75 Childish

    Yera stopped for a while to inhale and exhale loudly before she opened the door and entered Xander's office. As soon as she was inside, a warm and tight hug from her father-in-law caught her off guard that helped to cool down her irritation towards Xander.

    "Look at my daughter in law. I bet she's not even sleeping properly with those dark circles in her eyes. What are you doing Xander? How dare you not to take care of your wife properly!" Senior Yang exaggeratedly hissed to his son as he loosened the hug and took a proper look at Yera.

    Then Senior Yang stared at Yera as he shook his head and added, "I can't believe how careless and thoughtless my son is. Oh daughter, I understand that you're working hard to gain that name and so you can get the interest of Life Globals group but then I think, at this point, it's no longer necessary since they already tried to poach you. So please lay low on doing operations everyday. Also that herbal supplements, make sure to not miss on taking it or else this old man will feel sad and neglected."

    Yera felt touched with her father-in-law's careful consideration and thought for her that made her release a warm and genuine smile. "Yes father... I will not miss taking the supplements. Thank you so much." she said in her most touched voice.

    "That's my daughter. I understand your sentiments but health is important. In order to nail success in every goal, one should prioritize health first because what's the point of achieving something if you'll get sick along the process?" Senior Yang explained more.

    Xander watched Yera who looked so warm and yearning... Yes he could clearly saw yearning in Yera's eyes and facial expressions. His wife yearned for a familial love and he was glad that she could get it from his dad.

    He watched as the two talked more while they sat on the couch. After a while, Senior Yang stood up and bid farewell to the couple.

    "You don't have to walk me out son." said Senior Yang when Xander stood up to walk him out. "You two stay in here for a while and spend more time together okay?" Senior Yang teased with a wide grin. He even made an okay sign with his hand before leaving Xander's office.

    Outside, he saw assistant Ron and secretary Ness who slightly bowed to show respect. He paused in front of them and instructed, "Make sure no one would disturb those two whenever they are together inside. Alright?"

    The two looked at each other before they answered in unison, "Noted Sir. We'll do!"

    Senior Yang walked but paused once more and turned around as he added, "Also make sure those two won't miss those supplements okay? If you two forgot any of my instructions you will not  get extra bonus from me."

    The two immediately nodded and said, "Yes Sir. We will take note and make sure to comply!"


    As soon as her father-in-law left Yera turned around to glare at Xander. Her narrowed sharp eyes almost killed him on the spot that Xander was taken aback as he murmured, "Why are you killing me Darling?"

    Yera's eyebrows raised as her eyes enlarged this time as she hissed, "Darling?! Huh Darling? Are you aware that everyone now was looking at me from head to toe like I'm a specimen under a microscope?!"

    Xander came to know at that moment what was the cause of Yera's fiery glaring. For a second, he wanted to hide because he knew how important it was for Yera not to disclose even a tiny hint to others about their relationship.

    But of course, he was Xander Yang. No fiery glances, no sharp piercing eyes and not even those burning anger or irritation would beat his shamelessness in any way.

    He quickly closed the gap between him and Yera as he encircled those firm and strong arms of his on her waist before he pouted his lips and said, "I did not say much... Well I did say something but that was too vague. I mean everyone knows I'm a playboy so they won't take it seriously. Besides, it's just a slip of tongue..."

    "Slip of the tongue?! Xander do you know that lying is bad?" Yera exclaimed.

    Xander pursed his lips and murmured in a helpless tone, "Alright, it's not a slip of the tongue. Sorry darling... It's because my purpose is to really mark you as mine alone so no one would dare try to hit on you. You are very beautiful  and the most gorgeous doctor so can you blame me If I turn out to be somewhat like this? A bit possessive?"

    "You should know that I'm really disappointed... What you did is a childish act!" Yera scolded. She could not believe it. One wrong move and Xander could almost jeopardize everything.

    Xander did not let go of Yera as he heaved a sigh of regret. Yera was right, he knew that so he muttered, "I'm really sorry Darling. Next time I'll be more careful. Are you really that mad?"

    Yera blew air on her forehead as she rolled her eyes. Yes she was mad but for some reason, she was no longer that mad. She wondered if she did make any sense at all. She herself was too confused with her emotions. A while ago she was really annoyed but then looking at Xander's expressive eyes and dropped shoulders like that somewhat took her annoyance away.

    She was on that state of weighing her emotions when she felt Xander's lips landed on hers. That was unexpected in the middle of her scolding. While Xander was kissing her, Yera suddenly thought silently, 'Could it be because Xander is feeling inferior?'

    Yera pulled out from the kiss and looked intently at Xander's eyes before she said, "Promise me you won't do anything like this again? You don't have to mark me because I'm already yours. I told you, I like you very much."

    'But I want to hear you love me!' Xander wanted to voice out loud instead he bit his lip and scolded himself for being childish. "Yes, I promise..." he mumbled but at the back of his head he was hoping that Dion already got the signal he sent so he would no longer make any childish things in the future, though he did enjoy being childish at times. Especially if Yera would keep on restating how much she liked him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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