100 Save My Husband

    Yera had been feeling irritated the whole day. Why? Because that vixen, Dr. Yao had been trying to take every possible opportunity to get close to Xander. She reminded her of a snake that would coil around her husband's neck at every chance she got.

    'What's with that woman?' Yera grumbled silently. No, it wasn't because she was feeling insecure. Not at all!.

    She was just...

    "Jealous... Hmmm... Yeah, jealousy..." Rizie suddenly mumbled as she was sipping on her fresh fruit juice. They were both sitting on the beach chairs side by side, watching the beautiful sky, while all the others were still having fun with the fun water activities.

    "Excuse me?" Yera asked as she grabbed her own glass of fresh fruit juice.

    "I said jealousy," Rizie repeated nonchalantly with a shrug.

    "What about it?" Yera feigned ignorance though she knew what Rizie was talking about...

    "Jealousy is painted all over your face, Doc. You look so jealous," Rizie said matter-of-factly, and Yera was not at all surprised by Rizie's words because she had noticed that Rizie was a very observant and keen person.

    "Jealous? Me? Why would I be jealous?" Yera refuted and quickly looked away, not wanting to betray the embarrassment on her face.

    "Well, if look could kill, Dr. Yao would have been dead several times from your murderous glares by now. Thank God she doesn't notice because she's never nearby. But I can see it clearly because I'm always near you. It's just so obvious that I can't even ignore it even if I want to, Doc," Rizie remarked.

    Yera emitted a long deep sigh but no longer said a word. She did not see the point in denying it to Rizie anymore because she knew Rizie was right. Besides, she saw Rizie as a sister now, so maybe she could confide to her about her relationship with Xander.

    "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Besides, Dr. CEO is like a family to me, too, since he's my sister-in-law's favorite cousin," Rizie reassured her because she could sense something had been bothering Dr. Song and why she had been hesitant to reveal her relationship with Dr. CEO...

    "How?" Yera asked. She was not surprised about the fact that Rizie had put the puzzle pieces together, but she was curious about how she had done it. Rizie exhaled and divulged everything about how she had come to know about Yera's husband's identity.

    Yera had no idea that Butler Gary's was such an active social media user. She should tell Xander about it, so he could remind Butler Gary to be more careful next time and that he must avoid showing his face at her clinic from now on.

    "Are you impressed with me again, Dr. Song? My deduction skills are quite good, right? I'm actually quite impressed with myself that I'm considering to become a detective. And to be honest, I still have another hunch about you, but I decided to set it aside since it's none of my business." Rizie decided to be frank to Yera. She was already a candid person, to begin with, anyway, and moreover, she felt comfortable around Dr. Song and knew Dr. Song did not mind her straightforwardness at all.

    "What kind of hunch, Rizie?" Yera asked. She was curious to know it too. Rizie turned to her and replied, "Alright, I will tell you. But promise me you won't laugh."

    Yera smiled and said, "I promise..."

    Rizie then told her about the suspicions that she had about Dr. Song's possible connection with the late Yera Han.

    Yera was listening to Rizie attentively while also watching Xander, who was still having fun riding a jet ski. Rui, Dr. Yao, and some of the employees were also on their own jet skis. Yera chose not to join them because her swimming skills were not that good yet. But, at the same time, she had been sulking too. Rizie decided to accompany her to relax on the beach and watch the rest have fun from the sidelines.

    Rizie was still waiting for Yera's reaction to her story. She was intently looking at Yera's face, trying to read it.

    "Doc..." Rizie murmured to interrupt Dr. Song's deep thoughts. Rizie could feel that her hunch was right, so her heart was racing as she waited for Yera to confirm it.

    Yera maintained her blank face as she answered, "Rizie, the truth is..."

    But before she could finish her sentence, her eyes suddenly widened in shock, and she shouted, "Nooooo!!!" Rizie followed her gaze and saw two jet skis riding in high-speed and were about to hit a yacht, and she immediately recognized the two figures in the jet skis. They were Xander and Dr. Yao.

    Things happened so fast, and the next thing they saw was an explosion. Yera let out a piercing shrill as she stood up and dashed toward the water.

    Rizie went after her, who was now in a hysterical state, frantically shouting for help as she ran into the water. "Please help! Save him! Please!!!"

    All Yera wanted to do was to get to where Xander was as fast as she could. She saw a blazing fire from where the explosion was and began to run even quicker that she tripped and fell down on her knees several times. She kept picking herself up and kept running toward Xander's direction.

    Her heart hammered in her chest as fear coursed through her veins...

    She could hear the voice of people shouting from behind, calling her name, telling her to stop. But she did not care... She continued to run in the water, and when she reached the deeper part where it was too deep for her to run, she swam. She swam as fast as she could as she frantically mumbled her prayers, "Please save Xander. Oh, God, please save him. I beg you. Please save my husband."

    Tears were rolling down her cheeks while she kept crawling and kicking her feet in the water, trying to swim as best as she could. But then it turned even deeper, and the waves struck her. Yera lost her balance and felt herself starting to drown.

    Yera felt her body becoming heavier as she kept trying to float. Seawater entered her mouth, and she felt her body would soon lose air. She was about to pass out, and all she could mumble was, "Please save him... Please save my husband..."

    Before she passed out, she felt a pair of strong arms holding her body up, and she heard a familiar voice scolding her, "What the hell are you thinking!? Why would you swim here!?" Then all went pitch black...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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