78 Slowly But Surely

    "Are you alright?" Xander asked as soon as Yera entered his office. Yera nodded and sat directly at Xander's couch and rested the back of her neck at the headrest of the couch while she closed her eyes. She took time inside the police station because they needed to calm Jam first. Jam did not stop calling her Yera even inside the police station. She kept on shouting and insisting she was Yera like a maniac. She was too hysterical that she had to receive a shot from the doctor to calm her cousin.

    "Liam said you did not pursue in pressing charges," Xander commented. He would want that Jam to rot for at least a month or more in jail for trying to attack his wife verbally.

    "She was shocked. It's normal for her to go crazy like that. She's obsessed to Lyndon since we were young. She finally have him but then I showed up. I'm supposed to be dead..." Yera muttured with her exhausted voice.

    Xander looked at Yera intently. Her eyes were still closed as if she was relaxing herself.

    Xander actually waited outside the police station, inside his car. He felt anxious as he waited until Liam, his Attorney, confirmed that Yera was fine.

    "That Jam, she's your cousin right? I'm sure they will soon check on you," Xander commented as he walked to his wife. He stood at Yera's back and put his hands at the sides of Yera's head and gently massaged it.

    "Uhuh..." Yera answered. She felt Xander's soft hands doing wonders in her head that Yera suddenly felt relaxed. He was giving her a head massage and it felt so good that she unconsciously bit her lip with her eyes still closed.

    Xander paused seeing Yera's expression then followed was a silent curse because his mind was running wild because of her facial expression that looked sensual in his eyes. He could feel his little buddy awakened.

    'What's with you she was only biting her lip so why are you awake? Go back to sleep!' he scolded as he stared at Yera's lips. But he could not fight the urge to bend his head down and took those lips of hers wholly.

    Yera opened her eyes and she could see Xander's neck. He was kissing her while he stood at the back of the couch. She ended up grabbing Xander's hair as she answered his intense kiss.

    "Hmm... You'll hurt your back and neck if you'll continue like this." Yera murmured in between kisses.

    "Can you call me darling too when we are the only one around?" Xander answered while he did not stop in sucking her lower and upper lips alternately while he was still at uncomfortable position. Yera frowned because Xander mentioned it out of nowhere.

    "Huh?" she murmured but she never let go of Xander's hair as well.

    "I said call me Darling if you don't want me to get head and back ache for not stopping.," Xander murmured. Yera contemplated because kissing like this was actually felt good as she continued to answere Xander's lips with the same passion but she was worried about his uncomfortable posture.

    After a few more seconds Yera murmured, "Darling, stop and sit beside me."

    Xander immediately obeyed and sat beside Yera who rested her head on his shoulder. Then he heard her spoke, "Jam is not my real cousin by blood. Uncle adopted her..."

    Jam and her father were one of the prime suspects she was thinking responsible for everything. However, she needed solid proof.

    Xander listened well to his wife as Yera narrated about her family and her relationship with Jam. He smiled broadly, some would think he was slow in making progress on his relationship with Yera but for him he was in the right pace called, 'slowly but surely'.


    The next morning, Rizie had dark circles under her eyes when she reported at work. She was early and saw a man in his lab gown outside the door of their clinic.

    "Excuse me? How can I help you?" She asked. The man turned around and creased his forehead. "Oh it's you," Rizie nonchalantly commented as she opened the door and let Dr. Chen in.

    "I'm the new assistant of Dr. Song." she said and asked Dion if he would like to have something. Dion shook his head and handed her an envelope instead. "Dr. Song was not around yet. She's expecting this file." he said as he sat on the waiting chair in front of Rizie's desk.

    "Uhm... don't you remember me?" Dion suddenly asked. Rizie rolled her eyes and said, "Of course I do remember. You've been introduced to me by Dr. Song. I'm not that old to have a memory gap you know..."

    Dion was startled with the woman's straightforwardness, very different from that time when she was crying and looked very vulnerable and meek.

    "Oh by the way, you're the only person I notice quite close to Dr. Song, do you know that she looked exactly the same as Dr. Yera Han, the previous CEO of Life Globals group that was kidnapped and killed?" Rizie suddenly blurted out as she sat on her chair. She was looking intently at Dion as if they were close enough to talk for a long time.

    "Uhmm... I don't meddle in other people's personal affairs. My time is too important on nonsense things like that. Please don't forget to give that to Dr. Song as soon as she arrives." Dion muttered before he stood up to leave.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Rizie's face crumpled and her mouth twitched as she irritably murmured, "So he's saying that I meddle in other people's personal affairs? And my time is not important because I ponder on nonsense things like that?" She released a long deep sigh. That doctor did have a point but her curiosity was killing her.

    "Geez such a sulky doctor! Such a snob." Rizie complained.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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