95 Im Loud But Not Harmful

    In the middle of the night, Yera was awakened by the roaring sound of thunder. Her body was shaking as she sat and hugged her knees with her arms.

    She was alone in her room, and she could clearly hear the racket of the malevolent thunder.


    "Oh, God, please stop it." She prayed as she closed her eyes. Last time she experienced something like this, she had a nervous breakdown.

    She was too frightened to even lift her head as fear pulsed through her body.


    Yera was crying hard as she looked for her mobile phone frantically with her hands, but she could not find it. "Where's that damn phone?" She mumbled, sobbing before she got startled by another loud rumbling.


    Yera kept sobbing as she covered her ears with her palms, but the thunder was just too loud. And it didn't stop. She wanted it to end!

    In the middle of her sobbing, she remembered that Xander's room was just across hers. She gathered her courage to jump out of bed and dashed out of her room toward Xander's room. She continuously rang his doorbell. "Please, please, please... Open..." She mumbled as she kept on pressing it.

    "What happe..." before Xander could finish his words, Yera had already pounced on him. She clung onto him tightly as her body kept shaking. "Yera, what happened?" Xander asked with a frown as he immediately lifted her up and carried her to his bed.

    Yera was still sobbing as she clutched onto his chest. Xander laid her down gently on the bed and was about to leave to turn on the lights, but Yera didn't let him. She pulled him even closer and pleaded in between her sobbing, "Don't leave me, please. I'm scared..."

    Xander could feel her tensed body as he hugged her.


    Yera's body would flinch every time a loud rumbling of thunder roared.

    She buried her face on his chest and moved even closer to him, as if she was trying to hide her whole body completely inside of him.

    "I hate thunders..." She whimpered. She had an astraphobia, a phobia for thunder and lightning, ever since she was a kid. Panic would paralyze her whenever there was a thunderstorm.

    "When I got lost in the woods, it was raining heavily. And there were thunders and lightnings, and I was so afraid... I thought the thunders would eat me alive. Ever since then, I'm afraid of them, and I can't be alone during thunderstorms..." Yera tried to explain. She could feel Xander continuously rubbing her back, gently patting it, to calm her down.

    "Shhh, just relax. Control your breathing, Darling. I'm here with you. Besides, thunder can't harm you. They are only loud but not harmful. Just like me, you see... I'm also loud but not harmful. Moreover, I'm lovable too..." Xander jested to lighten Yera's mood, and it was quite effective because he heard Yera chuckle and felt her hit his chest.

    Xander ached for his wife, who had suffered a trauma from a very young age. It must have been terrifying for a five-year-old child to roam around the dark woods on her own during a heavy thunderstorm.

    Xander exhaled loudly as he tightened his embrace on her and kissed her head softly.

    "You're safe now, Darling... Just relax your body. Inhale deeply and release it. Close your eyes and try to sleep. Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?" Xander asked.

    "Okay..." he heard Yera whisper.

    Xander cleared his throat and began to sing.


    We were as one

    For a moment in time.

    And it seemed everlasting

    That you would always be mine

    You'll always be a part of me

    I'm part of you indefinitely

    Don't you know you can't escape me?

    Ooh Darling 'cause you'll always be mine

    And we'll linger on

    Time can't erase a feeling this strong

    No way you're never gonna shake me

    Ooh Darling 'cause you'll always be mine


    "That's not a lullaby..." Yera murmured in a drowsy voice as her eyes grew heavier.

    Xander chuckled and said, "You're right, it's not. It's my confession of what I feel inside my heart, Darling."

    "I'm sleepy now. This is only for tonight. I will sleep here with you just tonight because I'm still mad at you, and your stupid pathetic manhood," Yera added before she dozed off. She felt safe in Xander's embrace.

    Another roaring sound of thunder, but Yera remained asleep.

    Xander could hear her heavy breathing and little snores. He smiled and kissed Yera's head once more. "I guess my lullaby is very effective," he whispered proudly with a wide grin.

    He let out another sigh. He had intentionally arranged for his room and Yera's room to be on the same floor, and for the rooms of the rest of the hospital staff to be on different floors because he had anticipated that Yera would sneak into his room. Or, he had hoped that he could somehow sneak into her room.

    He was already sleeping when the continuous sound of his doorbell woke him up. He could not believe it at first when he saw Yera standing in front of him with a trembling body. He thought he was dreaming, but he saw the fear in her eyes. It was real. It could not be a dream.

    He did not know whether he should thank the thunder for allowing him to cuddle his wife like this again. However, he did not want to see those fears in Yera's eyes anymore, either. Those fears, he wanted her to overcome them.

    The rain was endless, accompanied by lightning and thunder. Xander was glad that Yera was finally able to sleep. But he also felt bad for his little buddy, which was in the middle of thundering on his own at that very moment.

    He had missed touching his wife so much that this simple act of cuddling had affected his body greatly. 'Calm down and relax!' Xander scolded his little buddy, which was pathetic, according to Yera. And right now, he had to agree with her. His little buddy was indeed quite pitiful...

    "I have missed you, Darling. So much..." Xander happily murmured in Yera's ear before he closed his eyes and meditated to sleep.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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