86 A Lot Of Blue Balls Later

    Yera had a wonderful sleep. She woke up late and felt somewhat sticky. When she realised what it was, her eyes opened wide and she sat up on the bed. Her face turned deep red as she recalled all that happened last night. She looked around and heaved a sigh of relief seeing Xander was no longer inside the room.

    She quickly rose out of the bed and went directly in the bathroom to clean up and get ready for work.

    As soon as she was ready, Yera checked her mobile phone and as she expected, Xander had sent her a few text messages.

    [I did not wake you up because you looked so devastatingly beautiful while sleeping. I might end up locking you inside the room and keep you under me till night if I waited any longer!]

    Yera unconsciously blushed and opened another text message from Xander.

    [I will be out in a while to take care of some important matters. I will be back by lunch so we can eat lunch together inside my office. Please do the honor to choose our lunch darling. I love you...]

    Yera's heart just melted with those three words that her cheeks kept on burning hot as she squealed inside. She even read those simple messages several times when her mobile phone vibrated and beeped at the same time.

    She blinked seeing it was another message from Xander.

    [Go and work now. Stop staring on your mobile phone and daydreaming about me.]

    Yera's eyes widened in shock as she looked inside Xander's private room and she almost fainted. Xander must have surely put a hidden camera somewhere inside his private room.

    Before Yera could call Xander, her mobile phone rang and she answered immediately seeing it was Xander.

    \"What the heck? You have a hidden camera?\" she asked directly. She heard Xander laugh at the other line.

    \"Do you think it's funny?\" Yera hissed.

    \"Of course not darling, it's just that I'm imagining your beautiful irritated face right now and correction I don't have hidden camera inside the bedroom. I mean why would I? No one even knows about the room but only the two of us besides no one would be able to enter inside but us.\" explained Xander.

    Yera sighed. She was just paranoid that she almost forgot how good Xander was with guessing and teasing like this.

    \"I have to go now Darling. See you at lunch. I only called you because I missed your voice, and by the way, feed me with your hands later, I really worked hard last night...\" said Xander before the call ended.

    Yera blushed and her cheeks became crimson red as the memories of last night again flooded her mind, but she was more shocked to see the level of shamelessness he had in him!

    Yera once again looked around the room and saw there was nothing. Another beep on her phone and again it was Xander.

    [Darling, stop looking around and go to work now. Don't you trust me? I said there's no hidden camera in there. *wink emoticon*]

    Yera's face wrinkled as she typed her reply.

    Xander, on the  other hand, was about to enter the meeting room when his mobile phone vibrated. He quickly looked at it and broadly smiled reading Yera's response.


    \"Should I get scared with that threat?\" Xander mumbled with a grin before he totally entered the meeting room.

    He wished to send another message saying, 'I'll be anticipating it Darling...' But he controlled himself because Yera would surely kill him later with blue balls. Yera Han was capable of that because he was too weak when it came to her.


    Back at Yang Hospital, the doctors  were busy talking about the coming team building retreat for all the employees. All Departments would usually conduct a draw for fair grouping of doctors because they all should not go at the same time, since the hospital was running for 24 hours.

    \"Alright, this time there would be four batches for our team building retreat so pick you numbers from this box.\" said Dr. Rio as she handed the box to be passed out.

    \"Chief Doctor will pick up numbers for those not present here. Shaira list out the names.\" added Dr. Kim.

    Yera picked up the number three which was same as Dr. Kim and Chief Doctor Gong. \"Alright, this is for Dr. Chen.\" said Chief Dr. Gong as he picked up another number.

    \"It's two,\" said Chief Dr. Gong.

    \"What?\" Dr. Rio burst out because she too had picked number two. \"Okay really I have nothing against Dr. Chen but I don't want to be teamed up with him. Gosh, the whole day will end creepy. I want to relax,\" Dr. Rio complained as she tried to swap with other doctors but none agreed.

    Dr. Rio looked at the last hope she could have, Dr. Song. Yera exhaled loudly before she said, \"Okay swap with mine. But none of you should tell this to Dr. Chen. Please be sensitive about his feelings. He did not choose to have that ability and we all know that Dr. Chen is a nice person.\"

    All doctors nodded but Yera particularly stared at Shaira who bit her lip and nodded unwillingly.

    Dr. Rio released a sigh of relief as soon as her number was swapped with Yera.

    Everyone  was too excited for the upcoming team building retreat because the place where it would be held in was a private island.

    \"I think it's the most extravagant team building we could have  right?\" Dr. Rio commented excitedly as she looked at the pamphlet routed in each department where the activities were also indicated. It was a five days retreat with three days filled with activities and two days personal affairs for the employees where they could enjoy the place on their own.

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