111 Do Things With Passion

    Yera woke up very early and quietly sneaked out from Xander's warm embrace to have a quick bath. She then called the hotel's reception to order something for Xander that could help with his hangover because Xander might have a headache as soon as he woke up.

    She flushed, seeing Xander's pants, brief and her panties on the floor.. Xander was still naked in his lower body buried under the comforter. Both of them had slept very peacefully, cuddled in each other's arms after their love making.

    She sat at the side of the bed and adoringly stared at the man sleeping  before her.

    Yera used to think she was a jinx but now she could proudly second Xander's statement about her thoughts being wrong. Why? Because after everything that happened  she felt that she was the luckiest woman on earth who had a wonderful person like Xander as her husband, who was completely devoted to her and who loved her dearly.

    She leaned down and gave Xander a sweet kiss, for a sweet start of the day, before getting up and heading towards the door.

    She did not wake Xander up so that he could get more rest, besides he was the Boss so no one would dare question him why he was up so late.

    Though it was  still early, Yera wanted to walk alone at the beach and wait for  the sun to rise.

    She walked towards the elevator and recalled that she had forgotten her watch in her room so she pressed the number of floor for her room where the rest were also booked.

    Along the hallway she saw Rizie was having an argument with a housekeeper.

    "What's wrong? What's going on here?" Yera asked as soon as she reached near them

    "Doc, I was questioning the housekeeper because I found her entering your room so early in the morning. I found it odd as I know you're not in your room and felt the whole thing a little weird. I was actually about to call you..." Rizie stated. She was staying next door to Dr. Song and she saw Dr. Song sneaking in the hallway last night with her luggage, and she was not born yesterday  to not know where Dr. Song would go and stay!

    She was about to go down when she saw a housekeeper suddenly entering Dr. Song's room. No housekeeping staff would enter a room at that hour, unless the guest would request it, because it was clearly not the cleaning hours yet.. Even the sun was not up yet for goodness sake!

    Yera looked at the housekeeper who looked  pale with fear. Before everyone could witness the commotion,  Yera quickly called for assistant Ron to manage the matter. Rizie no longer waited and checked the cart the housekeeper had. "What is this?" Rizie burst out seeing everything separated in a plastic like toothbrush, soap... and even dirt on the floor was in a sealed plastic too, including glasses from her room.

    But what caught Rizie's attention was the hair in one of the plastics.

    "What the heck even hair? Are you a witch or something?" Rizie mumbled.

    She creased her forehead as her detective instinct became active and she looked at Dr. Song with alarment. 'I knew it!' she mused, as her own speculations ran inside her head.

    "What is this? You're invading privacy. Don't you know you can be put in jail in this kind of matters?" Rizzie suddenly hissed at the housekeeper.

    "I'm really sorry. I just received an instruction from a phone call to get anything in this room that the guest had used and even the floorings.... To make sure I get something like a hair." confessed the housekeeper.

    Assistant Ron with his men quickly arrived and handled the situation before everyone else could witness the whole scene and get the airs of what was happening.

    Meanwhile, Yera asked Rizie to accompany her for a walk at the beach.

    There was only a fleeting silence between them as they walked, Rizie had a lot of questions in her mind, but did not ask and just waited for Yera to speak first. Yera sat on the beach bench and Rizie followed. The two looked towards the sun that was about to rise.

    Yera contemplated for a while and spoke,  "You're a smart woman Rizie so I'm sure by now you are able to  confirm the scenarios you thought before about Yera Han. Yes, you were right I'm Yera Han. You said I'm back for revenge... I won't say I'm back for revenge but I'm back to get justice. Justice to be served for those who wronged me and my grandfather. And I will not stop until I find out the truth... Until I find who wanted to kill me..." Yera simply explained.

    To be honest, Rizie no longer needed a lot of details because she could easily grasp the  situation. "Someone is suspecting you to be Yera. They probably want to do a test to confirm your identity since your profile as Dr. Deyna Song are all legit." commented Rizie.

    "Yes, that's true so we actually had extra precautions taken already. The things this housekeeper got is not mine. Those hair is also not mine." muttered Yera that made Rizie cursed.

    "Oh crap did I just sabotage a good plan like misguiding those villains?!" Rizie exclaimed with wide eyes. Yera smiled as she nodded.

    Rizie smacked her head because of her stupidity.

    "That's okay Rizie. You're not aware of the situation and was just being proactive and helping me out since you noticed irregularities.  I really am grateful for your thoughts and consideration." said Yera.

    "I will soon leave Yang Hospital. I would like you to come with me at Life Globals group and help me out but I don't want to put your life in danger so I will  understand if you choose not to go with me." said Yera, hoping Rizie would still choose to go with her.

    Rizie's adrenaline was rushing with just the thought of the adventures she could encounter while helping Dr. Song to find her justice. Oh she's Dr. Yera Han as she suspected.

    "Of course Dr. Song, I will go with you and help you get the justice you deserve. I'm even excited to start the things I can do to help you." said Rizie in her serious tone. She could confirm now that she had a passion for this kind of things.

    'Maybe an undercover agent or detective best suits me...' she mused excitedly.

    "But you can also be put in danger," Yera insisted.

    Rizie turned her head at Yera and smiled, "Who knows tomorrow I might get into an accident? Or what  if I have an incurable disease? So don't say I can be put in danger by staying at your side because if things are bound to happen it will definitely happen Dr. Song."

    "Do you know what I honestly think? We met each other for a reason and a purpose. I told you I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life. I always get bored but now I think what I really want to do in my life. I want justice to be served so I will help you at all cost to get it and trust me you will get back everything especially  the justice you're looking more" explained Rizie.

    Yera did not know whether to be happy because she finally had someone whom she could trust to  accompany her at Life Globals group or be worried because she knew Rizie could be put in danger for helping her out.

    "Stop thinking. No one can  stop me anyway once I decide to do things with passion," Rizie  muttered seeing the hesitation on Dr. Song's face

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