106 Mr. Meddler Feeling Detective

    Rui let out a long deep sigh before he pressed the doorbell of Dr. Yao's room.

    Just one buzz and the door clicked open. Rui entered and creased his forehead seeing an empty bed.

    "Boooh," Dr. Yao knocked the words in his ear from behind and Dr. Rui was completely caught off guard.

    He was so startled that he even held his heart to calm it. "Geez, where did you suddenly come from? Rui hissed as he composed himself. He clearly remembered there was no one when he entered and she was not even inside the damn bathroom because he would definitely see her coming out from there in this area.

    He saw Dr. Yao grin with levity as she sat down on the couch and said scornfully, "So Mr. Meddler, what do you want now? Don't tell me you're here to check my psychological health once more?"

    Rui ignored her mocking tone and sat in front of her, with knitted brows he asked, "Tell me where did you suddenly pop out from just like a mushroom?"

    Dr. Yao laughed and simply replied, "Maybe I'm the spiderwoman hibernating on the ceiling a while ago when you came in the room?"

    Rui twitched his mouth. He knew he would never get a serious answer from Dr. Yao, and looking at her expression he was more sure about it now, so he gave the question a rest or else the next thing she might say would be that she could turn herself as an invincible woman.

    "The explosion... They are now  doing a thorough investigation into it, and I personally think that it is not just a mere accident." said Rui in his serious voice.

    Dr. Yao's eyebrow's upheaved as she murmured, "So? Tell me Mr. Meddler what's that got to do with me? I think you're talking to the wrong person here... Talk to the authorities instead and share your ideas with them. How about I call you Mr. Meddler Feeling Detective instead?"

    Rui's face crumpled hearing Dr. Yao's usual sarcastic tone of talking to him. So he straightforwardly accused, "If you have got anything to do with it... I'm telling you I will personally not let it go. You better stay away both from Xander and Deyna or else..."

    "Hmmm, I did not know that your meddling can reach the peak of a mountain... So tell me or else what?! What will you do Mr. Meddler Feeling Detective?" Dr. Yao wickedly stated, she was trying to push Rui up to his limits with her sarcasm mixed with those tricky jest.

    "Don't tell me I didn't warn you..." murmured Rui but he felt as if he was struck by lightning and he almost stopped breathing when he witnessed the next move of Dr. Yao. She moved like a flash of light and reached right in front of him, very close to his body, leaning down on him with her hands holding the head rest of the couch, caging him within her long slender arms.

    They were too close and looked very suggestive in this posture, close enough that Rui could even smell her sweet fragrance, that was definitely her own natural perfume, he could even feel her breath on his face. They stayed like that for a few seconds and Rui could only blink his eyes and stare at her blankly while Dr Yao looked straight into his eyes, with her pair of deadly eyes as she whispered, "Again, this is your second warning Mr. Meddler... Do you really think you can handle someone like me?"

    Dr. Yao moved closer to Rui, and he thought she was leaning in to kiss him but he was wrong because he felt her breath not on his lips but... in his ear... as she mumbled, "Stay away from my business or you'll regret the day you ever messed up with me."

    Dr. Yao now grabbed a towel and was about to go to the bathroom to take a bath. 'Rui cursed because he did not know if she was just fast or he was only out of his mind because the latter was just in front of him a while ago.

    "I'll take a shower Mr. Meddler Feeling Detective. Do you wanna watch me do that and enjoy in your dirty mind while I take a bath or you'll now leave and give me my privacy? Not that I don't mind you staying here of course. You can watch from the door and do your thing..."

    "Stop! I'll leave now!!!" Rui cut Dr. Yao's perverted words because he was already deep red with embarrassment. He never met a woman who was too vulgar, impolite and as lewd as her!

    He immediately stood up and left so annoyed and irritated that he failed to notice the wide grin on Dr. Yao's face, totally amused by him.

    Rui was still cursing silently as he walked in the hallway towards the elevator to get his breakfast instead. Obviously, Dr. Yao was threatening him but how come she did this in her wicked seductive ways and why  was it all bothering him so much?!

    "What's wrong with that woman!" he mumbled. She was clearly showing her interest in Xander so how come she would also tease him like that? She was playing with him and he would not let himself get played by that vamp. He would do everything to guard that vamp so she could not spread her evilness to his friend and his wife.

    He found it weird though, because he had her profile checked already and everything was legit. However, his gut feeling was telling him there was more to it...

    His deep thoughts were interrupted as soon as the elevator doors opened. "Dr. Dee!" greeted Rizie who was inside with Dion. Rui smiled and greeted both of them  back.

    "How is Dr. Song?" Dion who was constantly pestering him asked. Rui rolled his eyes and answered, "Gosh Dion, do you plan to ask that every hour? I told you she's fine and you'll be able to see her at lunch perhaps."

    Rizie giggled and sommented, "I know right? Dion is like an alarm clock Doc. By the way are you having late breakfast perhaps? Because me and Dion are also going to have it..."

    Rui nodded and smiled at Rizie as he commented, "It must be refreshing to have a friend like Rizie Dion, who always smiles and is very cheerful like sunshine."

    Rizie blushed and timidly gave another sweet smile. Dion shook his head and said, "You should also know Doc how she is when in a bad mood and trust me.. Ouch!!!" Dion said but his words were stopped as it turned into a loud cry when he felt Rizie pinched his arm hard.

    "What's wrong?" Dr. Rui asked, turning his head back to the two behind him.

    "Oh nothing Doc. I think Dion is very hungry now and his tummy hurts." Rizie explained in her sweetest smile.

    Dion could only curse silently because Rizie would again get physical with him once he opened his mouth once more.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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