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    Xander and the group arrived at the new venue in the evening. Everyone who had reached earlier, was already having dinner.

    Everyone asked how Dr. CEO, Dr. Song and Dr. Yao were and the three of them confirmed that they were alright. None dared to comment about the incident though all of them already had their speculations and assumptions on the matter while Dr. CEO, Dr. Yao and Dr. Song were not yet around.

    There were no words but obviously the rest of the group gossiped all day long because it was evident in their eyes with those meaningful gazes they would unconsciously throw at Dr, Song and Dr. CEO. Rizie sighed and looked at Dr. Song, no one knew nor could prove Dr. Song's relationship with Dr. CEO anyway so as long as the two denied it or did not confirm anything they would be fine.

    However, something was bothering Rizie at that moment. It was how weird Dr. CEO had become after he got a call inside the van. Her face cringed seeing how attentive Dr. CEO had been towards  Dion all of a sudden. Well he paid attention to Dion earlier also but that was more sarcastic and bullyings but now it was like she was witnessing a bromance.

    'Poor Dion,' Rizie mused seeing how uncomfortable Dion was all the way as they ate because of Dr. CEO's attention. Like Rizie, Yera witnessed everything as well and for some reasons she sensed that something was going on and Xander was not telling it to her.

    After dinner, everyone rested. Xander was on a different floor than Yera this time who shared the same floor like the others. Xander was booked at the VIP Suite of the hotel and it would be suspicious if Yera would be booked the same type of room.

    "Hmm, it would be hard for me to sneak around her room," Xander mumbled. He immediately grabbed his mobile phone to message Yera to sneak in his room later  on so they could talk out about an important matter.

    Xander sat on his couch and opened his laptop to look on the report Ralf sent him. He still could not believe the information Ralf gathered so Xander dialed Ralf's number and called him to reconfirm everything.

    "Are you sure about this?" he asked at the other line. "Yes I am Sir. I double checked the matter myself. To be honest, he hide himself too well that we have a hard time in putting up the puzzles together. We got lucky that we managed to decipher everything," Ralf firmly answered.

    "Sir, should I report the matter directly to young Miss? She's the one who instructed us to investigate on this matter..." asked Ralf.

    Xander let out a long sigh and said, "No. I will tell her directly."

    As soon as Xander ended the call, his doorbell rang. "Hmm, she's early. Probably missed me too much," he excitedly murmured as he quickly opened the door.

    "Hmm, miss me so..." he said but halted seeing the  person in front of him. It was not who he was expecting  it to be..."

    "Can we talk outside?" Dion spoke the words with a serious voice and face. Xander nodded and went out of the room. Dion walked first and Xander followed him.

    When they reached the front desk, Xander stopped and said, "Hold on. I'll just leave my cardkey and will leave a message. Xander left his room card key and instructed the front desk to give it to Yera.

    He saw Dion was sitting on the couch and Xander walked at him afterwards as he said, "Let's talk at the bar and grab some drinks."

    The two went in a private room at the hotel bar.

    As soon as they were seated Xander immediately asked, "What is it?"

    Dion looked at him with his stern face and said, "I'll be straight, I guess by now you already know everything that's why you're acting weird. I did not intend to hide it but I don't expect to get discovered this early. Did you perhaps tell her about it already?"

    Xander 's facial muscles flinched and he looked sternly at Dion as he said, "Not yet but I intend to tell her now."

    He saw Dion release an air that seemed to be a sigh of relief before he said, "I know I'm not entitled to make a request from you but can you please keep this a secret for now Mr. Xander Yang? I wanted to be the one to tell her everything."

    Xander remained quiet and did not respond but drank his shot of drink in one gulp instead. Dion did the same.

    "So you're also aware about us?" Xander commented.

    Dion nodded and responded, "Yes, I've been monitoring her since I arrived in this country. Wherever she goes I follow..."

    "I don't get it... Why not just tell her everything from the start?" Xander asked.

    "Hmm, I did try but I don't know how to start to be honest. So I decided to just look after her from a distance however, she was always alone. I feel sad for her also, she often run into accidents... That I had the urge to look after her... I was devastated at the thought that she died. I searched everywhere because I could not accept it. I tried to check her remains to confirm her death myself, but Life Hospital's security was too tight." explained Dion. Xander listened to him. No wonder Dion looked like a stalker to him because the man was intentionally following and guarding Yera. Dion was missing in action after Yera died and suddenly showed up when Deyna arrived at Yang Hospital.

    "I saw her..." Dion murmured and narrated to Xander everything. He saw Yera at Cooper Network building. He thought he was only seeing a bad spirit that was using her image to trick him but then he confirmed she was a human and very much alive. Since then he had been guarding her in the shadows but then she again got into an accident. He was there, he gave  her medical aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Yera saw him before she lost consciousness inside the ambulance.

    Xander did not know how to react at all but he for sure sympathized with Dion and  he was very grateful for all his efforts to protect Yera.

    "You did well... And thank you very much..." were the words Xander could only say but it came from his heart with full of sincerity.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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