that those dates were the exact dates Yera is fertile." commented Senior Yang with a sigh. He had Yera's menstrual cycle checked and arranged the booking dates according to Yera's fertile days.

    Xander coughed followed by a gulp... He and his father's relationship were more than of a father and son because his father was  his best friend too that he would not hide anything from him, his father was his number one buddy. He knew everything except for only one thing - the contract between him and Yera.

    If his father would find out about the contract  he would be doomed...

    "Son, Yera is the only woman for you and your only cure if I must say. I know you love her too because I can see it in your eyes so seize this opportunity and make your old man happy. You know I only ask for one thing from you and nothing more." Senior Yang reiterated.

    It was true, Xander's father never asked him of anything. He was always supportive towards him since he was young. Whatever goals he pursued to, he would always be there to cheer and encourage him up. However, he was persistent in asking him about grandchildren, saying he was getting old and it was his only wish, more on, only request from him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Of course, his father was aware of his disorder that was why his father even jumped out of joy when he told him that his little buddy finally reacted to a woman.

    "Son?" Senior Yang waved his hand in front of his son when he noticed Xander was in deep thought.

    "Oh yeah dad, don't worry okay? Just be patient... I will work hard on it I promise to you that I will work harder for that grandchildren. How about three boys and three girls?" said Xander smiling at his father with a wink.

    Senior Yang's face lit up at the  thought that his son was successful during their honeymoon days as he said, "Yeah I love it son... Three grandaughters and three gandsons will be  awesome. I will prepare and have a renovation to our mansion soon. I want my grandchildren to have their own indoor and outdoor playgrounds... Hmmm I should contact our architects soon..."

    Xander shook his head as he looked to his father with wonderment. His father was thinking way ahead right but he liked, he loved it. He was lucky to have the best father in the world.


    Unknown to Yera, she was the center of bantering inside the office of the Department of Surgery because of Dr. Ye who almost informed everyone that Deyna would soon become the 'darling' of Dr. CEO. They assumed that Yera would be the next apple of the eye of the Yang Hospital group heir.

    "It's because she's popular now so she captured Dr. CEO's eyes," commented Dr. Rio, bitterness were all over her tone.

    "Nah... I must say Dr. Song is the prettiest, she and Dr. Yao both are the hospital's belles. Just that they have different personalities, like water, one is hot and one is cold. Dr. Yera is a bit stiff and strict while Dr. Yao is the opposite." Dr. Ye remarked. He would like to... well he was on the process of hinting at Dr. Song but then Dr. CEO declared ownership and clearly marked Dr. Deyna Song.

    Dion on the other hand, was quiet but a smug formed in his handsome face as he recalled how Dr. Yang gave heavy and deep emphasis in the word 'darling' and he was not that dense not to get Xander's signal. He was the person who answered Yera's phone when a man with a caller ID 'My Darling' called.

    "Silly," he mumbled as he shook his head and continued to review a patient's case in his laptop. But then paused for a while as he sighed.

    Being someone with a third eye like him was simply heavy enough for him to handle... Someone considered it as a gift but not him... He was not sure either if it was a curse or a gift...

    He hated seeing those things... Because he saw another one again so Dion would simply say his silent prayers to cast the evil spirit away from his sight.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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