107 Unstoppable Beas

    Yera finally had the time to get dressed. She thought she would stay locked up in the room, naked, the whole day. She sighed... After several attempts this morning, she had finally succeeded in convincing Xander that they should go out for lunch.

    Xander was still in the bathroom when she was checking herself out in the mirror with a lovely smile on her face. She would naturally smile often now because Xander put those smiles on her face. He was the reason for her smiles. Yera really liked how she looked with those adorable smiles, which she thought would be impossible to form on her expressionless face.

    She heard the bathroom door open and could see Xander's reflection in the mirror. He just emerged from the bathroom in his bathrobe while drying his damp hair with a towel.

    Yera stood up and gestured for Xander to sit down at the vanity table. Xander showed her his suave smile as he walked toward her and sat down on the chair. Yera took the towel from Xander's hand and started to dry his hair gently. She then continued to dry it with a hairdryer. Xander was all smiles as he stared at his wife through the mirror.

    "It feels nice to be taken care of like this. This reminds me of my mom... She used to use dry my hair quickly with a hairdryer, and my old-fashioned dad would scold her, saying that hairdryers are only for women," Xander reminisced with a broad smile.

    Yera had read some articles that Xander's mother had passed away, but nothing was said about the cause. Any news about the incident seemed to have been taken down and no longer available.

    "Your mom was a real beauty. You really take after her." Yera praised. She noticed the significant similarities in their facial features from their photographs as well as the big portrait hanging at the main hall of the Yang mansion. However, she assumed that Xander's jovial personality was something that he got from his dad.

    "Yes... Do you know how Bernard and I resemble each other a lot? It's because our mothers were twins. Both of us took after our mothers in terms of looks," Xander revealed.

    No wonder Xander and Bernard were often mistaken for twins... Yera was curious about how Xander's mother died, but she was hesitant to ask.

    "Your mom... You seem to like and love her a lot," she said. Xander smiled and replied, "Yes, she was the best mom ever..."

    Then Xander's face became gloomy as he murmured, "But because she saved someone, I lost her."

    "Saved someone?" Yera asked, to which Xander responded with a deep sigh.

    "I was just a six-year-old kid, so I could not recall much of what happened from that time. All I know is that I lost her around that time. Dad told me that she sacrificed herself to save a kid. I was so devastated when I lost her, and I really had a hard time to cope with my grief. Ever since then, no one has ever dried my hair like she used to do. I still miss her a lot..." Xander narrated.

    Yera put down the hairdryer and encircled her arms on Xander's neck from behind him and brushed her cheek on his. She stared at him through the mirror and smiled as she said, "You have me now. I'll dry your hair from now on. Whenever you want me to."

    Xander turned his head sideways to face her and whispered, "Hmm, but I'd rather you making love to me than drying my hair. Can we have one more round before we go out?"

    Yera's eyes widened and quickly pulled away from him. "Stop it... Go and put on your clothes! I'm starving!"

    Xander burst into laughter at the sight of his wife's flushed cheeks.  "How cute!" he exclaimed as he rose from his chair and shamelessly took off his bathrobe in front of Yera, who immediately ran toward the door to escape him as she said, "I'll go to the restaurant first! I'll see you there, you pervert of a husband!"

    Xander's laughter roared inside the room as he walked to get his clothes from the closet. He had his things transferred into Yera's room when she lost consciousness.

    Although he was only teasing his darling wife, his little buddy was already getting excited again. But, of course, he should let his wife rest for now. Maybe they would do it again later, after lunch. Xander grinned at his own naughty thoughts and almost forgot that his little buddy had now been promoted to an 'unstoppable beast.' He should start calling it by its new name instead.

    He hurriedly put on his clothes as he whistled...

    Xander went down to the restaurant and saw that Yera was sitting together with Rizie, Dion, Rui, and Dr. Yao.

    Rui waved at him, so he walked toward them. His mouth twitched when he saw where Yera was seated. She was sitting next to Dion as she talked cheerfully with him. 'The heck...' he grumbled silently as he gave everyone a cheerful smile.

    As soon as he was seated in front of Yera, he looked at Dion with a lifted eyebrow and asked, "Why are the two of you still here? I thought I've instructed for the whole group to be transferred to another location."

    "We were worried about Dr. Song, so we stayed behind to confirm that she is okay," Dion answered nonchalantly. "Well, now that you've seen and confirmed that she's fine, both of you can follow the rest of the group to the new venue after lunch," Xander instructed.

    Dion looked at Yera. "What about you, Dr. Song?" Dion asked with a concerned look.

    Yera smiled at Dion, but Xander was the one that answered. "She still needs to stay for the investigation."

    "Then, it's okay, Dr. CEO, we can just wait for her and go together after she's done with the investigation," Dion casually suggested, and Rui could almost see Xander's flaring nostrils.

    'This is fun to watch,' Rui mused in delight as he waited for Xander's childish answer to come out from his mouth.

    Before Xander could retort, Yera subtly kicked him under the table. "Alright, Dion, let's all go together. After I provide the local authority with my statement, we can all leave together," Yera said. She did not see the point in staying there any longer either, especially if the incident that happened was not an accident at all. If that was the case, then it would be safe for all of them to leave the place as fast as possible.

    Rui grinned upon seeing Xander's lips tightly shut. Of course, Xander and Yera would eventually leave the place, too, and joined the rest of the group. It was just this childish friend of his, Xander, who wanted to go with his wife alone, without the company of others.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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