108 Neck Pillow

    Xander decided to leave the place together with others in one van for Yera's comfort. Yera was sore all over so he should control himself for not taking her and let her rest for some time.

    Yera sat beside Rizie while Xander sat beside Dion and Rui with Dr. Yao. The silence inside the van was nerve wracking and Rizie could not take it anymore, so she initiated a conversation and said, "I wonder how that yacht suddenly exploded. I mean I know the jet ski got hit with the yacht but such a big and sudden explosion seemed unexpected at all."

    "I know right? I heard someone has the same speculations about what happened. But then I guess it's much better to wait for the investigation to finish right Dr. Dee?" Dr. Yao fizzled and turned to look at Dr. Dee beside her, with a sarcastic smirk on her face.

    Rui's face twitched. 'Who's the psychiatrist here?' he scolded himself because Dr. Yao seemed to be playing psychological games with him instead.

    "And the target is Dr. CEO?" muttered Rizie before she looked at Xander and asked, "Do you have any enemies Dr. CEO?" Xander shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He did not have enmity with anyone as he was very meticulous in all his business dealings and was good with everyone he met,  but very soon he might have one if the man beside him kept on seeking attention from his wife.

    "Hmm, Xander had dated a lot of women in the past, could it be any of them holding a grudge against him or maybe there is a woman who is interested in him and trying to gain his attention by such actions? Nowadays, people tend to plot against each other to gain attention and trust from the other." Rui commented and he was obviously implying something.

    "That's sure a possibility, mostly at dramas I believe. It can also be just your pure judgement Dr.  Dee. Nevertheless, I think we all can simply speculate and just wait for the investigations. Sometimes, judging a situation is often misleading. Don't you agree?" Dr. Yao stated and turned her head at Rui with her sweetest smile followed by a wink.

    Rui's brows arched for some reason Dr. Yao seemed to be enjoying the exchange of sarcastic conversation with him.

    "Excuse me Rui, all the women I dated before were educated and well cultured, so they won't stoop down to such low level to try to kill me and besides I did not do anything that can offend them to kill me for revenge. I think whatever happened is just a mere accident." said Xander.

    Ralf said a while ago that there was nothing suspicious in the yacht and in the investigation it was found that pure gasoline fumes had caused it to explode and there were two people aboard  who sustained serious injuries.

    He did not tell Rui yet about this since he was too occupied on thinking of an alibi to escape for the remaining days of the  team-building activity with Yera, to spend some more time alone with her, but then again it might not be really advisable, but he wanted to at least think of something to sneak some intimate time with his wife.

    "Dr. Chen, don't you have a girlfriend?" asked Xander out of the blue. "No, I don't have any," Dion answered simply.

    "Hmm, Rizie here is still single and I think you two look good together," Xander commented though he actually wanted to add, "Stay away from my darling." But then remained quiet because he knew he was once again acting really childish. 'Why do  I behave so childishly?' he scolded himself. He was not, but when it came to matters related to Yera he could not help but act childish often.

    "Excuse me Dr. CEO stop involving me or pairing me with anyone at all, because I prefer men like Dr. Dee. Me and Dion are purely friends okay?" Rizie retorted with crumpled face.

    "Oh Rizie has a better taste," jested Rui while he teased Dion. "Bad taste..." mumbled Dr. Yao as she rolled  her eyes.

    The bantering stopped when Xander's mobile phone suddenly rang.

    It was Ralf, he answered it immediately and burst out, "What?" His eyes rounded in disbelief and then he looked at Dion with a confused expression.

    "Alright, I need full details. Let's talk later and not now." Xander replied before he ended the call.

    "Something wrong?" Rui asked because he could tell Xander was bothered by his look on his face.

    "Hmmm, nothing just about work." Xander muttured. Yera on the other hand felt something was wrong too, but she could not  ask Xander right now. Instead, she picked up her mobile phone to send him a text message.

    [What happened? Who's that?] Yera typed and sent.

    [I will tell you about it darling. Let's talk about it later... I will sneak in your room later... *kiss emoticon*] Yera read Xander's reply and she started having another thoughts with the kiss emoticon he added in his reply. She felt like Xander had something up his sleeve and was definitely thinking about not letting her to have a proper sleep once again.

    Yera thought of a good reply but in the end chose not to type any message.

    Meanwhile Xander kept on shaking his head every now and then and would sneak glances at Dion every once in a while. His eyes had those doubtful gaze mixed with disbelief.

    Dion could feel it and could no longer remain unaffected so he turned around and looked at Xander and asked, "What is it? Do you want to say something Dr. CEO?"

    Xander meekly shook his head as he let out an awkward smile and asked, "Do you want some neck pillow?"

    "Huh?" Dion asked in bewilderment. 'Is he sick or what?' he mused as he looked suspiciously at Xander.

    Xander no longer waited for his reply and quickly removed the neck pillow he was using and put it on Dion all of a sudden.

    "There use this..." said Xander with a smile and Dion was left confounded.

    He clearly did not see any bad spirit entering Dr. CEO's body so how come the latter acted as if he was possessed or something?

    'Unless...' Dion panicked silently.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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