94 Barge Into My Room

    Xander woke up and did not dare move an inch. The shuttle bus was parked at a rest area, and so he assumed that the group had a stopover for lunch. No one was left on the bus except him, Yera, and the bus driver, who was in the middle of eating his lunch inside the bus.

    "Sir, your employee didn't want to wake you up and told me that she would buy the two of you some food which you can eat here instead," explained the bus driver as soon as he noticed Xander was already awake. Xander only nodded and smiled. He did not dare speak for fear of waking Yera up.

    Yera was deep asleep, which made Xander sigh because he was sure Yera had not been sleeping well either. 'She must be having a hard time too,' Xander concluded. He took the opportunity to kiss Yera lovingly on her head before the rest of the group came back to the bus.

    The group was heading back to the bus, and Dr. Yao's face was as gloomy as a rainy day because Rui had been acting like a pest around her. The man was obviously keeping her under guard because he had never left her out of his sight. She was about to buy food for Dr. CEO earlier when Rui stopped her, saying that he would do it instead. She should dispose of an intruder like him, who kept sabotaging her every move, as soon as possible.

    "Tell me Dr. Yao, do you really like my friend, Xander, or is your head filled with evil plans for him?" Rui asked straightforwardly. Candice Yao stopped walking and turned around to face Rui. She squinted her eyes and gave him a mocking smile as she countered, "So tell me, Dr. Dee, do you perhaps like me so much that you're sticking to me like a fly? Or is your head filled with dirty thoughts about me? Like, you want to f*uck me hard, perhaps?"

    Rui almost choked from his own saliva as he was totally caught off guard by Dr. Yao's brazen words. His eyes widened, and he was rendered speechless. He could only stare at Dr. Yao's mocking grin and was left dumbfounded when Dr. Yao just let out a scornful laugh before walking away from him. He was now sure that the woman whom he met at Country V before was the very same person with the woman mocking him right here right now.

    Yera woke up when she heard footsteps inside the bus. Her face flushed when she noticed her position, so she quickly straightened up her body. "Dr. Song, you're finally awake. Here, I bought you and Dr. CEO some lunch. They're just some simple dishes and not messy, so you don't have to worry about eating it during the bus ride." explained Rizie with a smile as she handed the lunch boxes that she bought to Xander and Yera.

    "Thanks, Rizie," said Yera in unison with Xander.

    The shuttle bus went back on the road as Yera opened her lunch box and started to eat. Xander did the same, but after having just one spoon, he stopped eating. Yera furrowed her forehead and asked, "What's wrong? You don't like it?"

    Chief Doctor Gong was seated in the seat next to them, so it was safe for Yera and Xander to talk freely. "How's yours?" Xander asked plainly. "Here, try?" Yera unconsciously gave him a spoonful out of habit, and before she realized what she just did, it was already too late. She looked around and released a sigh of relief when she saw everyone was having a nap. She scrunched her face as she swapped her food with Xander. She was so used to feeding the brute that she almost forgot that she was in a war mode with him.

    Xander was grinning inside because, as he expected, Yera still cared for him. It was her pride that was keeping her from taking him back.

    It was almost sunset when they arrived at the resort. The lovely rhythmic sound of the ocean, along with the flora that surrounded the place, greeted the group. The design of the resort boasted facilities that were built entirely over water. It was located in a secluded cove surrounded by jungle and sea, and it indeed offered a unique escape for the group.

    The scenery was so beautiful that they could not help but marvel. "Alright, guys, it's time for dinner. And after that, you can retreat to your rooms. We have plenty of time to roam around tomorrow. It's almost dark, and I know most of you are very tired from the bus ride," said the guide as she led them toward the dining hall

    Everyone had a great dinner together before they headed straight to their respective rooms to rest.

    They were given the card keys to their rooms and some handouts concerning the programs for the following days.

    Yera creased her forehead as she noticed that her colleagues had one by one left the elevator, every time it stopped on each floor. Yera rolled her eyes because she was sure Xander was the one who had arranged for the two of them to end up on the same floor.

    Meanwhile, Xander whistled as they walked in the hallway. Yera paused at her door, and her eyes widened when she saw Xander stop at the opposite door. "What the heck!?" Yera protested, which only made Xander laugh.

    "What? It's not like I can go over to your room and sleep next to you, right? But of course, you're always welcome to knock on my door in case you feel lonely. Feel free to barge into my room anytime, Darling," Xander teased her in his usual cheerful mode.

    "In your dream!" Yera hissed irritably as she entered her room and slammed her door.

    "Did he really think I would give in that easily?" She mumbled as she threw her body on the bed. Yera sighed as she recalled Xander's smiling face, and her face softened as her lips curved upward. She would be a hypocrite if she did not admit that she had missed him, as well as his smiles and teasings.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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