97 I Love One Woman

    The group had a lot of fun during outdoor activities. They prepared for low-ropes courses. They would do a series of five challenges that they needed to solve together as a team. Sun arranged them into three groups and surprisingly Yera and Xander were both in the same group.

    The course became progressively more difficult as the afternoon wore on. Yera was sweating profusely. Her beautiful hair were arranged in  a bun and during various activities the strands of her hair would fall on her face making her look adorable, irresistible in the eyes of Xander. She could even feel Xander's eyes staring at her more often than not, and she couldn't help but unconsciously blush whenever their gazes met.

    "These two are too obvious," Rizie muttered while watching their sweet, almost non-noticeable, interactions with each other, she stood at some distance from them with Dion watching them intently when she grabbed the bottle of water from Dion. She was closely observing Dr. Song and Dr. CEO and she could confirm that her guts never went wrong.

    "Hey that's mine," Dion complained. Rizie ignored him and drank the water from his bottle without any hesitation.

    Dion's face crumpled while he scorned, "Geez, drinking water from my bottle is almost like kissing me!"

    Rizie laughed and said, "I'm very thirsty, so I don't mind kissing anybody to get a drink for me. Here. Geez, you react too much for just a bottle of water."

    Dion rolled his eyes and thought what made Rizie feel so comfortable with him so much so that it started getting troublesome for him. She was now actually invading his privacy!

    On the other side, the teams were struggling with their tasks and they had all advanced to  the last-and the most difficult of the five tasks-climbing a twelve-foot wall. Yera hesitated in completing this task and was contemplating how to meet this challenge when she heard that mellow voice strumming all the strings of her heart. "You can do it." Yera felt Xander's breath near her ears and heard him whisper as he offered his hand.

    "We have to get each and everyone over the wall. Help each other until everyone has successfully scaled the wall. The timer does not matter, just make sure everyone has made it." Xander said as he lead the team.

    The exercise took some serious teamwork and a deliberate strategy. Yera could not help but admire Xander on how he lead their team. He encouraged everyone  and would listen intently to each suggestion of any of the team members.

    They all ended up successfully completing the task while everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the course. .

    "Let us now proceed to our another activity. Don't worry guys this time we'll do a relaxing and fun activity  and not a physical activity since I know how exhausted you all are right now," said Sun laughing when he saw complaints on the faces of everyone when they heard the words 'another activity'.

    "I heard we have a psychiatrist here between us so May I  just request our psychiatrist to come in front and give us some important insights about the activity we just finished." Sun added and called out Rui who was scratching his head and glaring at  Xander.

    Rui shook his head as he walked towards Sun in front of everyone. It was Xander's idea that he would give insights but these were supposed to be not for everyone but particularly for his dear wife.

    "TRUST would make everything easier don't you all agree?" Rui said smiling and everyone said, "Yes" as they nodded.

    "Most of the members in each group have been meeting each other  for a long time now. Many of you have gone through incredibly difficult life experiences, you all must have shared one another's joy and pain. Through this journey, we built trust-something we needed and used in each of the challenges. So, TRUST is the key factor here, right?" Rui continued, giving particular diction on the word TRUST that made Xander smile in great satisfaction as he looked at Yera who was intently listening to Rui.

    Xander gave his friend a thumbs up when their eyes met while Rui gave him a look saying, "Are you happy now?"

    Before Rui ended he added for the group, "Almost any problem can be solved by teamwork and trust."

    Everyone headed back at one of the intimate spots on the island for some refreshments before they gathered again for another activity called 'Truth And Lies' where each team member would have to say three truths and one lie about himself. Team members have to guess the lie out of the four statements.

    Yera frowned, thinking about what she would say as the group sat in circle.

    The activity began and started on a comic note because of Dr. Rui Dee who first stood at the center of the circle and stated his truths and lies.

    "The truth is I'm handsome, wealthy, kind and a good liar."

    Everyone laughed and all had the same guess that a good liar was the lie. Dr. Rui answered them all with shrugged shoulders.

    Dr. Yao got up next and said, "I'm a good lover, I hate lies,  I'm an assassin and kill for a living and I love cats ."

    "That's too easy!" one of the participants complained as all agreed that the lie was that Dr. Yao  was an assassin and kill for a living. Dr. Yao did not say a word at all but only gave them her sweet adorable smile that left most men present gasp in admiration.

    Dr. Yao went back to her seat beside Rui who mumbled, "I bet the lie there is you're a good lover." Dr. Yao smirked and said, "I guess you're not a psychiatrist for nothing huh?"

    It was Yera's turn where she simply said, "I like parties, I love doing surgeries, I hate manipulative people and I love cold coffees."

    Almost all answered that the lie was she loved cold coffees except for Dion who said, "You hate parties so that's a lie." Yera smiled at Dion and nodded.

    Meanwhile, Xander's nostrils were flaring because he knew the answer as well but of course in that situation he should remain quiet and just remained passive.

    Xander inhaled and exhaled loudly before he stood up on his chair because it was already his turn. He smiled and looked charming as ever in his customised smile taking away the breaths of  all womenfolk present there, all the female in the circle could not help but smile back.

    "Such an adorable face," Rizie commented. "Are you turning to a different direction now?" Dion scoffed. "Of course not but the both of them are undeniably eye candies." Rizie said dreamily as she waited what Xander would say.

    "I love one woman, I want her back, I will wait for her to accept me and I will never give up on her."

    "The lie there is you love only one woman because you love all the women my friend." Rui commented in a jest that made everyone laugh.

    "Oh I forgot to say the lie yet. I need one lie right? I'm a playboy and yes that's a lie." said Xander with a wink that made everyone burst into laughter except for Yera who remained quiet. She was not dense, she knew Xander was doing all this, making all  his best possible efforts to get her attention on every opportunity he could get.

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