84 Body Language

    The next day, Xander was too frustrated because he read the text messages from Yera very late. His mobile phone ran out of battery yesterday without him knowing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Last night he arrived late and Yera was already sleeping soundly in their room when he reached home. He could only read Yera's text messages next morning, but he could not ask how the spa was to Yera while they were eating breakfast out of the fear that he would sound nosey,  since he had promised Yera that he would not be sulky when it came to that Dion Chen being close with her.

    Yera had reiterated about Dion to him as being a close friend she could have in her lifetime and she had also told that she considered the man almost like a brother to her.

    "She went to the spa alone with that Dion? Why do I still feel sulky?" he mumbled with pouted lips for not being able  to accompany his wife instead. He missed an opportunity to be with his wife inside the spa. He still did not trust that Dion Chen.  He should ask more about him from Rui since he found out that he was Rui's patient too.

    He stood up and called assistant Ron.

    "Sir are you looking for me?" Assistant Ron asked when he was inside the office. "That was why I called you right? Of course I'm looking for you," answered Xander with a straight face.

    Assistant Ron gulped because the Boss seemed not to be in a good mood.

    "From today, double check the battery of my mobile phone every once in a while. Make sure it never runs out of battery." said Xander with crumpled face.

    "Noted Sir" assistant Ron answered simply before he got dismissed and left scratching his head. He  did not dare remind his Boss about his earlier instruction. Assistant Ron let out a long deep sigh. Earlier he already did those things, checking Dr. CEO's mobile phone battery but the Boss was not pleased about it, saying he wanted his battery drained most of the time so he would not be bugged by others after office hours...

    Xander now called his security personnel, who was in charge of Yera's security, and was aware that Yera went into the spa yesterday with Dion.

    "How come you did not inform me?" Xander hissed on the other line. "Sir, you said report only if there's suspicious moves or possible dangers ahead," answered Jaimie on the other line who was in charge of Yera's security 24/7. They did not inform the Boss about the spa since there was no danger nor suspicions unlike last time, during Yera's encounter with the woman named Jam.

    Xander washed his face with his palm with irritation. How come his people were too dense? Didn't they know that any man getting close to Yera should be reported?

    "Jamie... Any man being too close with my wife is dangerous! Do I really need to elaborate it more?" he pinpointed with particular heavy note on the word 'man' before he ended the call.

    Jamie rolled his eyes and wanted to bang his head inside the van that almost became his home as he was living in it for most of the day, monitoring Madam Yera 24/7 whenever she was out. Madam Yera knew she was being monitored since Boss Xander gave her full access with security. Madam Yera was the one who also instructed them not to report unnecessary matters to Boss Xander.

    Jamie was in dilemma whom to report to and what to report anymore. 'Those two...' he mused before he instructed his men to now report also any man getting nearer the Madam outside.

    Xander's sulkiness did not end there as he walked outside his office and was about to interrogate his friend Rui who was the reason he missed to accompany his wife since the latter pulled him out  of the hospital. Well he would not interrogate but banter with Rui more often than not...


    Xander did not know whether to laugh seeing how full was his mobile phone's battery that night while he waited for Yera inside his private room. He would sleep there with her since Yera was performing another operation tonight so she would not be able to go home at the mansion.

    It was already late and Xander's eyes were almost heavy when he fet Yera's presence inside his room. He did not open his eyes though and smiled on his own when Yera lay beside him on the bed.

    He could smell her familiar scent that never failed to invigorate all his senses. He did not move and remained still, waiting what would his wife do next. 'Ohhhh,' he gasped when he finally felt her soft body brushed on his. Yera hugged him tightly. Her soft bosoms brushing on his arm while she buried her face on his neck. Xander could feel her warm breath as she murmured sluggishly, "Goodnight."

    Xander felt Yera kissed his neck as a goodnight kiss. And that was it, he could no longer remain still. He opened his eyes and moved his body sideways to face her.

    "Why are you only kissing on my neck? You should kiss my lips for a goodnight kiss. You should have known by now that you have married a demanding husband when it comes to body language..." Xander hoarsely complained before he moved his face closer to capture Yera's opened mouth.

    "I thought you're sleeping already..." Yera muttered with creased forehead as she looked at Xander intently. She was still panting from Xander's breathtaking kiss.

    Xander chuckled as he gave Yera a nose to nose kiss.  "Hmm, yeah I was about to go into a deep slumber Darling but you sabotaged it. You awakened the beast in me," Xander replied with his mischievous smile.

    Yera was startled when Xander suddenly moved on top of her. She could feel his hard erectness under his boxer shorts that was brushing on her lower body.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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