88 Be Careful

    "Dr. Song are you sure it's okay for me to come?" asked Rizie and Yera rolled her eyes as she answered, "Rizie, I hate repeating words..."

    Rizie  laughed as she commented, "Noted Doc. It's because I'm still new here, but geez I suddenly feel excited seeing their pamphlet for the team building retreat. Yang Hospital is surely generous to their employees Doc. I heard Dr. CEO is still single Doc."

    Rizie had met him once when her brother Zach and sister-in-law Keira were rescued from an isolated island. Dr. Xander Yang happened to be Keira's cousin too.

    Yera unconsciously flushed and Rizie noticed that so she teased, "You like Dr. CEO? Oh you two will look good together! He's still single Doc."

    "Stop that Rizie," Yera bashfully murmured.

    Rizie stopped but her eyes kept on giving Yera teasing look. They were inside the hospital cafe having coffee and enjoying their little chats.

    "How about you Rizie? How come you're single?" Yera suddenly asked. Rizie widened her smile as she proudly replied, "I will soon have a boyfriend Dr. Song. You actually know him."

    Rizie giggled while Yera's eyebrows furrowed. "Who?"

    Rizie was still giggling as she said, "Take a guess Doc.Wait, I'll give you a hint! He's a psychiatrist."

    "Dr. Dee." said Yera nonchalantly. This time she was the one grinning because it was like Rizie intentionally did not want her to guess.

    "Wait... How did you know?" said Rizie with rounded eyes.

    Yera's face crumpled as she said, "I guess you did not search well. All psychiatrists at Yang Hospital are female. Dr. Dee is the only male psychiatrist."

    Rizie scratched her head before she sipped her coffee.

    Yera smiled as she looked at Rizie. Xander had already told her about Rizie trying to find out about Yera Han, but at  this moment she was still hesitant to trust Rizie fully or maybe because she did not want Rizie to get involved in her fight because things could get really dangerous later, that she decided to not open completely in front of her.

    Rizie was actually not just a simple person. She was well versed in all kinds of self defense techniques, maybe because she had a General brother to learn from. Xander said Rizie would be the best candidate to assist her once she gets transferred to Life Globals group because no one would suspect someone like Rizie to be with her unlike hiring a female bodyguard who would pretend to be her assistant.

    Also, one advantage was because Rizie had a connection with the Field Marshal as her brother was the Field Marshal's son-in-law so in that case alone, people who would try to harm Yera would definitely have second thought if an in-law of a Field Marshal was near her.

    "Doc are you alright?" Rizie asked seeing Dr. Song in deep thought.

    Yera smiled and said, "Yeah I'm alright. By the way, if you don't mind, how did you come to know Dr. Rui?"

    Rizie smiled before she began to narrate everything non stop. Yera was actually enjoying Rizie's company because she was like a female version of Xander.

    "Hmm, do you want me to introduce you to him?" offered Yera out of her good heart. Rizie blushed hard as she meekly said, "Oh, you don't have to Doc. Actually I have already made some progress although I met him only once as a patient..."

    "Oh so you have already met him." Yera commented and Rizie nodded. Yera admired Rizie's confidence because not all women would have the courage to take the first move towards the man they liked.

    "Excuse me Ma'am someone left this note for you," the waitress who suddenly approached Yera said as she handed her the note.

    Yera opened it and her face almost paled that made Rizie worry. "Why? What is it?"

    Yera composed herself as she managed to give Rizie a smile. "Nothing, I'm just startled to receive a lovely note." Yera quickly explained as she put the note inside her pocket.

    Rizie was not convinced with her explanation at all, because she could feel Yera was tensed solely with her facial expression. Dr. Song picked up her mobile phone and typed something on it real quick. Rizie wondered what had really happened but she was not in any position to meddle.

    Yera smiled again at Rizie to convince the latter that everything was well as she lifted up her coffee but to Rizie's surprise the cup suddenly fell on the ground, breaking into pieces.

    Yera sent a message to her security back-ups inside the hospital. As soon as the cup broke on the floor, one of the waiters gave her a meaningful nod before he quickly cleaned up the broken cup.

    Yera released a sigh of relief and looked around the cafeteria. She wondered who sent her the note.

    The note was actually a warning saying, 'Be careful to not leave any traces that your enemy can use to run a DNA Test to confirm  your identity.'

    It only meant someone else knew her identity as Yera Han, But that someone seemed to be helping her out. She almost cursed out loud when a sudden incident crossed her mind on how stupid she could be!

    "Rizie, can I leave you first? I just need to go somewhere real quick." Yera murmured as she got up from her chair.

    "Of course Doc. You can go anytime," answered Rizie and Yera quickly ran out of the cafe while Rizie was left totally puzzled as she stared at Dr. Song's back. She wondered where .,

    "Something is really fishy," Rizie mumbled as she continued to drink her coffee. But then she should stop prying since it was not her business though she was really dying of curiosity because of her gut feeling.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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