87 Not Scared?

    "Oh alright sis. Yes I understand." Rizie said with dropped shoulders before the phone call ended. It was Keira, her sister-in-law, who informed her that the military was implementing strict security in the data so her request wouldn't be accommodated as of now.

    Rizie pouted her lips and took it as a sign that she should stop and must not get too attached with the matter.

    "Hello Rizie," greeted Shaira with his widest smile at Rizie. "Yes?" Rizie asked, wondering what Shaira needed to pass by their clinic.

    Shaira sat in front of her as she mumbled, "Do you know where Dr. Song sleeps? I heard she never sleeps in the on-call room."

    Rizie's eyebrows raised as she simply countered, "Why would you care about where Dr. Song sleeps?" Shaira was taken aback with Rizie's straightforwardness and she said stuttering, "Well, I..I just g..got curious because all doctors sleep there whenever there's late operation or emergency operation at night."

    "Ohh I see, so may be Dr. Song probably don't want to sleep there. Anyway, I am going out for lunch now, so if you'll excuse me..." said Rizie with a poker smile. She knew people of Shaira's kind, those who did nothing productive but gossip about other people's lives.

    "Wanna join us?" Shaira suddenly offered. Rizie saw Dr. Chen who, she presumed, would eat alone on his own. Shaira followed her eyes and commented, "Ohh that Dr. Chen is handsome right? But he is very creepy because of his third eye, most of us avoid him because of this."

    Rizie's face became sour at that comment and said, "Well, I'm going to have lunch with Dr. Chen actually, so see you around."

    That instant Rizie stood up and ran to Dr. Chen.

    "Hello Dr. Chen. Let's grab lunch together," Rizie cheerfully greeted and said as she walked with Dr. Chen to the escalator to go to the ground floor where the hospital cafeteria was located.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "That secretary in you department is such a nosy body asking why Dr. Song do not sleep in the on-call room." Rizie mumbled as they walked. She did not add what Shaira  told about Dr. Chen's third eye.

    "How about you? Aren't you being a nosy body too when you are comparing Dr. Song  with that Yera Han?" scoffed Dr. Chen as they entered the cafetaria together.

    Rizie's face twisted as she pursed her lips. But she did not utter a single word in her defense because she knew Dr. Chen had a point.

    She looked intently at Dion as they ate together. 'No wonder he was always alone.' she mused when she recalled what Shaira said. Indeed it was creepy but Rizie had a soft spot for such an introvert people. She wanted to befriend quiet people and share her loudness with them for some reason.

    "Oh your ears are red... You're face too," Rizie commented teasingly.

    "Stop staring at me and eat your food..." Dion said casually.

    "By the way, will you help me out? I mean how can I get near to Dr. Rui. Wait can I call you Dion? I call my friends by their first name so it's awkward to call you Dr. Chen when we are alone. I'll address you as Dion since I like the sound of your name. Don't worry I will still call you Dr. Chen in front of others," said Rizie without any pause.

    Dion stared at her dropped jaw as he muttered, "Are we friends?"

    Rizie laughed, ignoring Dion's knitted eyebrows as she continued, "Yeah we are now friends. Treat me like one, since I noticed you're  always alone except for Dr. Song who is with you occasionally. I can be your friend here, so ask me if you need any help, advice or if you wish to be heard because I'm a good listener too, not just a good talker so just you know."

    Dion closed his mouth because he was speechless. He had never met someone who was as brazen as Rizie Lim. She was too straightforward that he felt that any single wrong comment could make him dig his own grave.

    Rizie smiled at Dion. She really felt great sympathy for him because having a third eye was hard. She remembered watching a horror movie where a girl even poked her eyes out to make herself blind and not see those scary spirits.

    "Aren't you afraid of me? I see things not seen by others," Dion muttered trying to shoo Rizie away because he felt the latter would cause him trouble if she kept sticking with him.

    "Oh yeah. I heard about it but why should I be afraid? Those things don't scare me. Honestly I feel my adrenaline running wild hearing  stories about those things." murmured Rizie as she stared at Dion in excitement to tell her about his experiences.

    That was true she wanted to experience a lot of adventures in different things. Dion gave Rizie a weary face. He did make another wrong move. Almost everyone would get scared of him or think he was weird resulting in them to start avoiding him more often than not.

    He heard Rizie laugh as she mumbled, "Why do I feel like you're more scared of me? Like you're the one who wants to avoid me?"

    Dion coughed because Rizie exactly read his thoughts. He was scared because no one really accepted him with genuine heart like Dr. Deyna Song, she was the only one who really treated him nicely without bothering who he was.

    Dion let out a long sigh as he murmured, "Something really creepy is there behind your back..."

    Rizie's face paled as Dion described it. He was trying to suppress his laughter because it was just a prank to scare her. Rizie almost jumped out of her seat to sit beside Dion.

    "I thought you're not scared?" Dion ended up teasing with a smile. Rizie's eyes rounded as she smacked Dion's head. "What the heck!" she complained and she even hit Dion's shoulders by spanking it several times.

    "Ouch!!!" Dion cried out but he was laughing.

    "Oh, it's the first time I saw Dr. Chen smile. He looks so handsome." commented one of the cafeteria waitresses who noticed Dr. Chen's bantering with the new employee.

    "Oh yeah it's nice that he is no longer eating alone..." commented one of the cafeteria maintenance staff.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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