80 Victim Of Torture

    Yera thought playing golf was too easy, after all, how hard could it be to hit a little white ball with a stick? All you needed to do was to swing the stick. This thought evaporated first time as she stepped onto a driving range and attempted to hit that little white ball.

    But she was so wrong after several attempts of swinging without even hitting the freaking small ball!

    She reddened out of embarrassment when Senior Yang laughed out loud while he commented, "Why  don't you let Xander teach you dear?"

    Xander did offer to teach her but she kept on ignoring him because she was still irritated. Xander walked towards her and said, "My darling wife is very short tempered father."

    "Shut up," Yera mumbled as she concentrated on how to hit the small ball.

    Xander ignored her as he positioned himself behind Yera. He was too close as he leaned forward. "Stand with your knees and hips slightly bent," Xander whispered on Yera's ears that sent shivers down every part of her body. Then she felt Xander's hands on her arms. She did not know if she was just thinking too much but Xander seemed to be intentionally touching her sensually.

    Yera frowned and silently complained, 'Why do I feel like a victim of torture?'

    She gasped when she felt Xander's warm breath once more on her ear as he continued, "Bring your club back and parallel to the ground first."

    He was now touching her hand as he guided her. He was almost hugging her. She wondered if Xander was doing things intentionally because lately he never rested at all without being touchy with her.

    Xander continued to whisper, "Bring the club up at a 90 degree angle. Turn your shoulders to bring the club all the way up. That's how you set your swing darling."

    Yera sighed, this time Xander's cheek was brushing on her own cheek as he hugged her. "Now, let's proceed on how to hit the ball. Shift your weight slightly to the other side as you swing the club down. Straighten your side facing the target as you make contact with the ball. Extend both your arms fully for the follow-through." as Xander lectured Yera was following it with Xander's guidance.

    And there.... She swung and hit the ball... Yera's jaw dropped because the ball also went in the hole!

    "Ahhhhhh!" Yera shouted and unconsciously turned as she hugged Xander. She kept on screaming, "I did it! I hit the ball and shot it in that freaking hole!"

    Senior Yang was grinning as he watched the couple. "Father, I finally hit the ball and even shot it in the hole" Yera repeated cheerfully to Senior Yang who nodded.

    "Dear, golf is a game that can show you a lot about someone. One of the major things one can learn here is how you handle yourself on the course. It's easy to be  happy when you're playing well, but shows character when you keep your cool if things don't go your way." reminded Senior Yang smiling.

    Yera almost cut her tongue because she obviously got irritated at first for not being able to hit that ball several times. Xander was grinning as he pointed his index finger on Yera's forehead in between her eyebrows and said, "Father always says to me. Enjoy the game  and stay positive. Life's too short to get mad over a game..."

    Yera's mouth pursed. No wonder Xander was always positive. She suddenly felt envious about how lucky Xander was to have someone like Senior Yang as his dad.

    Yera did have a great time and enjoyed playing golf with Xander and her father-in-law who kept on smiling and laughing hearing the bantering of the couple.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After playing golf the three had a wonderful early dinner together at a nearby restaurant inside a private room.

    "I remember how mom would always nag you whenever you ate pork a lot!" commented Xander when he noticed his father had ordered a lot of dishes. Yera laughed seeing how sour Senior Yang's face turned because Xander started to nag him.

    She had seen a lot of photos of Xander's mother in their room and also in the mansion and she especially liked that big family portrait of Xander when he was a young boy.

    "Yeah and now you boy, stop nagging! I have ordered those for the two of you. I will just take some small bites later," defended Senior Yang then he looked at Yera with a sudden glint of solemn and sad eyes that Yera noticed but then soon his expressions changed and she could see his smiling eyes once more as he looked at Xander and her together.

    "I'm sure your mom is very happy right now," Senior Yang suddenly commented. The world was big, but if two people were fated to be together then its size did not matter. It was a strange set of circumstances which brought the two together.

    He had not told Xander yet because he was hesitating. Xander loved his mother so much that he grieved for a long time after losing her. Senior Yang recalled how long Xander had locked himself up in his room, because he could not accept the sudden demise of his mother.

    "Father?" Xander said as he waved his hand in front of his father who seemed to be out of his mind. "Oh yes?" Senior Yang asked.

    "You're daydreaming father." said Xander as he shook his head. "Alright, go bite the pork. Just a tiny bit later I will allow. Geez daydreaming of pork!" Xander teased.

    Senior Yang's lips flinched..."You brat, I'm daydreaming of grandchildren! You're not productive enough and very slow in action!" Senior Yang hissed that made Yera's face blushed.

    She blinked her eyes several times as she watched the father and son bantering about babies. Yera was like, 'Hello guys... I'm sitting right here, you know?' She ended up laughing once in a while because of how funny the two men were.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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