105 Unleashed A Beast**

    Yera could feel her body aching all over, and yet a perfect smile curved her lips. Her eyes were still closed, but her body could feel Xander's strong arms cuddling her. Their naked bodies brushed against each other.

    And this warmth...

    'Hmmm,' Yera moaned inwardly. It felt so good to feel the warmth radiating from Xander's body with her bare skin like this. His warmth gave her a sense of security... That sense of security gave her the feeling of completeness and contentment... She had finally found her home in his arms...

    She moved closer to snuggle up against him more. She felt exhausted, but she did not mind at all. Xander had woken her up with his kisses all over her body last night, and they had ended up doing another round. And another one... And another...

    He had even given her a quick warm bath, just a while ago, because their bodies were really sticky.

    She was so happy that she had finally found the sense to confess her true feelings to Xander. She had never felt this satisfied her whole life.

    The sun was fully up, but the two bodies were still intertwined under the sheet with each other.

    The sunlight that was beaming through the veranda of their room woke Xander up, and he excitedly opened his eyes to look at the sleeping beauty beside him.

    His love marks were visible, accentuating her smooth porcelain-like skin. He was so proud of those marks that an adorable grin plastered all over his face. He could feel his little buddy stir at the sight of those bites.

    Yera moved closer as if she was seeking more warmth from him, which made every cell in his body flinch. He could smell her sweet scent and feel her soft breasts brushing against his skin.

    Xander could not help but bend down to kiss them. But, of course, he ended up doing more. "Hmmm," he mumbled in delight as he sucked one nipple and swirled his tongue on it.

    Yera moved before letting out a soft moan. She asked in a groggy voice, "What are you doing...? Uhmm... Ahhh..." She was still sleepy, but Xander was harassing her. Her body arched unconsciously as Xander sucked her nipples, alternating between them, to provide them with equal attention.

    "I'm trying to get my share of milk," Xander murmured in jest as he continued to suck and play on Yera's hard rosy buds.

    Yera could feel Xander's little buddy poking at her legs. "Are you sure you had an erectile dysfunction disorder? Because it looks more like an erectile functioning non-stop to me..." She mumbled sluggishly with her eyes still closed. She bit her lower lip because of the intense arousal she was feeling.

    Xander burst into a fit of laughter and mumbled, "I told you... You are my cure, and it would only function non-stop with you, Darling."

    Xander crawled further down and kissed Yera's belly button while he parted Yera's legs to attend to her lady parts. He could still smell the scent of his own release from her, but he did not mind at all.

    "Darling, you're wet," he mumbled before he teasingly licked Yera's fold line from bottom to top, which made Yera shiver. Her eyes were not opened, but she was fully awake now and was just enjoying the rapture that Xander was giving her.

    Her hands grabbed Xander's hair as she moaned, "Ohhh, it feels good..." Xander nibbled on her small knob as he inserted his finger in her.

    "Darling, do you like this?" Xander asked, teasing.

    "Uhmm," Yera only responded with a gasp and a moan. He paused and demanded, "I want to hear it... Do you want me to continue...?"

    "Oh, Yes! Please, don't stop, Darling..." Yera begged in exasperation. Xander loved it. He would always ask her to call him Darling during their intimate moments like this. He continued to suck on her little knob while he thrust his finger deeper inside her.

    "Ohhh," she moaned in satisfaction. Yera did not know that love-making could feel this good and wonderful, especially if it was done with someone whom you really loved. She could feel herself reaching her pinnacle as Xander continued to thrust in and out of her.

    "Stop now... I want you inside me," Yera said as she abruptly pulled Xander toward her and kissed him ardently as she parted her legs to accommodate his little buddy. She gently held his member and heard Xander groan.

    She guided it to her entrance, and both of them gasped when Xander entered her. She kissed him hard as he thrust deeper and harder.

    "Oh, I love you, Darling," Xander whimpered as he continued to move in and out of her honey pot.

    Xander was a great and considerate lover. He made sure she reached her release first before he would tend to himself. "I love you, too," she replied before letting out a series of moans as Xander accelerated his pace. She could feel her own muscles contracting...

    He slammed her with one hard and deep thrust, and Yera cried out in ecstasy as she reached her climax, lubricating Xander's manhood even more with her own liquids as her body jolted beneath him.

    Xander did not stop thrusting into her while her body was still shuddering. Yera followed his rhythmic movement while locking his eyes with her gaze.

    Their misty eyes showed their longing and desire for each other that Yera could not help but whisper, "I love you..."

    Several more deep thrusts into her before Xander let out a hard groan, "Ahhhh..." His body convulsed on top of her as he spilled all of his juice deep inside her.

    He remained on top of her and felt Yera hugging him tightly and asked, "Tell me more about your disorder? How come I feel it's only fake news..." Xander was still panting and said, "Really, it's true. I can only get it up with you, and you alone. Did you know how much I suffered whenever I was near you? It was pure torture. My little buddy down there was always so excited, but I couldn't do anything about it. I wanted to unleash him only after you completely surrender yourself to me. I did not only want your body but also your heart, so I desperately wanted you to love me back..."

    Yera chuckled and murmured, "My body is aching all over now because of your little buddy. You shouldn't call it your little buddy. You unleashed a beast, not a little buddy."

    Xander's face reddened as he bashfully stammered, "Sorry, Darling, I can't help it. I promise I will let you rest in a while... Uhm, can we just...? Uhm, again...?"

    Yera's eyes rounded in disbelief as she complained, "Already? Can we at least eat first? I'm starving! You've drained my energy!"
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