99 Childish

    The next day, the group did a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.

    Rizie on the other hand shook her head while intently observing Dr. Song.

    'Dr. Song is too obvious. If she continued in sulking like that I'm afraid everyone will find out her relationship with Dr. CEO soon.' Rizie mused. She felt attached to Dr. Song, though they had been together not that long yet, but their bond was already strong.

    Dr. Song's nostrils were flaring since morning and obviously it was because of Dr. Yao who stuck to  Dr. CEO's side as if she had used some glue!

    Right now, they were on a break and everyone was having lunch together. They all sat on a long table  and to Yera's dismay Dr. CEO ended up sitting on the opposite side of the table with Dr. Yao beside him.

    Rizie presumed Dr. CEO was about to sit beside Dr. Song but Dr. Yao acted fast and grabbed Dr. CEO to sit beside her and Dr. Gong.

    Rizie, on the other hand, was sitting beside Dr. Song and she could smell the irritation in Dr. Song's aura, more so evident in her body language and facial expressions.

    Maybe because Rizie was closely watching their interactions for a while now, she could notice the change in their expressions, when any of them paid attention to someone else. Though they tried to be as discreet as possible, eventually their sulking expressions would be too obvious and they would be discovered by all.

    Meanwhile, Xander was in a dilemma because he didn't want to be too obvious about his relationship with Yera yet wanted to sit beside her and eat but he couldn't deny Dr. Yao when she offered him a seat beside herself. . He couldn't insist on sitting beside Yera and was hence forced to sit with Dr. Yao, lest he jeopardize Yera's plans by being obvious in courting her.

    Yera actually felt frustrated seeing how Xander was just letting Dr. Yao to stick with  him but she also knew it was necessary to kill the rumour going around, between her and Xander.

    Dion came and sat beside Yera. Everybody started with lunch and Yera tried her best not to look and pay attention at Dr. Yao and Xander despite the fact that she could clearly hear how Dr. Yao was openly flirting with Xander!.

    "I heard this dish here is good Dr. CEO." said Dr. Yao as she cut the steak and placed some on Xander's plate. However, Rui who was seated at the other side of Xander quickly grabbed the steak and ate some while he commented, "Xander loves his steak well done. This one is medium rare, just the way I like it. Thanks Dr. Yao."

    Rui instantly gave his plate to Xander saying, "Here friend take this one, its well done."

    Dr. Yao's side lips curved upward combined with a raised brow as she looked at Rui. The man was starting to get on her nerves but she did not mind at all as long as he would not be a hindrance to her main plot.

    Xander was sneakily looking at Yera every once in a while. 'What the heck?' The possessive dragon in his heart screamed seeing Dion taking care of his wife. Xander's eyes stared daggers at Dion when he put some food on Yera's plate and Xander almost killed him in his heart witnessing him order a fresh mango juice for his wife bluntly.

    'How come he knows so much about Yera?' he mused irritably because Yera loved fresh fruit juices especially mango juice. Xander's face crumpled and he looked suspiciously at Dion. Their eyes met and Xander glared at him. Dion blinked and ignored him and continued to ask Yera what else she would like to order for dessert.

    'Did he just ignore me?' Xander was burning inside and he felt Rui elbow him. "Stop that." Rui whispered.

    Xander pouted his lips and released a sigh of dismay. He was dismayed at the current situation. He wanted to kick that Dion away from beside Yera but he couldn't.

    Xander called out for the organizer and asked, "Mr. Sun, what will be the next activity?"

    "Oh, we'll have a great 5-minute team building game. It's an easy game and we don't need to go out for this. I will give an object to one person in each group. One at a time, someone has to go up in front of the group and demonstrate a use for that object. The rest of the team must guess what the player is demonstrating. The demonstrator cannot speak, and demonstrations must be original, possibly wacky, ideas." explained Sun.

    "Alright, let's do it now and Dr. Chen will begin to do demonstration..." murmured Xander.

    The possessive husband knew he was being childish once again... but could he really not be?

    "Hmm but you're still having lunch?" murmured Sun.

    "Nah, it's a good break. We are done eating food and just have to eat dessert now and this will be a good way to burn calories for everyone. Let's proceed with the game while we are all having dessert." insisted Xander because he was dying to pull out Dion from beside his wife.

    He even texted Rui to immediately sit beside Yera as soon as Dion left. He could hear Rui's sighs.

    [Why would I do that? What will I get in return if I do this for you today?] Texted Rui back to Xander

    Xander sent another text message for Rui.

    [You wanted the collection I had in the library right? You can have it if you just do what I said.]

    Rui was dying to have the antique collections Xander had but never had he thought he would get it just by doing such a simple thing for Xander.

    [Alright I got it! I will rob all your collection you dumbass!]

    No one dared to disagree with their Dr. CEO's request so as expected everyone played the game while they were having their dessert. As soon as Dion left the seat, Rui stood up and took his place, he sat while he talked to Yera and her secretary to avoid suspicion as to why he sat there. He had a good alibi anyway since Rizie was one of his patients.

    "How come you never took another appointment?" asked Rui to Rizie who at that time felt she was too lucky.

    "Oh Uhm yes Dr. Dee, I'm going to set an appointment soon..." Rizie answered with her sweetest smile before adding, almost a gasp, "I miss you anyway..."

    "Huh? I'm sorry?" asked Rui because he could not hear what Rizie mumbled last.

    "Oh sorry I said, yeah I mean I almost missed that, setting a follow-up appointment immediately." said Rizie with twinkling eyes as she stared dreamily at the man sitting just a chair apart from her.

    Yera shook her head and suggested, "How about we exchange chairs Dr. Dee so you and Rizie can talk properly?"

    Rizie almost hugged Dr. Song as soon as she heard her and saw Dr. Song standing up and changing seats with Dr. Dee.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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