81 Non Stop

    Xander's face could not be painted. Why? It was because of Yera's assistant! How come he could not have lunch with his wife lately. "Are you there?" Asked Yera at the other line.

    Yera called him to inform him that she would accompany her assistant again at lunch. "Can't she eat alone?" Xander asked.

    Yera laughed and said, "Hmmm... No. She doesn't have any friends yet in the hospital to accompany her so I join her for lunch whenever I'm free."

    'What if she doesn't find any friends at all to eat lunch with?' Xander blinked several times as the thought crossed his mind. If that happened, he would miss a lot of lunch breaks with his wife.

    As soon as the call ended, Xander called out for secretary Ness and assistant Ron.

    "Sir?" Asked assistant Ron as soon as he and secretary Ness entered.

    Xander looked at the two and said, "You two... start making a rapport with that Rizie and eat lunch with her. Or at least one of you take turn eating lunch with her. Make sure my wife is with me at lunch..."

    The two looked at each other before they nodded and answered, "Noted Sir."

    As soon as the two left, Xander's mobile phone rang once more and this time it was his cousin Keira Chan...


    Rizie looked at the handkerchief in her hand and released another sigh. She was having lunch alone and was feeling lonely as she was not used to eating alone. Dr. Song usually used to accompany her, but today she suddenly had an emergency operation for a patient and before they could order, Dr. Song had to run to the operating room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Even approaching Dr. Rui seemed complicated because the latter was always out of the clinic lately. She was inside the hospital cafeteria. She looked around and spotted Dr. Chen at a corner eating alone like her, so she quickly stood up and walked towards him.

    "Hello, may I join you?" Rizie asked, smiling broadly in front of Dion.

    Dion was startled and his face crumpled, not because of Rizie, of course, but the bad spirit behind her, on which he wanted to throw a spoon on,  and he was caught off-guard by Rizie doing that.

    Rizie's face darkened as she mumbled, ""What's with you? I'm greeting you nicely but you are answering me with that vinegar face!" Dion thought Rizie was too offended by his actions and that she would leave that instant, but Rizie sat down in front of him instead.

    Dion cleared his throat before he spoke, "I'm sorry... It's not you. I was startled by something at your back."

    Rizie knitted her eyebrows and turned around to look while she commented, "My back? Something? There's nothing nor anyone."

    "Anyway,  may I join you for lunch, because I can't eat alone." muttered Rizie and sat down to eat even before Dion could agree, like she knew Dion for a long time. Dion stared at her and mused, 'What a care-free woman.'

    Dion continued eating his lunch, and he almost choked when he saw Rizie using his precious handkerchief. Rizie noticed how keenly Dion stared at the handkerchief she was using so she bragged, "Nice hanky right? This is not mine actually. This one was lent to me by my future boyfriend."

    "Brrr!" Dion spat the water in his mouth hearing that. "Ewww! You're so gross Doc!" Rizie exclaimed as she looked at her food if Dion had spat on it.

    "Boyfriend?" Dion muttered unconsciously as his face reddened. "Yeah my future boyfriend. Hehe You know Dr. Rui Dee? This handkerchief belongs to him, and he will be my boyfriend very soon! I heard he's still single. I'll definitely become his girlfriend very soon." Rizie stated nonchalantly with a smile as she began to narrate to Dion what happened that day.

    Dion was shocked by the way  the woman sitting in front of him could talk so much and with such ease to him. She was talking as if they were long time friends who had not seen each other for a while, and she told him everything without hesitation and without any pause in between!

    He was even unable to butt in anywhere between the whole story, because she was talking non stop. 'How come she did not recognize my face and took me for Dr. Rui?' Dion complained inwardly. Then he recalled the lab gown Dr. Rui lent him that day and understood it was all because of the lab gown.

    Dion contemplated if he should rectify Rizie's wrong identification of who was the real owner of the handkerchief but Rizie's words, "I'll be his future girlfriend', was too alarming that made him decide not to disclose the truth.

    He wondered who would want to have a girlfriend like Rizie who was a blabbermouth, and decided it would definitely not be him. He shook his head as he felt sympathy for Dr. Rui Dee. Rizie looked like someone who was ready for battle just to get Dr. Rui Dee under her gasp.

    'I should remain quiet,' Dion mused as he looked at the handkerchief his mom had gifted him with lonely eyes And started planning to do something to get it back from her.

    "This handkerchief... Do you want me to help you return it to Dr. Dee instead? I mean I'm close with Rui." said Dion, trying his best to convince Rizie, that way he could have his handkerchief back and would tell Rui about it or maybe he should warn Rui also in advance about Rizie? Dion shook his head, thinking that he should not meddle, his handkerchief must be  his only priority.

    "No way. I'll do it myself," Rizie muttered.

    Then an evil grin escaped her mouth when she asked, "So you're close with Dr. Dee?"

    Dion gulped subconsciously and cursed silently seeing that smile on Rizie's face. He sensed trouble and he suddenly regretted the way he clearly mentioned how close he was with Rui. It was true though because Rui treated him like a friend, almost like a family, rather than just a patient.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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