77 Impossible Coincidence

    Everything that was happening at the parking lot was being reported to Xander by his security team assigned to guard Yera 24/7.

    "Sir should we butt in?" asked his man  on the other line. "No! Don't. Yera can handle that. Just monitor everything and keep a good distance. You already called the police so let them do the job." instructed Xander with pursed lips.

    He received Yera's text message and as he promised, he controlled himself and no longer followed her like he did the first time together with Rui.

    "Sir, the police is already at site..." Xander sighed and ended the call as soon as he heard it. Then he called one of their attorneys to assist Yera at the police station.

    Xander hated this kind of thing where he should do things in the shadow. He wanted to personally appear and be beside his wife however, he knew it would be unwise to do do. Yera wanted justice for her family and wanted to take back everything that was robbed from her. He would need more patience to make sure Yera succeed because her case was very complicated. They needed solid evidence and must find the real culprit behind it all.

    He was startled by his own thoughts when his intercom rang, secretary Ness informed him that Dr. Yao  was already outside so he instructed secretary Ness to let the doctor in.

    "Good afternoon Dr. CEO. I will just give you suggestions for the retreat based on the survey we did." Dr. Yao said smiling and seat on the  couch as gestured by Xander.

    Xander nodded as he sat in front of Dr. Yao and check the folder she  brought. Every year their hospital was conducting team building retreat by batches for all hospital employees.

    "By the way, you don't have to bring this." said Xander. Dr. Yao smiled seductively and said, "It's okay, Chief Doctor Yong had an emergency so he let me to handle this."

    The Department of Pediatrics was the one assigned to handle the team building event for this year. "This looks good to me." Xander commented as he was about to stand up to get a pen to sign the paper so the department could proceed with all the arrangements.

    "Here..." Dr. Yao offered her pen to him. Xander refused and  stood up to get his own pen because he had an exclusive pen for signing all documents.

    Dr. Yao looked around Xander's office and stood up from her chair while Xander was signing the papers. She walked around and looked at each display. "The painting is nice." she commented.

    "Haha... Are you memorizing my office structure?" Xander commented casually as he noticed how Dr. Yao seemed to be inspecting every corner of his office and he was not comfortable at all. Dr. Yao's eyebrows flinched and quickly formed a sweet smile on her face as soon as she turned around to look at Xander.

    "Well, I admire your office Dr. CEO. It's my first time going inside so I'm bewildered by how it looks. Very modern and high-tech I must say." Dr. Yao simply commented followed by a wink.

    "Thanks Dr. Yao. Here's the documents," said Xander smiling as he handed her the documents. "Thank's Dr. CEO. I will leave now." said Dr. Yao before she walked towards the door.

    Xander looked around his office as soon as Dr. Yao left. It was true that he had a very high-tech office. Not just his office but the whole hospital... So it would be hard to be penetrated by terrorists.

    He heaved a sigh of distress.... Recently, he received an instruction from the Field Marshal to implement high security because of the threat the military discovered, and one of the said targets would be one of the big hospitals in the Capital City.


    Rizie was itching hard to know more to understand what had happened a while ago. She and her sister Lyra just got home from the police station and the first thing she did was to seek her laptop.

    She quickly typed the name 'Yera Han' and searched it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Oh my!!! Oh gosh!!!" she burst in shock as she covered her mouth with her palm. Her eyes were staring at the screen of her laptop in horror. "Was this even possible?" She murmured, still blown with the photos of Yera Han. She was a carbon copy of Dr. Deyna Song. No wonder the woman a while ago got hysterical.

    She read all the details and articles pertaining to Yera Han. She could feel the adrenaline rush running wild in her body. She was eager to find out more that she never left her laptop and seat for an hour of researching. She was good at it, tracking out everything at social media and other sites.

    "Physician CEO at Life Globals? Best surgeon? Kidnapped and killed?" she uttered as Rizie gulped. Dr. Deyna Song also could be considered as one of the best surgeons. Such a very impossible coincidence. Her excitement and interest grew. She felt everything was the same as those favorite drama series she was watching.

    "Could it be that she was the same person and was planning to take revenge?" she assumed as she started to put all the puzzles together like how mysterious Dr. Deyna Song.

    Then and idea suddenly came to her, she could easily use connection and find out about it like asking her sister-in-law Keira Chan. So Rizie dialed Keira's number and started her speech by asking her sister-in-law to keep everything a secret between the two of them only. Rizie did not mean any harm at all to Dr. Song but the curiosity was killing her to find more about what happened to Dr. Yera Han.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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