98 True Desires

    Yera was watching the videos Ralf had sent her. They were still checking the identity of the person who left the note because the person was wearing a mask, shades and a hoodie and was completely unrecognizable.

    She wondered who was that person was and why would that person help her? Ralf also reported that her hair strand was indeed taken but according to the masseuse she did not know anything about who had paid her for it because it was transferred directly into her  account as soon as she had the hair strand left into the locker as instructed moreover she had received all the instructions on the phone from a private number.

    The cctv footage on the said locker was not working so they did not have a lead at all except the masseuse words. Yera had a headache because of her stupidity. Someone knew her real identity and there was a high possibility that the enemy also had found out about her being alive by now.

    So Yera needed to be more careful...

    She got up from the bed to change into her swimwear because their next activity would be in the water. She wore an elegant navy blue V neck backless one piece swimsuit. She put on her sheer babydoll style swimsuit cover-up robe before getting out of her room and he saw Xander in his rash guard that perfectly fit his toned and well built body.

    Xander's eyes rounded as he blinked several times and stared at Yera. Then he said, "We are going to do war canoes not a fashion show darling! Change into a rash guard!"

    Yera only stared at him with raised eyebrows and said, "I want a canoe fashion show. Why do you care?" She walked past Xander with a smirk. Xander's face crumpled as he followed Yera. He almost forgot that Yera even wore bikinis once compared to her one piece swimsuit now but all that was okay then because he was the only one who could feast on her perfectly curved body.

    "Darling, the sun is up and high and your skin will get sun burns so it's safer to wear a rash guard." Xander continued to convince his wife before they entered the elevator. Yera tried hard to suppress her laughter because Xander looked funny right now with his worried face and sulking looks.

    "I already put sunscreen for protection. Besides, I like getting tanned for a while," answered Yera as she entered the elevator. She was grinning inside.

    "Tanning is not good. I mean you look perfect in your color right now. Besides, I'm sure most of the female employees will wear rash guard." Xander did not stop and still tried harder to convince her to change while they were still inside the elevator.

    The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and it opened. Rizie saw her and greeted her cheerfully. Yera nodded and smiled back then looked at Xander with a smirk because Rizie was wearing a sexy one piece too. "Oh wait..." they heard Dion's voice so Yera pressed the button to keep the elevator opened.

    Following Dion was Rui who smiled at them and praised, "Woaw we have a lot of good looking and well fit employees." Xander crumpled his face more with that compliment. Here he was trying to convince his wife to change into a more conservative outfit but this psychiatrist just ruined it.

    The elevator stopped at the ground and everyone were already gathered outside. All female employees were in their swim suit and Xander wanted to scold all of them!

    "Wow, she's like parading that hot and perfect body," commented Rizie pertaining to Dr. Yao who was about to approach them. The woman was wearing a two piece swimsuit with a print kimono jacket cardigan long robe cover up.

    Dr. Yao's rounded bosoms were just too eye-catching.  "Is mine small or hers are just too big?" Rizie mumbled unconsciously as she looked at her own chest, her size was normal she believed, neither small nor too big.

    "We will start soon. Let's go?" said Dr. Yao smiling as she snaked herself at Xander's arm. Yera's eyebrows knitted at this scene and she  froze on her place like a pole. 'How dare that woman grab my husband's arm!!!' she screamed in her heart but no words came out.

    She felt Rizie grabbed her arm as she whispered, "Let's go Dr. Song. I think you better sort out your feelings and come up to a decision soon as well.  I forgot to mention to you that day, that the truth is when we follow our heart, we cease to have regrets. We will not live asking ourselves, "what if...? I find it important to highlight the concept of listening to your heart, because it knows your true desires. It knows your wants and needs, and what will genuinely make you feel fulfilled. When we are honest with ourselves, when we are willing to question ourselves what is truly in our hearts, we open ourselves up for new possibilities. Possibilities to fulfill our hearts desires, and to be who we are truly meant to be, doing what we are meant to do."


    Xander, Yera, Rizie, Dion and Dr. Gong teamed up for the war canoe.

    Actually it should be Dr. Yao instead of Dr. Gong but Dr. Dee pulled out Dr.Yao from the group saying they needed one more woman since it was not fair to others that their team had four men.

    "Why me?" complained Dr. Yao in her gloomiest face.

    "Simply because I want to get near you. Didn't you say that I have dirty thoughts about you? So..."  said Rui grinning. He would not let this woman get near his friend and jeopardize everything.

    Dr. Yao's eyes narrowed before her lips formed a mocking smile and leaned forward to whisper at Rui's ear, "Don't test my patience because you don't know who you're trying to mess with here... Don't tell me later that I did not warn you Mr. Meddler..."

    Rui frowned as he mused, 'Is she threatening me?' And for some reason he felt a chilling nerve wracking feeling  with her scornful smirk.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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