74 Riot Instead

    Yera was briefing Rizie on various things the latter should remember as her assistant.

    "Noted Dr. Song." answered Rizie smiling as she jotted down notes. She was too excited for her new job and she made sure to study how she could be a good assistant and a secretary to a physician like Dr. Song.

    Yera smiled at her and said in a jest, "Hmm, I hope you stay with me Rizie for a long time." She knew Rizie's problem about easily getting bored with things that was why until now Rizeie was not sure what she would want to do with her life. She had no goals at all and Yera appreciated Rizie's honesty.

    At first, Yera was a bit shocked when Rizie opened up to her like. Rizie was a straightforward person and was like an open book. She was too innocent and honest on saying things and giving her opinions. She was someone who would not care about what others might think of her as long as she could express herself well. The description of 'what you see is what you get' best described her and Yera liked it.

    Rizie gave her a bashful smile as her cheeks turned rosy pink. "Hmm... I hope so too Dr. Song," Rizie sincerely commented.

    Yera's clinic would start to receive outpatient by tomorrow. She would open her outpatient clinic for two hours every weekdays but not on weekends since it would be her rest day if there were no scheduled or emergency operation for her.

    She was chatting with Rizie when she suddenly remembered to check her phone which she put on silent mode a while ago during her operation. Her eyes rounded seeing several missed calls from Xander then she quickly opened her inbox and read Xander's message informing her that father-in-law was waiting for her in his office.

    Yera immediately bid Rizie farewell and before she could leave from the door, Butler Gary already arrived in her new clinic with paper bags of the herbal supplements, the same one her father-in-law put in their room.

    Yera gulped, it was the supplements father-in-law would always remind her to take.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Young Miss, please go to Young Master's office. Old Master is  waiting for you. Is she your new assistant?" Butler Gary said smiling as he put the paper bags on the table. Rizie was a bit confused hearing word like father-in-law because if the social media she checked was not wrong, it clearly stated that Dr. Deyna Song was still single.

    "You're the new assistant of our young Miss right?" Butler Gary asked and Rizie nodded. "I will give you instructions for these supplements and please make sure that young Miss take it without fail as instructed by her father-in-law." said the old man to Rizie who by then looked  at Yera totally surprised as she asked, "Oh gosh you're married?"

    Yera nodded awkwardly as she said, "I'll explain it to you later but for now keep this a secret. No one must know about it. I'll go now and talk to you later Rizie"

    Rizie nodded as she watched Dr. Song who almost ran out outside the clinic.


    As Yera walked  towards the hallway, she noticed some nurses and even doctors would particularly give her a long glance. 'Weird...' she mused because it never happened to her before, no one would cast a long glance at her as if scrutinizing her from head to toe like now. Not that she was conscious but somehow she was uncomfortable.

    She saw Shaira, their department's secretary along the way who greeted her with a teasing smile. Yera felt something was wrong so she stopped walking and turned around to call Shaira.

    The secretary quickly walked towards her and said teasingly, "Yes DARLING!?"

    Yera's forehead crumpled as she asked, "What's going on?"

    Something was off and she could feel it. Shaira was among the top five of the gossip mongers in the hospital according to Dr. Ye and he even emphasized that if she needed any hotline news inside the hospital she should ask Shaira.

    "I guess you're not aware yet but you've been marked, like an exclusive territory." Shaira said chuckling.

    "What?!" Yera burst out as he heart raced. 'Could it be that someone discovered about me and Xander? Who was that? And how  did they come to find out?' she mused nervously. She made sure no one was around whenever she would sneak at Xander's office beside she was never seen with Xander alone so how would someone know about her? All

    persons who knew about her and Xander's relationship signed the confidentiality agreement even the security team in the hospital. It was a ground for termination and they would get sued so she was sure no one would even dare to open their mouths and spurt things about her and Xander's relationship.

    Shaira seemed to read her expression as the latter shook her head and said, "You looked confused 'DARLING'!" Shaira was chuckling then told Yera everything that happened as to how Dr. Ye narrated everything.

    "So now you know? Hmm, actually we are all excited to see how Dr. CEO will pursue you because you're kind of different to all the women who got link with him. I mean you're the first doctor and a bit hmm... It's like he will need to woo you for long." commented Shaira, with slight hesitation.

    Yera had a blank expression but deep inside she was flaring, itching to run and smack Xander's head at that moment. 'Geez...' she cried inwardly. She wanted a peaceful workplace and as much as possible she wanted to stay out of gossip like this because it would affect all her plans especially her transfer at Life Globals group. Her marriage with Xander must not be disclosed nor even a simple relationship with him must be prevented.

    Shaira twitched her mouth seeing the irritated face of Dr. Song as she turned around and left. "Oh crap I guess we should not expect romance soon but expect a riot instead?" she mumbled as she hurriedly went back to their department to cascade another soon to be trending topic amongst the employees inside Yang Hospital.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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