90 Need Her Physically

    Yera was crying as she ran out of the hospital. She quickly got inside a cab and asked the driver to quickly drive out of the hospital. Her heart was fuming in anger and the pain she felt was immense and breaking her from inside.

    So Xander approached her for that reason alone? All his offers were because she was the only cure for him? She was really stupid.

    "Idiot," Yera mumbled helplessly pertaining to herself. She was stupid for letting her guard down for possible dangers and not pay attention and commit another stupidity because she fell prey to Xander's trap.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Please drive me to a place where I can shout." Yera asked the cab driver. She was too furious and needed to release her anger. She needed to vent it all out.

    The cab stopped at a bridge. "Miss you can shout there. People do not walk here often." said the driver as Yera paid and thanked him before she stepped out of the cab.

    As soon as she was holding the rail, Yera shouted, "Stupid! Asshole!"

    She kept shouting those words several times.

    "So are you the stupid and I am the asshole?" she heard Xander's voice behind her back.

    "I know you are angry right now and I understand that but please hear me out first?" Xander continued, hoping Yera would not cast him away. Yera did not respond and did not send him away either so Xander inhaled and exhaled before he started to speak.

    "At first, it was pure sympathy, that I had you monitored because you lost Bernard and I thought that somehow you might lose your mind along the process because you grieved too much that you never talked at all. Then I came  to know about your real identity. I was really curious about you and I myself could not understand the reason why! At first I thought it was sympathy and pity." Xander narrated and paused for another sigh.

    Then he continued, "Yes I have a disorder where my manhood never reacted to any woman at all. I honestly did not expect it will react at the moment that you hugged me when you first saw me at Bernard's unit and that was one of the main reasons why I offered that contract. However,  along the process, when I met you and came to know you more, I realized how much I liked you and when that liking turned into love afterwards I don't actually know. Yera, please believe me that my feelings for you are sincere. When I told you I love you, I really meant every word of it all."

    Yera did not respond but instead shook her head and shouted, "Assshole!"

    She of course understood every single explanation Xander gave but she had trust issues. She was now confused. She did not know whether to believe Xander or not. Did she like Xander that much that she was hurting like this? The thought that Xander might only need her physically was killing her. Yes he said he loved her but every man would say those words especially for sex.

    Yera released a long deep sigh, before she coldly uttered, "Let's stick with  the contract Xander. Now that your sleeping battalion could work out then you should compensate me more generously."

    Xander was hurt with how mocking Yera's words were but he tried his best to stay calm and composed because he understood Yera's feelings. He knew what she was going through.

    "Please leave me now. I want to be alone for a while," Yera pleaded and Xander complied.


    At Han Mansion where Jam and her parents already resided, Jam could not believe the results of the DNA test she received. "What happened? Did you get any more samples?" she hissed on the other line. She had hired people so that she could get another sample from that Dr. Deyna Song.  She would have it tested in different laboratories because she was sceptical about the results she got from Life Hospital.

    "What? Why are you so slow! Maybe I should hire someone else since you are a bunch of unreliable people!" she shouted in rage.

    She heard knocking on her door so Jam immediately ended the call. It was her mom who entered her room with a plate of her favorite fruits.

    "Dear are you alright? I heard you shouting from outside.

    Jam nodded and smiled back. She accepted the fruits and said, "Thanks mom. You're really thoughtful."

    Jam sat beside her mother as she ate the fruits. "Mom, what if Yera is alive?" Jam asked.

    Juliet frowned with the sudden question from Jam. "Just answer me mom, in case you found out Yera is alive what will you do?" Jam asked out of curiosity.

    "Well, it would be good then. We will celebrate her coming back  in our family and that will be definitely a good news." said her mom as what Jam also suspected.

    Was she the only bad person who hoped for Yera's disappearance to be forever? Maybe she was not the only one because her father would also surely agree with her.

    "Dear what is it? Why did you suddenly ask something like that?" asked her mom and Jam looked at her closely. She contemplated whether to tell her mom about Yera's carbon copy, Deyna Song.

    Jam sighed before she answered,"Nothing mom... I was just wondering what if something like that happens."

    Juliet laughed before she said, "Dear stop joking like that. Yera is dead already. They confirmed her death and found her dead body."

    Jam's facial muscles flinched because that body they found could no longer be identified and the authorities confirmed it was Yera by conducting DNA Tests and the results  matched with Yera. Yet, anything was possible in this era, so Jam trusted her gut feeling more. She would not stop checking on that Deyna Song.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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