110 Time To Do It Endlessly**

    Yera received a message from Xander that he had left his room card key at the front desk and instructed her to get it and wait for him in the VIP suit. She had actually called him earlier because she wanted to ask Xander about the call he received in the van but Xander's phone only kept on ringing and went unanswered.

    So Yera went down at the front desk to get the  card key of Xander's VIP suit.

    "Where did he go?" she mumbled. She hoped everything was fine. She was about to enter the elevator to go back when her mobile phone beeped and she immediately checked it with the thought that it could be Xander's message.

    Indeed it was Xander and her face started changing colour  as she read Xander's text message.

    [Get your luggage from your room and bring it to my room. Stay with me, I will make sure no one will find out about this, since we are on different floors. I have missed you so much darling that now I want to cuddle you to sleep. So wait for me in the bedroom of the suit okay? I will be coming up in the room very soon, so don't sleep yet... I love you...]

    "Geez," Yera muttered as she entered the elevator with a red face. She wondered if she should stay in Xander's room or give rest to her body for a while, by keeping away from Xander for the remaining days of their stay for the team-building program. Because honestly, she was still feeling sore all over.

    She heard another beep from her mobile phone and Yera pursed her lips as she read it.

    "The heck..." she commented while reading Xander's message.

    [Don't have perverted thoughts Darling. I promise I won't exhaust you tonight... unless you beg me to... alright? I'll just cuddle and hug you to sleep. Don't forget your luggage okay? Mwah.]

    In the end, Yera took her luggage to Xander's room and waited for him as he had instructed. She trusted Xander for his self control, because he had managed to control himself before and she was sure he could do the same this time also if she didn't want to do it,  the only problem was her own control. Once she was in his arms, surrounded by his mesmerizing scent, she was unable to resist his advances at all.

    Yera blushed hard at her own silly thoughts. She was already lying on the bed, where she kept on moving left and right because she could not sleep. She looked at her mobile phone and it was already past 10:00 PM and there was still no message and call from Xander. She was a bit worried so she picked up her phone and dialed his number but before the call could even connect, the doorbell suddenly rang.

    Yera quickly rose from bed to check who it was and when she saw  it was Xander on the peephole she immediately opened the door.

    Xander's face brightened as soon as he saw his beautiful wife opening the door for him. He quickly hugged Yera as he walked inside the room.

    "Did you drink?!" Yera burst out because she could smell alcohol on Xander who kissed her cheek.

    "Yup, but just a little darling. You were waiting for me? Why are you still awake?" Xander asked smiling. Yera pulled him to sit on the sofa and she was about to walk out to get him some water but Xander pulled her onto his lap.

    "Why are you still awake?" Xander asked while he smooched Yera.

    "I want to know what happened. You said you will tell me once you're back remember? I'm worried. Who was it that called you in the van. Your voice sounded so shocked while you're on the phone!" Yera asked while pushing Xander to stop him from smooching, she then cupped his face in her palms so that he would pay attention to her question.

    "Hmm, it's nothing but just an update about the investigation. That was an accident caused by gasoline fumes. Right now they are still checking about the jetski's malfunctioning." murmured Xander before he leaned forward and buried his face on Yera's neck.

    "Why do I feel like you're lying?" Yera muttered. She felt Xander's breath on his neck as he said, "Hmm, darling my head is so dizzy that I feel like it will split in half soon."

    "Huh?" Yera muttered. She was too distracted by that statement and looked at  Xander's smiling face.

    Xander was showing his devilish grin which combined with his handsome face. It was enough to enchant Yera that she instantly understood what Xander meant. She was about to protest against his demand, but before she could voice out a single word from her mouth, Xander shut her words with his passionate kiss.

    Yera could taste the alcohol in his mouth and yet he tasted as good as always, sweet as he had always been, the feeling that she was sinking deep in great passion and sensation was always intense that Yera would always end in wanting more though her mind was at protest. Yes her body was sore but it was yearning and yielding at Xander's intoxicating touch.

    "Darling... Does it still hurt?" asked Xander in between his kissing. Yes of course but Yera was already drunk with the sensation that she mumbled, "We can do just once tonight okay?"

    "Hmm..." Xander moaned. He felt that he could not get enough but then he could of course manage to control himself still... So he would only do it once tonight. They still had a lot of time to do it endlessly anyway.

    Xander pulled down his undergarments while still lingering  on Yera's lips. Yera could feel his hardness under her. She unconsciously brushed herself onto him and Xander growled. She was wearing a satin above the knee nightdress so it was easy for Xander to gain access of her bare skin.

    Xander removed her panty easily and lifted her up so she could sit on his lap with her body facing his front and of course with her legs parted covering  his waist. Yera was as usual damped already the same as Xander as they brushed at each other.

    "Darling you lead it so you can adjust the pace at your comfort." Xander suggested because he was worried that he might go wild. Yera chuckled and continued to tease Xander with just brushing and grinding her wet womanhood on Xanders pointed manhood.

    "Hmm, stop it..." Xander complained while he removed the strap of Yera's nightgown to  expose her breasts before his eyes. Without warning he abruptly sucked her nipple as he licked and bit her nipple that made Yera shudder.

    "Ohhh..." she hummed as she lifted her hips to accommodate Xander's unstoppable beast to her cave. Ache? She barely felt it because the wonderful sensation of their physical contact and intimate union was overpowering whatever soreness she was in.

    "Ahh, darling you feel good. I can't stop wanting you. You taste so good..." Xander could not help but voice out his perverted thoughts. Yera was moving on him back and forth, riding him gently that he could reach the highest mountain, no matter how steep it was. He joined her rhythm as he continued to feed on her nipples, nimbling alternately that made Yera moaned as she sped up her movements on his lap.

    Yera would soon reach her climax, after more driving on Xander, Yera cried as her body convulsed, milking Xander's beast with her own release... She hugged Xander tightly and continued to move on him, this time she moved up and down, covering Xander's member entirely as deep as she could as she accelerated her movements hearing Xander's moan and cry to climax...

    Yera felt Xander carry her in that position as he walked towards the bed and gently laid her down there. "Rest now darling, I love you." Xander said and kissed her lips before he positioned himself beside her and cuddled  her under the comforter, not minding that they did not wear their underwear yet. Yera kissed him and tightly hugged him back as she whispered, "I love you."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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