76 Is This For Real?

    "Dr. Song, today you have a lunch meeting with the CEO of Life Globals group." reminded Rizie at Yera as soon as they were done with the last outpatient for today. Yera looked at the wall clock. It was still early so she intended to pass by at Xander's office to inform him since she forgot to tell him that her meeting with Lnydon was today. Yera stopped by Xander's office but Xander was not around so she decided to leave and meet Xander at the thought of sending him a text message instead.

    "Why do I feel that there's something fishy," she mumbled as soon as Dr. Song left.

    Then Rizie creased her forehead at the thought of how mysterious Dr. Song in her eyes. She felt that the doctor was a very private person. She was actually curious why Dr. Song would meet the CEO of the rival hospital but she was in no position to ask further.

    Dr. Song did not even tell her anything about her marriage, well simple details such as who was her husband. She wondered who could be the doctor's husband and why she wanted it to be kept a secret.

    Rizie yawned and decided not to think too much about it since it was not her business after all. Instead, she prepared to leave the clinic before she contemplated whether to make another appointment for Dr. Dee. But her mobile phone rang. It was her big sister who had asked her to meet and grab lunch together.


    Jam was sitting impatiently at the back seat of one of their cars when finally Lyndon's car came out from the basement parking of the hospital.

    "Go and tail him!" She instructed with furrowed eyebrows. According to her dad, Lyndon was only busy on making Life Globals group prosperous and bigger and there was nothing else to get alarmed with.

    "Busy my foot!" Jam mumbled irritably. She would not buy that at all because as a woman she could feel that Lyndon was having an affair! He was obviously avoiding her! Before, Lyndon would never miss a single appointment set with her whether he was busy or not.

    'Appointment?!' She mused sarcastically with twitched mouth. How ironic that she, as a fiancee, needed an appointment with him just to spend time with him. Jam wanted to cry out loud! She herself could not understand why she still loved the man despite the fact that her love was never reciprocated. She simply could not let him go.


    Coincidentally, Rizie's big sister wanted to meet her at the same restaurant where Dr. Song and CEO Lyndon Chu would meet. Her Big Sister Lyra wanted to try to eat there and was craving for the food they were serving in that restaurant.

    "So how's your new job?" asked Lyra smiling as soon as they settled in one of the private rooms of the restaurant.

    "So being pregnant will make you drool over food like that? I can't believe that a woman who was so conscious over her body will order as many food like that!" Rizie commented in awe after she heard the dishes her big sister had ordered to the waitress.

    "Well you have to treat me since you finally decided to work and of course you will soon become an Auntie." Lyra uttered as she smiled at Rizie with  a wink

    "Geez! What a stingy sister!" Rizie murmured.

    "Shh just enjoy our food later!" Scolded her big sister.

    In the middle of their lunch, Rizie wondered how was the meeting between Dr. Song and the CEO of Life Globals group from the other side of the room was going. For sure that CEO Chu would try to convince Dr. Song to transfer at Life Globals group. She pondered on how how great the Life Globals group would offer...

    After an hour Rizie and Lyra finished eating and went out of their private dining room, they were on their way at the open parking lot when Rizie saw Dr. Song with CEO Lyndon Chu who probably walked Dr. Song to her car.

    Dr. Song noticed her and smiled at her so Rizie walked towards them and greeted Dr. Song back. "My big sister ask me to go here for lunch," Rizie explained and Dr. Song nodded. Rizie introduced her big sister Lyra but they were all started when a woman approached them.

    Her face was too pale as if she had seen a ghost as her wide eyes stared at Dr. Song. They heard CEO Lyndon Chu whispered, "Jam?"

    The woman ignored CEO Chu who held the woman's arm to take her away but the woman abruptly pulled her arm and walked towards Dr. Song.

    "Yera? You're alive?! Is this for real?!" The woman exclaimed in disbelief.

    "Jam it's not her. Let's go..." They heard CEO Chu said as he tried to pull the woman once more but this time the woman looked hysterical and harshly grabbed Dr. Song's arm assoon as she escaped CEO Chu's grip.

    "How come you're alive?! You bitch!!! Why can't you just stay in your grave!!!" Shouted the woman. Rizie was fast and stayed at the middle as she tried to protect Dr. Song from the crazy woman who seemed out of her mind and was about to attack Dr. Song as she struggled from CEO Chu's grip.

    "Jam stop it! Don't make a scene for goodness sake! She's not Yera! Let's go and I'll explain things to you!" exclaimed CEO Chu in his angry voice.

    "What is this?! Are you two fooling me around all this time? Do you think I'm stupid?! She's Yera Han!!! Look at her closely! Those eyes won't lie!!! She's Yera Han!!!" Jam shouted hysterically. She knew well Yera's eyes because she hated those damn eyes since they were a child. The woman was definitely Yera Han!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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