93 Complicated Woman

    During the ride, Yera could not help but doze off because she had been sleep deprived lately. Xander was quick to catch Yera's head that had almost bumped into the window. He gently held her head and laid it down to rest on his shoulder. Xander curved his lips with a contented smile before he let himself rest as well.

    The shuttle bus had a stopover, and Rizie stood up to go to the restroom. She was about to ask Dr. Song if she would join her, but her mouth went agape at the beautiful view before her. It was the sight of Dr. Song, who was sleeping soundly on Dr. CEO's shoulder, while Dr. CEO's head was rested on Dr. Song's head. Both of them were sleeping peacefully, and it was just too sweet of a scene for Rizie to walk past without taking a picture.

    Her hunch had never failed her. An hour ago, she had confirmed that their Dr. CEO was indeed Dr. Song's husband. How did she know? By merely searching on the internet for that old man who had given her his contact card in case Dr. Song was involved in an emergency. She found out through the old man's social media, which he had been keeping rather actively, that he was the head butler at the Yang Mansion.

    Now, why would the head butler of the Yang Mansion ask her to contact him should there be something wrong with Dr. Song, if she was not the young mistress of that mansion?

    After she snapped a shot of the couple with her mobile phone, Rizie shook her head. No wonder Keira, her sister-in-law, had turned down her request to help her get to know more about Dr. Deyna Song. 'Geez, I guess blood is really thicker than water,' she mused with a lopsided grin. She had always found her sister-in-law's excuse to be unconvincing and downright lame.

    "What are you doing?" Dion asked with a furrowed forehead. "Shush!" Rizie scolded him as she pulled him toward the bus exit door to follow the rest of the employees. "Shouldn't we wake them up so they can have lunch too?" asked Dion as soon as they stepped out of the bus. Rizie ignored him, and looked at the bus driver and told him, "Please let them sleep some more and tell the others not to wake them up. I will buy some food for them, which they can eat later when they wake up." The bus driver nodded in understanding.

    "Let's go," Rizie muttered to Dion as she started to walk.

    During lunch, Rizie would sometimes sneak a peek at Dr. Dee's table, and she would blush like a teenager who was seeing her crush. "You're too obvious," Dion commented with an expressionless face.

    Rizie timidly smiled and said, "Well... I want it to be obvious. It's intentional. I desperately want to get him to notice me, you know..."

    "Well, you'll have a hard time because Dr. Dee will soon get married. I heard his family is arranging someone to marry him," Dion remarked nonchalantly. It was the truth. Dr. Dee had mentioned it to him directly and even asked if Country V, where Dion was born, was a good place to live in since he was planning to escape from his family and be a wanderer instead. Rui seemed to find Country V the right choice after he went there to take care of a business matter for the Yang Hospital group.

    Dion felt bad for Rizie, who was hoping for someone whom he believed she did not stand a chance with. He knew that Rui was not into a young woman like her because when he told him about the handkerchief incident, although he did not mention it was Rizie, the first thing Rui asked was the woman's age. And when he found out that he was older than her by more than five years, he laughed, saying, 'Dion, I won't have a relationship with a woman who is more than five years younger than me. They're too young, and I don't want to be in a relationship where I have to cater to their tantrums!'

    "Why are you so pessimistic? Don't you know that unless a man is married, any women still stand a chance to fight for him?" Rizie said with a smirk.

    "You're too confident," Dion scoffed as he continued to eat.

    "It's better to be confident than being a coward. Duh..." Rizie retorted as she rolled her eyes.

    As soon as she was done eating, she saw Dr. Rui standing up to order more food at the counter. Rizie quickly made her move and walked toward him.

    "Excuse me, Dr. Dee, I was about to buy some food for Dr. Song and Dr. Yang since they both had fallen asleep in the bus. I was wondering if you know what Dr. Yang's preference is for lunch," Rizie asked with her sweetest smile. Dr. Dee smiled back at her and said, "Oh, that's really nice of you... Actually, I was about to buy them some food too, but since you're sitting behind them, it's better that you do it. Xander eats anything so you can buy him anything. He's really not a picky eater."

    Rizie nodded and was squealing inside as she turned to face the cashier and placed her order. After she ordered, she immediately went back to her seat and gloated, "See...? He noticed me!"

    "Huh?" Dion asked, totally confused.

    "He knows that I'm sitting behind Dr. CEO on the bus! It only means that he pays attention to me!" Rizie mumbled dreamily, as her eyes blinked and twinkled.

    Dion shook his head and muttered, "You're getting ahead of yourself. You'll get hurt easily if you continue like that."

    Rizie's eyebrows arched as she stated, "So what if I get hurt? That's just a part of life. Getting hurt will definitely teach me a lesson, and I will learn from it, so I'll know better what to do the next time around..."

    Dion remained quiet because he realized there was no point in debating with a woman like Rizie because she had the kind of attitude where she always had to have the last say in anything.

    "Such a complicated woman," Dion helplessly muttered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

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