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    "Hmm, it's the weekend and I'm glad to see Yera is not working. I wish to spend more time with you guys. Oh Yera, we go to church every Sunday if you like, you can join us anytime?" said Senior Yang while they all ate breakfast.

    Xander had already mentioned this to her, though she was not obliged to essentially do so because Xander told her father-in-law respected her and wanted her to do things willingly.

    "Yes father, I would love to go with you," Yera answered cheerfully. She would honestly love it, going out with family. But then she needed to put on a mask, a cap and an eyeglass to hide her face so she mentioned her predicament to Senior Yang.

    "Oh yeah right, it's okay dear no one will care... hehe. They will probably think that Xander's wife is a well known celebrity perhaps." Senior Yang jested with a bright smile.

    "Anyway, the two of you, do you have any plans for today?" Asked Senior Yang next.

    Xander's eyes smiled as he anticipated his father to do another favor for him. He had actually asked Yera out but the latter had refused, fearing that someone might recognize her and see her with him.

    Xander saw Yera shook her head in reply to his father so Xander said, "I don't have any plans for today too dad why?"

    "Let's play golf then, son? And bring Yera with you too. You can wear your disguise so that no one can recognize you."

    Then Senior Yang shifted his gaze to Yera and asked, "Have you tried playing golf before dear?"

    Yera timidly shook her head. "Then Xander will teach you. Haha, this old man loves golf because I don't have to use too much energy in this sport." said Senior Yang smiling.

    Then he added, "You will need to buy your outfit and clubs. Let's play around 4:00 PM." before he shifted his gaze back at Xander and continued, "Son, accompany your wife and buy things she needs to be on the golf ground."


    "There! Darling you look great! I must say Butler Gary is good in buying this kind of things." commented Xander with a grin as he put the mask on Yera. Butler Gary had bought a cute mask with a print of kissing lips.

    Yera crumpled her face and was startled when Xander gave her a smack sounding kiss on her lips with her mask on.

    "There, since you're asking desperately for a kiss so I must comply," Xandr teased before he quickly went out of the car and pulled Yera out, grabbing and clasping their hands together.

    "This feels awkward..." Yera whispered as they walked inside the shopping mall. Xander could bring her in a private boutique but it would be boring. He preferred going out where he could see a lot of people. Also, Yera was too introvert so it would be good for her to go out on crowded places once in a while. But of course, he made sure that the place they went to was very safe since there were threats of terrorism in their country.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Xander entered an exclusive brand boutique where he would often buy his golf stuff from. The sales lady recognized Xander and quickly assisted him as she presented the best outfits for Yera.

    "Darling, go and try them. I want to see which looks better..." Said Xander smiling. He sat on the couch and checked his mobile phone while he waited for Yera to come out. He liked this part where Yera would try everything and he would take a snapshot of every fitting.

    Yera came out and Xander's eyes looked at her from head to toe. "Too revealing," he commented while he was busy taking snapshots of her.

    "Tsk, that mask is really awesome," Xander grinned.

    "Stop that!" Yera hissed as she went back in the fitting room to try other outfits. Her face crumpled as she changed clothes and went outside.

    As usual, Xander asked her to turn around before he said, "can you breathe in that darling?"

    Yera tried more... She was getting irritated with Xander's comments and obviously the bastard was enjoying this bullying.

    "That bully!" She scoffed irritably as she changed into another stylish and comfortable golf dress this time.

    "Tsk!" Yera hissed as the zipper at the back got stuck. She slightly opened the door and told Xander, "Get the sales lady."

    Xander knitted his eyebrows and walked towards her. "What's wrong?"

    Yera rolled her eyes and said, "the zipper got stuck. Go get the sales lady."

    "Let me see," Xander muttered before he quickly went inside the fitting room.

    "Hey, get out! Why are you here? Call the sales lady you bully!" Yera irritatingly snorted.

    Xander laughed. "You're so cute whenever you're irritated Darling." he commented, still grinning as he pinched Yera's cheeks. "Turn around and let me unzip..." Xander teased but Yera's sharp narrowed eyes killed him on the spot so he corrected, "I mean zip it up, Darling."

    "There," Xander muttered in his husky voice after he zipped up her dress. Yera turned to face him and said, "No more fittings you bully! I'll just get this."

    "Oh I already asked the sales lady to wrap everything. I am buying them all for you including the one you are wearing." said Xander smiling.

    Yera's face crumpled. Xander noticed it and said, "Wait it looks like you are not pleased but the mask is covering your face... This mask really asks for a kiss..."

    Xander removed the mask immediately as he said these words and as he suspected, Yera's face could not be painted. His hand touched her face and his fingers gently caressed her cheeks as he whispered, "Why is it that you look so beautiful in my eyes whatever you expressions are?"

    Before Yera could comment Xander bent his head and kissed her lips. "Yera felt her stomach churned. Xander was obviously seducing her with every opportunity he could get! Her face reddened more but this time not because she was irritated but because of how flustered she was!

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