85 I Want You*

    Xander moved on top of her with his eyes penetrating deep into hers. "I missed you..." Xander whispered in his sexy voice before he sealed Yera's lips once more. His lips were more demanding and urging this time.

    Yera was actually very tired after a day full of surgeries and  she felt her energy was too drained out to even retaliate. "Hmmm," she moaned instead of pushing Xander away to tell him that they should sleep.

    Xander was kissing her in such an aggressive way that he did not register her mild protests in the form of moaning instead he delved deeper and tasted  Yera's lips like a candy that he was savouring for long. Yera was caught off guard and could not hide the fact that she was enjoying their skin to skin entangling despite her weary body.

    She loved Xander's lips on hers, they were.so full and lavishing that never failed to tempt her. She could feel her stomach was turning upside down with the sensation his lips were sending to every nerve in her body. She could feel herself flaming up with desire.

    She bit her lips when Xander's lips went down her neck while his hands moved on her body, touching every part of her body. Xander, on the other hand could feel how his wife was withering with his simple touch, he was rejoicing inside.

    He moved his hands more efficiently and very soon was able to pull up Yera's shirt sleepwear. He kissed her once more while he removed her underwear so he could touch her private parts with his hands.

    All he could hear were Yera's soft moans that aroused him more. 'Oh crap!' he mused as soon as his hands touched her round and full bosoms. He never left Yera's mouth as his tongue probed deeper inside, sucking her sweetness, his hands caressed her breasts and those pink hard buds.

    Yera was too drowned in the tingling sensation that Xander was continuously sending through her body. She bit her lips as she parted her legs unconsciously. Her body was too ready to accept him to take her and she wanted Xander to feel that.

    Xander's lips left hers as he went down to attend to her protruding buds that were aching for his attention. "Hmmm," Yera gasped and arched  her upper body as soon as Xander's tongue licked it teasingly, the tip of his tongue was totally unmerciful, and Xander kept teasing her to the point that she had to plead, "Suck them..."

    Yera almost choked on her own words as soon as she realized what she just said. She was too embarrassed that her face reddened but she moaned because Xander quickly accommodated her request as his mouth sucked each nipple generously, making sure  both her peaks were attended with either his hand or mouth continuously.

    Yera was too wet already with Xander's careful playing. She moaned and arched her body with each of Xander's movement towards down south and her mind went blank when she felt him reaching lower than her stomach belly button and he kept going further down.

    She was about to move but it was too late because Xander had already buried his head in between her thighs and she unconsciously grabbed his hair with her hands. Yera gulped when she felt the tip of his tongue trailing her folds. "Ohhhh..." she cried with pleasure. She had never experienced something like this before.

    Her eyes fixated at their ceiling as her body arched with every rough move of Xander's when he sucked her and licked her. Xander was invading her most private parts. She could feel him licking her little knob at the center. She had a sensitive part there. Her head moved left and right while Xander sucked that knob. "Ohhhh it feels so good," she mumbled unaware that she had voiced it out that was supposed to be a silent comment.

    "You taste sweet darling..." She heard Xander compliment her. She did not even know that he could taste her there... But it only heightened her cravings...

    "Hmmm" she let out another moan when Xander's tongue went inside her core. He was penetrating inside her with his tongue and it felt so darn good that Yera unconsciously moved her hips while his head was buried in her apex.

    Yera could no longer take it because she felt incompetent and wanted more. "I want you..." She was stuttering as she spoke those words.

    She pulled Xander up, her body was shivering with desire. Xander looked at her for quite some time and Yera could see hesitation in his eyes so she repeated, "I want you." She pulled his head to kiss Xander as her hand moved downward to hold his erect member but before  she could touch it Xander moved his body down to suck one of her nipples while his hand touched her womanhood.

    Xander moved his fingers in circles on the outer folds of her womanhood building up the desires in Yera to kya peak...  she was too wet and before she could register this feeling of getting played on her clit, Xander inserted one finger inside her deep cave as his mouth continued to play with her nipple. Yera was moaning in pleasure and arching her body every now and then...

    Yera thought her head would burst soon. No it was her body that did not know where to move because of Xander's finger moving in and out inside of her. She could feel she would reach her climax soon.

    Suddenly Xander stopped the movement of his fingers and Yera was startled with his sudden stopping and looked at him questioningly...

    Xander shamelessly said, "Darling... Do you want me to continue? Call me darling and I won't stop..." Xander murmured in his husky voice. He too was dripping wet already because his boxer shorts was also wet.

    Yera felt hypnotized and  she no longer cared about her image in front of him, as she said, "Darling don't stop.' She never felt something like this before.

    Xander smirked and sped up the thrusting of his finger inside Yera's tight opening. He could feel her muscles inside contracting.  She was near her orgasm and after a few more seconds of thrusting Yera screamed, "AHhhhhh..." Her body convulsed as liquids went out pouring Xander's finger that was still inside.

    Yera was panting,  she was shivering before she mumbled, "I just had my first orgasm. I feel so sleepy..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Xander gave her a lingering kiss before he murmured, "Go to sleep darling." Then he quickly pulled back down her shirt sleepwear and put her panties back and hugged her tightly.

    Xander smiled and murmured into Yera's ears, who was now breathing heavily, "I love you."

    'What about me?!' his little buddy complained with a cry. Blue balls? Not a problem as long as he could please his wife. He would not mind waiting more... She wanted him but he wanted her to say she loved him. The word 'want' simply was not enough for Xander to take her fully.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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