89 Unknown Future

    "Stupid!" Yera scolded herself several times as she dialed Ralf's number. She was on her way to Xander's office.

    "Check the spa I went to with Dion. Someone there pulled a strand of my hair." she said at the other line as soon as she was inside Xander's office. She informed Ralf on full details about what happened in the spa.

    "Also, check Dion Chen, put a tail on him and be discreet! Make sure he doesn't notice  anything. I want to know who it is!! Check also the cafeteria, someone gave me a note of warning in there." instructed Yera on the other line.

    She wanted to slap herself for letting her guard down! This was why she should have only focused on certain things. Lately she was too distracted because of her mixed emotions caused by Xander.

    "Where the hell is he?" she mumbled as she went back outside to ask secretary Ness where was Xander.

    "He just went to Dr. Dee's clinic Madam," answered secretary Ness. Yera quickly walked towards Rui's clinic. She must inform Xander about it personally and she could no longer wait, besides Rui was their alley so the latter must also know.


    Inside Rui's clinic the two men were having a serious discussion while Rui made some herbal tea for them. "This may smell bad but trust me my friend this tastes really good," Rui gave an introduction of the taste of the tea, before he did the mixing.

    Xander shook his head because Rui loved to travel a lot. He better suited to be a traveller and a blogger rather than a psychiatrist. Or maybe both since the two were connected. Travelling a lot helped Rui to mingle with different kinds of people and according to Rui that made him  to be one of the best psychiatrists, him travelling the world and meeting different kinds of people.

    Xander almost choked to death as soon as he smelled Rui's herbal  tea. He quickly got up and slightly opened the door of Rui's clinic. "Geez! That smell will kill me Rui! Do you think I will drink that?" Xander complained as he went back to his seat.

    Rui laughed as he sat beside Xander and gave him a cup of tea. "Here, taste it first okay!"

    "I really like this painting," Xander muttered as he accepted the cup while he stared at the big painting on Rui's wall that was facing his couch. "Well you're not the only one. All my patients love it, some like it to the extent that they have even offered a generous price for it."

    Xander nodded because the painting was a true masterpiece that could easily draw anyone's attention as soon as they saw it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "This painting portray an unknown future," Rui murmured and Xander rolled his eyes. "Yeah I know. You kept saying that to me but you never explained why you described it as an unknown future!" Xander complained and as usual Rui would only answer him with a loud laugh as he mumbled his favorite line, "because I know the future."

    That was one of the reasons why Xander was calling Rui Dr. Seer sometimes because the latter kept bragging that he could almost tell someone's future just by talking with the person.

    "You are betting your heart on Yera. tell me, aren't you afraid to lose?" Rui suddenly asked. Xander released a sigh and said, "Of course I'm afraid to lose that was why I'm trying hard to win. I assure you Rui that I won't lose on this bet..."

    "Aren't you too confident? Well I guess it runs in your family blood. How about your 'selective erectile dysfunction'?" Rui opened.

    "What about it? I told you Yera was my solution. She is the only woman who could  be a cure to my erectile dysfunction and make things normal and working well for me," Xander jested.

    "Yeah what I mean is, did you tell her about it?" Rui asked. He was concerned that it could cause misunderstanding between the two so  he would like to remind Xander that he should tell Yera about this as soon as possible.

    "Geez, do I need to? I mean how do you expect me to say it? Like this? Yera darling, honestly my little buddy was not really working before I met you, because I had this disorder where that little buddy didn't react to any woman but miraculously it only reacted to you. That was also one of the reasons why I first approached you and offered that contract because you're my only cure. Really Rui? Do you want me to say that to her?" Xander exclaimed. He actually did not want to disclose that matter to Yera as much as possible because he was afraid that Yera would misunderstand all his actions before.

    "Excuse me ma'am. Do you need anything?" Rui's secretary said and both men turned around and looked at the door.

    Xander cursed inwardly seeing Yera's red and flaring face outside the door. Rui shook his head and watched how Xander ran out of his clinic to follow Yera who quickly ran out from his clinic.

    "I'm sorry Sir, I went to the restroom," Rui's secretary apologized because she was not at her desk when Yera arrived.

    Rui sighed and dismissed his secretary before he closed the door that Xander had opened a while ago. True enough that there were no secrets in this world that could remain hidden forever.

    He knew this would happen. He only hoped Xander could solve things out but based on Yera's facial expressions, it would take a while to pacify that anger of hers. Her face clearly showed betrayal. She felt she was betrayed and used.

    Rui emitted another sigh. "Poor Xander," he mumbled as he sat back on his chair.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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