92 To Retrieve My Wife Back

    The hospital employees were all ready and excited as they went inside the shuttle bus that would bring them to their destination. It would take them about seven hours to reach it.

    Yera went inside the shuttle bus. Dion and some of the employees who were assigned to this bus were already inside. Yera noticed Dion was sitting on his own and felt sad for him because no one seemed to want to sit beside him, so Yera smiled and asked, "Is this seat taken?"

    Dion smiled brightly as he shook his head and stood up to make way for Yera so she could sit near the window. He knew that she loved to look through the window during a trip like this one to see the passing scenery.

    Rizie also entered the bus and greeted Yera, and Dion before she sat on a vacant chair behind them. Everyone else arrived, and the tour guide that was delegated to their shuttle bus welcomed them warmly.

    "Welcome on board, everyone! We have prepared a lot of fun games, so none of you will get bored during the long bus ride. I guess the group on this bus... Hmmm, should I say that you're a lucky bunch? I heard your CEO is not a strict person. He's quite a jolly guy, so I guess I could say that you're the lucky ones because he will be joining you on this bus!" The tour guide announced with a bright smile. Everyone cheered as soon as Xander appeared with his usual warm and charming smile.

    Yera's heart skipped a beat, and she held her breath as it was the first time she saw that gorgeous smile again. After that incident, she and Xander rarely saw each other.

    "Here, Dr. Yang," Dr. Yao, who was seated in the front, offered the empty seat beside her. Xander smiled and said, "I hate sitting in the front, Dr. Yao. Let me check those seats in the back. Thanks for the offer, though, and please let Dr. Dee sit there instead."

    Xander turned to Rui, who was just behind him, and signaled him to sit next to Dr. Yao. Rui gave Xander a cold look, but he still obliged in the end despite the dirty look that Dr. Yao gave him. Rui shook his head because the woman acted as if she did not recognize him at all. Or maybe she really did not remember him? Was she not the same woman that he met in Country V?

    Meanwhile, Xander walked further inside the bus and stopped where Yera and Dion were seated together. Rizie somehow saw the same sad eyes in Xander that she saw in Yera, and mused, 'Could it be...?' She had heard rumors about Xander calling Dr. Song his darling, and everyone assumed that the two would soon become an item, but there was nothing to justify those rumors, so she had only taken them with a grain of salt.

    But the moment she saw the same tinge of sadness in Xander's eyes, her own eyes twinkled as her mind was actively putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    She stood up from her seat and poked Dr. Chen in front of her as she bluntly said, "Dr. Chen, can you please sit beside me? I have some important matters to discuss with you during the ride."

    "Oh, that would be great. I prefer to sit in the middle section because it's less bumpy here. I get easily dizzy during a long ride like this one," said Xander with a friendly smile.

    "Why didn't you bring your own car then, Dr. CEO?" Dion whispered that earned him a slap in his head by Rizie. "Geez, Dr. Chen, don't you see that our Dr. CEO only wanted to develop a deeper bond with us? That's why he decided to join the bus ride with us instead of taking his own car. We all should develop a more productive work relationship by improving the level of communication and cooperation among us..." Rizie added as she abruptly pulled Dion out of his chair to sit beside her.

    Rizie had actually wanted to offer the empty chair beside her to Dr. Rui, but the latter was already seated in the front, next to Dr. Yao. She had failed to take yet another opportunity to get close to him, but then again, she really was not in a hurry. She believed there would be more opportunities in the future.

    Yera did not know how to react during that awkward situation. She almost hugged the tour guide when she spoke through the microphone, "Alright, please be seated, everyone. We will leave now."

    The tour guide began to tell them about the place they were heading to as soon as the shuttle bus took to the road.

    "Evol Private Island would allow you and your team to experience a simpler life. There won't be any advanced technology to distract you from focusing on each other and connecting with each other. You will find an abundance of nature and shared spaces that you could explore together. Evol Resorts offers a variety of activities that you could integrate into your team's retreat objectives."

    Yera could sense Xander's familiar scent and presence beside her that she could not listen to anything that the guide was saying. She could hear her fellow employees cheering with excitement as a video started to play on the screen.

    She was so tense from their proximity with each other that she got startled when Xander buckled up her seat belt for her. "Don't forget to ensure your safety first, Dr. Song." Xander whispered with his face only inches away from hers. He gave her a sweet smile and an adorable wink.

    Yera's flesh tingle just from that simple gesture. Xander simply knew how to take her breath away.

    "Free from everyday pressure and distractions, your team can focus on the task at hand," said the tour guide as she ended her introduction.

    "Hmmm, focus on the task at hand. What a good encouragement. I only have one task at hand on this trip... and that is to retrieve my wife back," Xander whispered in a firm voice, loud enough for Yera to hear.

    Yera's heart immediately went into chaos and thumped erratically.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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