103 I’m All Yours**

    Yera hugged Xander tightly, drowning in the deep valley of love she felt her life full and contented at that moment.

    Xander buried his face in her neck and continued to snuggle and kiss her. He was still inside her, reluctant in pulling out, he felt as if his little buddy was home finally. He had no plans of pulling out from his dream destination  because he was not yet done!

    Yera's eyes were raining tears.  Tears of regret, for not acknowledging her feelings sooner, mixed with  tears of joy for finally realizing how she loved Xander and what he meant for her. She was grateful she was not late in doing so.

    Seeing Xander's life at risk before her eyes triggered the deep hidden emotions in her heart, her  love, that she kept denying every time it tried to show up, was brought to the surface by a sudden jolt of fear she felt when she saw the accident happen. She felt her world tumbling down even with a mere thought of him being hurt and in danger. She felt the pang of losing him and knew she loved him dearly, and now would never hold herself back anymore.

    "I love you," Yera devotedly whispered an affirmation of her deep love in his ears and ran her fingers through his hair caressing Xander's neck and bare back with light movements of her soft fingers. Xander's heart raced upon hearing those beautiful words from the love of his life, he could actually hear those words every day all his life in the raspy, sensuous voice of his beautiful wife. His lips curled up in a lovely smile. He felt his heart was filled with too much joy and bliss. The joy he felt and the bliss he was in, couldn't be compared with anything in the whole world that he knew.

    He dug his teeth gently in Yera's neck and sucked the spot. He was so overwhelmed with emotions that he didn't know how to show his love other than this. He then whispered back into her ears, "You made me the happiest man on earth today darling, right now I am on cloud nine with your love in my life...  I know I shouldn't be, but I really feel thankful that the accident happened. Had this incident not taken place, I would still be waiting for your confession and wouldn't be the luckiest and happiest man that I am today."

    "No! please don't say this. That moment I had almost lost my whole life once again. Just a mere thought of losing you at that moment still makes my heart ache in so much pain," Yera admitted what she truly felt.

    Xander raised his head to stare briefly into the deep beautiful eyes of his wife. He did not speak anymore words but sealed Yera's lips, with his own, again instead. He kissed her hungrily, his hands on her tender mounds, caressing every inch of her breasts. His desires still left unfulfilled, were raising the heat in him and he wanted to take her again... lest she was still hurting

    "Are you still hurting?" he asked in between his hungry kisses as he gently lowered his body.

    "Uhmmm..." Yera moaned as she felt Xander's member inside her moving in and out. Her body enfolded his, accepting him wholly.

    "I feel much better. I like this feeling... You burying yourself inside me like that," Yera murmured stuttering.

    "It feels good being inside you Darling, just like this. Ahh! I want to have you again right now darling, tell me if you're hurting and I'll stop at once." Xander breathed while he continued to kiss her.

    He felt as if each cell of his body has exploded and been  shattered as he reached his peak second time and had another orgasm, thrusting deeper and faster, gathering himself over inside his wife, sending Yera wildly to her second release, milking him as she shuddered under him. He too reached his climax and filled her insides with his liquids.

    He separated his little buddy from Yera, afraid that he would take her again for another round. He pulled Yera into his embrace and cuddled her. Their bodies entangled with each other, not minding the sweat dampened and sticky bodies they had.

    "Darling, go and rest for a bit because I plan to exhaust you all night long." murmured Xander as he kissed Yera's forehead. Yera's face flushed as she whispered, "I really don't mind. I'm all yours..."

    After a moment of silence, Yera suddenly spoke, "What happened at that time? I saw you all were having fun... Then suddenly I saw you driving towards that yacht and then things happened very fast and the next thing I saw was an explosion."

    Xander heaved a deep sigh and said, "The jet ski malfunctioned and I did not notice the yacht in front of me, if it was not for Dr. Yao who followed and yelled at me to jump, I would be badly wounded by the impact of that blast even with one more minute of delay in jumping."

    Yera sighed, she was grateful to Dr. Yao for this because she saved her man, her love.

    "Do you think it's just an accident?" asked Yera. She was doubtful if it was just an accident although she strongly hoped that what happened was really an accident and not a conspiracy.

    "I should go out soon because I'm sure others would like to see if I'm fine." Yera muttered. She wanted to avoid any rumor or suspicion related to her. Xander let go of her for a while and grabbed his phone.

    Yera looked at him with creased forehead and Xander laughed. He began to text something as he said, "No one will disturb us. Ron will handle everything so they do not get suspicious okay? Besides, do you really think that I will let you go off that easily after that one in a million confession? No darling... You'll stay in here with me all night long or may be longer."

    "Huh? Is this the retribution of keeping you away from me for so long?" Yera murmured.

    Xander winked at her before  he moved on top of her and whispered, "You said it yourself...'Love you forever...' so will stick to that by love making until I am satisfied and you're completely exhausted..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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