102 United As One**

    "I want you to take me and love me forever..." those words from Yera were immediately embedded in Xander's inner core. He stared at Yera lovingly before planting little light kisses on her lips without fully claiming her lips. He would pause his little kisses to give her a longing look with his misty eyes before he would kiss her again.

    What are you doing...?" Yera protested in a raspy voice as she followed his lips unconsciously whenever he paused from giving her the soft kisses. He was teasing her, which made her feel even more excited and, at the same time, frustrated. She wanted him...

    Xander did not answer. Instead, he just kept staring at her. He then lifted his hand to her face and started to caress it. He trailed his fingers lightly from her forehead to her perfectly formed eyebrows, toward her bright and lovely eyes that are now staring at him, onto her perfectly shaped nose, her rosy cheeks, and finally her voluptuous lips... His fingers paused there and traced the perfect curves.

    Yera gulped as she felt Xander's hand go down to her neck. She bit her lower lip impulsively as Xander's hands moved deftly to remove her shirt and tossed it on the floor. Xander's gaze never left her, following his agile fingers that were tracing her neck, down to her bare shoulders.

    Yera could feel herself melt when Xander finally looked up, and their eyes met. Her upper body was bare naked before him, and although it was not the first time Xander saw her topless, this time, it just felt so different.

    It was his eyes. His eyes were full of hunger and yearning and they were now scanning her whole body hungrily; her mouth, her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts...

    "Gosh, you're so beautiful," Xander rasped. Yera could feel every nerve in her body, actively reacting to his every word and action. A soft moan slipped through her mouth when Xander touched her breasts. "Oh..."

    Yera's skin flushed from the sensation of his soft caress. The flame of desire that was blazing in their eyes betrayed their undeniably intense longing for each other.

    "I want to make everything special, Darling. If only you knew how much I've waited for you to return my love..." Xander purred seductively.

    Then he gently laid her down on the bed as he whispered, "I wish to do this in a more special place, Darling... But the wait would kill me, so let me make love to you right here, right now. I just want you so badly..."

    His hands moved further south to remove the only barrier left from her body, which was her panties. His movements were so gentle that Yera shuddered in anticipation.

    Yera watched Xander take off his own clothes in one swift motion. She could see his little buddy saluting her. It was now as hard as a rock, bigger and fuller as if it was proudly telling her to get ready because it would soon invade her. It turned her on even more...

    Xander placed himself on top of her and touched every part of her body with his mouth. She could feel his wet tongue gliding through her skin, kissing her, licking her. "I want to kiss every inch of you. Your every part is mine, and mine alone," Xander declared possessively. Yera could only moan, which aroused Xander even more.

    She would soon go crazy because Xander's continuous teasing kept sending a wave of breath-shortening electrical sensations throughout her body. He kissed, licked, and sucked every part of it, leaving his marks all over her.

    "Oh, stop killing me," Yera protested and gasped when she felt him kissing and licking her inner thighs.

    She could hear Xander's roguish chuckle as he said, "I'm dying too, Darling... Dying to make love to you..." It was true. He was already dripping hard from his own actions. But he wanted to make everything special for Yera. He wanted his wife to know that he treasured her so much, just like a diamond in his care.

    Heat scorched like lightning through her belly as Xander started to pay attention to her most private part. "Ohhh..." Yera gasped as the familiar kiss touched her folds.

    She arched her body when Xander plunged his tongue into her folds, reaching to the tight knot of nerves underneath. Yera could only moan and moan harder, as she shook her head left and right. She whimpered when Xander dragged his tongue across the cleft as he probed deeper inside to taste the very essence of her.

    She tasted amazing. And her smell was so sweet and intoxicating which no perfume could ever beat.

    Yera could no longer take it. She wanted Xander to be inside her badly. She abruptly pulled him up and pleaded, "I want you now... Please..." Her eyes were teary from the immensely pleasurable sensation her body was undergoing.

    Xander felt that he would also burst out anytime soon. He promptly positioned his manhood in between Yera's thighs and began to kiss her fervently. With one deep thrust, he dived into her. He grunted from pleasure, as soon as her warm tightness welcomed his arousal. Nothing had ever felt this good before.

    But then he saw her wince. He panicked, seeing the pain in her eyes. So he murmured, "I'm so sorry, Darling... I did not expect..." He was about to pull himself out of her when Yera cut his words by pulling him closer to her for a deep kiss. She then whispered, "It's okay... I'm okay... Please continue. I want you inside me."

    Then she wrapped her legs tightly around him, not letting him pull away from her even just an inch. Xander groaned with satisfaction when he felt his manhood plunged further into her as she arched her hips to accommodate him.

    Xander didn't expect Yera to be this tight. He did not expect her to be a virgin at all. After all, she was engaged twice, one of which was to Bernard. And Bernard was not at all a puritan who would refrain from having pre-marital sex just because of the morality of it. He would always say that he would not wait for marriage and would make love to his woman whenever they were both ready if the two of them truly loved each other.

    Yera kissed Xander deeply, urging him to continue. She did not mind the sudden sharp pain because it was worth it. She was giving her first time to the man that she loved...

    He slid himself completely inside her and began to thrust gently. Yera felt the ache slowly fade as Xander moved inside her. It was replaced by pleasure. An indescribable pleasure. He was filling her with his deep and loving strokes, while Yera followed his lead and moved together with him. She felt a sheer bliss as their bodies merged together, united as one.

    After a while, Xander could feel her inner muscles contracting, squeezing his erection even tighter. Their moans reverberated the room as Xander accelerated his movements to build up their climax together. Then with one deep thrust, they reached their release, and both cried out in rapture.

    He collapsed onto her and gave her a passionate kiss. He was still panting when he stared directly into her eyes and said, "I love you very much..."

    Yera smiled lovingly at him as she replied, "I love you too, Xander Yang..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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