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    Jam was grinning broadly as soon as she received a call that the hair was already in the laboratory for testing. "You cunning bitch! Do you really think you can fool me? Deyna Song? Hahhh!!! You're definitely Yera!" she mumbled inside her room.

    She quickly stood up and walked to her father's study area. Jam was living a comfortable life, despite the fact that she was an adopted child and was a nobody. In fact, she was very lucky that she was loved dearly by her parents, both her father and mother loved her like their own, especially her dad. Her mother, Juliet, was the one who was a part of the Han family.

    After Yera's father, the only heir to Life Globals group, passed away, they thought grandfather would give authority of Life Globals group to her father, who had always worked really hard alongside her Uncle Kanye, Yera's father.

    However, it never happened. Instead, Grandfather trained Yera, since she was a kid, to give everything to Yera once the time came!  Jam had witnessed it all, how downcast and disheartened her father had been then and it was also because of this that her parents had started quarrelling often. Her dad could not accept the fact that he was neglected while her mom would try her best to convince her father to trust her grandfather's jurisdiction in the matter.

    Jam grew up with her heart full of hatred for  Yera, because she felt that everything that happened was Yera's fault. Her parents grew distant apart from each other, though they lived in the same house, because they could not agree on one thing, about the rights for Life Globals group where her mother's loyalty remained with her father, Old Master Luke Han.

    She wanted Yera out of their lives, that was what Jam would often wish for earlier, because Yera was like a bad omen for her family. She was not a hypocrite... She was glad Yera died...

    'But how come she came back like this? Why can't she stay inside her freaking grave?' Jam complained inwardly.


    At Life Hospital

    "What's this? Who ordered this?" Lyndon hissed to the doctors inside the laboratory.

    "Sir, it's Madam Jam. She wanted the result for this test immediately. We are almost done with the testing" reported one of the doctors. Lyndon clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. As he  expected Jam would not stop making a fuss about everything.

    "As soon as the result is out, no one will  disclose the result to anyone including Jam! Give the result directly to me! And this is an order!" Lyndon instructed before he left the Molecular biology lab where the DNA Testing of Yera's hair strands was being done.

    Lyndon inhaled and exhaled several times while he walked toward his office. Jam had really made her moves very fast. He too had thought to check if by any chance Deyna was actually Yera, but he was hesitating because he was afraid to find out the truth. He was afraid of how he would be able to face her if she was really Yera...

    Lyndon helplessly sat down on his chair and opened his drawer to look at a photo frame that was always on his table before, in it was the picture very dear to him, his photo with Yera together. He missed her badly, so much so that, he could not stop himself from  finding ways to see Dr. Deyna Song more often, because he felt like he was seeing Yera in her.

    He was so eager to get Dr. Song to work in his hospital that he had given her an almost impossible offer. If others would find out about this offer, they would think him to be crazy, but he did not care as long as Dr. Deyna Song would decide to join his hospital.

    Lyndon smirked at his t thoughts of how he often considered the words 'his hospital' normal! Yes he was managing the hospital and held a majority of the shares and he was even sitting at the CEO and Vice Chairman position however, it was still Roy Go who owned Life Globals group as the Chairman. Roy Go, Jam's father, who allowed him to become the CEO as soon as he accepted Jam as his fiancee.

    But this would end soon because he would make sure that ownership of the hospital would be in his hands very soon. Roy Go would end up with nothing once he completed his plan. He would not  let others hold his neck that long, especially now.

    Lyndon then started playing the videos he had saved earlier with Yera on his mobile phone while they were playing chess....


    "Stop that Lyndon and concentrate! How come you can't beat me even in a simple game like this!" Yera hissed while he kept on recording and laughing on Yera's serious and crumpled face. "Hon, how come you're always so serious? Can you at least loosen up a bit? Smile for me  and say 'Hi... I'm Lyndon's terror strict fiancee...' Yera covered the camera with her palm that time but she smiled at Lyndon directly saying, "There see that smile? It cost a lot to be in the video. Very precious for anyone else to see! It's better that I smile in front of you directly,  so don't record it, that way you'll continue to ask for my smiles and I will keep smiling for you like this..."


    Unknown to Lyndon, his tears fell continuously from his eyes as he kept on replaying the video over and over again... Then he murmured, "I'm really sorry Yera..." His heart still ached in pain. Everything was his fault. He was unable to protect Yera well.

    After a few more hours, one of the doctors from the DNA Laboratory went directly at Lyndon's office with  the result in his hand.

    "Sir.." the doctor mumbled as he handed the result to Lyndon.

    Lydon dismissed the doctor and just looked at the envelope for few minutes. He was curious but afraid to see the result at the same time. Lyndon exhaled loudly before he reached for the envelope and opened it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lyndon's face relaxed, seeing the result. He called the doctor back and instructed, "You can pass this report to Jam."

    As soon as the doctor left he picked up his phone and dialled a number.

    "As soon as Dr. Song joins in the hospital, cascade a rumour that a DNA test was done which proved that she is not Yera Han..." he firmly instructed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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