104 Idiot Sometimes

    Assistant Ron was talking with the authorities regarding the investigation about the jet ski and explosion when he received a text message from his Boss.

    [Make sure Yera and I won't be disturbed. Give them a good and convincing alibis or else you're dead.]

    "We want to get the statement of Dr. Song," said one of the officers from the authorities.

    "Oh, she's still in shock and not very well yet, so please give her some more time. The doctor also needs to check on her before she is able to give her statement. I will contact you immediately as soon as she is ready to give her statement. As of this moment Dr. Song is still unconscious," explained assistant Ron and the authorities understood his concern and nodded in agreement. They were already conducting thorough investigations in the case.

    Dion and Rizie, standing nearby,  also heard the conversation from a little  distance.

    "I think she should be moved back to the City," Dion muttered. He wanted to see and confirm if Deyna was really doing fine, but no one was allowed to see and check her condition other than Dr. CEO and Dr. Dee.

    "Hmm, I think she's to well attended. You need not worry a lot because she is being looked after by two doctors at the same time.  Besides, before you are able to visit her, Dr. Dee must approve her health condition to be stable enough to see others." commented Rizie.

    Of course Rizie knew that Dr. CEO and Dr. Song were together, so she tried her best to distract Dion from thinking about Dr. Song. She even tried to cover up for them both even in front of their co workers, who kept on asking about the current situation and wondered why it was only Dr. CEO and Dr. Dee who were allowed to see Dr. Song. She explained how harmful it would be to flock around Dr. Song and that it would be best if she is allowed to recover peacefully and left alone instead.

    Although many wondered why would Dr. Song hastily run in the sea, some even speculated that the rumor about Dr. CEO and Dr. Song being in a relationship was true but Rizie countered them all with her strong statements, "When we saw the explosion, our initial reaction was to save Dr. CEO and Dr. Yao."

    "Huh? That's too dumb. I mean, why not just ask the rescue team with speedboat to do it. It's just pure idiocy to swim there to save them..." commented one of the employees.

    Rizie laughed with sarcasm as she answered, "Can't we act as an idiot sometimes? Besides didn't we swam and reached there first, even much before that speed boat arrived? Sometimes we tend to act recklessly to help someone in need. That happens a lot in actual situation. Well at least we did something, unlike those bystanders who did nothing but to only watch... Isn't that more idiocy?"

    Some of the employees who heard that gulped especially those who got hit by Rizie's sharp words including the one Rizie was talking to.

    Dion watched Rizie face mocking others with amusement. He could not help but to get amused whenever Rizie was around. She was like an entertainment channel in herself, always fun to watch! so even though she was a chatterbox he would not mind her presence around him anymore.

    On the other hand this was what Rizie thought and was worried about earlier, those two, Dr. Ceo and Dr. Song, would be discovered soon with the kind of affection they both were showing in front of all. Although she tried her best to pacify the commotion but how the gossip would spread later on was still beyond her control.

    Meanwhile, after talking with the authorities, assistant Ron had the team-building rescheduled to a different place since there would be an ongoing investigation in and around the area where the accident took place.

    "Please advise the employees to get ready in an hour. I have already arranged the place where they would be transferred." instructed assistant Ron to the organizers.

    Dion and Rizie were there waiting for any news and as soon as assistant Ron became available to approach, Dion asked, "How is Dr. Song? Is she alright? Can we see her?" He was too worried and he did not want to leave before he made sure that she was doing fine.

    "Sorry but she's still unconscious. Her physical body is alright so there's no need to worry. It's just that she was too shocked. She will follow you guys as soon as she's well. Dr. Yang and Dr. Rui are taking care of both Dr. Yao and Dr. Song." explained assistant Ron.

    "I want to stay," Dion mumbled and Rizie rolled her eyes. "What are you? Dr. Song's guardian? She will be taken care of by both the Doctors present here, okay! Simply stop being too worried and overprotective. What is important is that she's fine physically. She just needs some good rest..." said Rizie as she pulled Dion towards the elevator so they could go back to their respective rooms and get ready to leave with all other employees.

    Dion was still reluctant but Rizie pulled him with her and continuously nagged him to convince him that it would not be necessary for him to stay back. She also wanted to erase the suspicion and inconvenience that the transfer of venue might bring to Dr. Song afterwards.

    "It's necessary for Dr. CEO to stay here since he is the victim and Dr. Dee will have Dr. Song check for her psychological health. You're a surgeon so why would you be needed here? Are you her boyfriend? Or her family?" scoffed Rizie.

    "I am a friend okay? Aren't you her friend too? Let's wait for Dr. Song that way you'll also get to spend more time with  Dr. Dee." suggested Dion and as he expected Rizie's face brightened with a smile as she said, "Oh that's actually a nice idea. How come I did not think about it."

    "Oh let's stay  then and wait for Dr. Song to regain consciousness. But first, let's see Dr. Dee and ask him about the situation..." Rizie said and pulled Dion towards Dr. Dee's room.

    For the first time, Dion felt proud that Rizie never failed to react just the way as he would expect her to do.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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