82 Is That A Joke?

    Xander was deep in thought as he waited for Yera in his office.

    Yera should know that her new assistant was such a busybody. "Tsk.." Xander scoffed as he recalled how Keira had nagged him for not telling her about such important matters concerning Yera.

    Well, he deliberately didn't do so because he was capable of handling the matter on his own. Besides, Keira's father,  was the Field Marshal of the country and had more pressing issues that he had to handle. Their family already had enough on their plate, and moreover, Keira was pregnant. So she really should not be worrying about this kind of thing.

    Though Keira had vouched for Rizie, saying that Rizie could be trusted, it was still Yera's call, and not his. Ralf had informed him that he had another lead on one of the suspects, mainly the leader, so hopefully, everything would turn out well soon.

    He already tightened Yera's security, especially now that Jam had already seen her. Those who were involved in her abduction a couple of years ago would soon be alarmed.

    Xander was startled when the door opened. "Hey, Dr. CEO!!!" exclaimed Rui, who entered with a dim expression. "I will resign now and set up my own hospital to compete with you!" Rui declared as he sat on the couch, with his legs crossed comfortably. Xander grinned and murmured, "I'm sure that hospital would rank first from the bottom..."

    Xander stood up from his own chair and moved to sit in front of his friend. "What's wrong with you? Before, you often asked me to have you dispatched to every corner of the world, and even volunteered to go to high-risk areas. And now, just from a simple handling of human bones, you're already threatening to be my rival?" Xander asked, amused.

    Rui's family was one of the wealthiest families in the country, but they also belonged to the most low-key and mysterious kind. You would not have an inkling of how abundant their wealth and power are, if you were not acquainted with them personally. They preferred to keep a low profile and were very private.

    Rui did not reply and instead released a long and desolate sigh. Xander immediately knew that something was bothering his friend, so he asked, "What's your problem, Dr. Seer?" Rui pursed his lips upon hearing Xander's mocking tone. Well, Xander had gotten it right. He was indeed troubled, so he answered, "You said you would treat me as soon as I got back, but you had not even bothered to see me."

    Xander laughed and stood up as he scoffed, "What are you? My wife? Get up, and let's go out."

    As they walked through the hospital's reception area, Xander saw Dr. Yao, who greeted him with a sweet smile as she walked past them. Xander smiled back and asked Rui, who was following behind him, "So, where do you want me to treat you?" He creased his forehead when he didn't hear any response, and turned around.

    "Are you alright?" Xander asked when he saw how pale Rui's face had become. "You know her?" Rui whispered, almost a gasp.

    Xander lifted an eyebrow as he said, "Yeah, she's the new pediatrician. Why? What's wrong with you? You're making me worried..." Xander started to feel uneasy about how weird Rui was acting.

    "Don't mind me. Let's go to the usual place," said Rui.

    'The new pediatrician?' Rui puzzled. He could not believe it because he had never seen her in that kind of light before. A doctor? Is that a joke? Would a doctor be in that kind of place? And how the hell did...

    Rui gritted his teeth and quickly dismissed his thoughts as he walked toward the hospital's exit with Xander. But something was not right...


    Yera had just finished performing another successful operation, and her neck and back were really sore. "I need a massage," she mumbled as she headed to Xander's office. But she halted her steps on her way there to search for the nearest spa in the area.

    "Hello, Dr. Song!" greeted Dion, who was about to leave the hospital. "Leaving?" Yera asked. Dion nodded and bid her goodbye, "See you tomorrow," He murmured.

    "Wait!" Yera shouted. Dion turned around to face her and asked with a smile, "Yes?"

    "Do you know if there's any spa near here?" She asked him because she knew he lived at an apartment nearby. Dion's smile broadened as he replied, "Yeah, near my area. Just a walking distance from here. Do you want me to show you the way? The massage is really good, and I'm also planning to get one right now."

    "Yeah, okay. Wait for me near the exit. I'll just change my clothes quickly, and I'll meet you there," Yera said, to which Dion nodded in response.

    Yera tried to reach Xander on his phone, but it was turned off, so she left him a message saying that she would go to a spa with Dion. She also sent him the address of the spa.


    Yera and Dion went to the spa, and since Dion was a regular customer there, the employees already knew him and treated them exceptionally well. They were put in a separate room. The massage was so good that Yera almost fell asleep. But then, she felt someone pull a strand of her hair.

    "Oh, sorry, Madam, did I wake you up?" The masseuse apologized.

    "My hair..." Yera mumbled. "Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, but I saw a strand of white hair and thought I should pluck it out since it was really showing, and it doesn't look well in your beautiful hair," explained the masseuse. Yera ignored her and relaxed her body more.

    After the session, Yera went out and saw Dion was already waiting for her in the reception area. "How was it?" Dion asked as soon as he saw her. "Oh, it was excellent. Funny, though, I guess I'm getting old..." She mumbled. As she was about to pay at the counter, Dion stopped her, saying that he had already paid for her.

    As soon as they were outside, Yera laughed and said, "I can't believe I already have a sign of getting old."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Dion chuckled and asked, "Why do you say so?" Yera then told him what happened with the masseuse when she was getting her massage earlier.

    "Will you be okay to go back by yourself?" Dion suddenly asked. And as soon as Yera nodded, he hurried back inside the spa, which puzzled Yera. But she didn't think much of it and continued to walk back to the hospital, which was just a few blocks away.

    'Maybe he forgot something?' Yera wondered as she recalled how wary Dion's face had become...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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