112 Always There For Her

    The group resumed with their team building activities in the morning. Both Xander and Dion arrived late and they walked together towards the beachfront.

    "Can you act normal, why don't you behave like you did before knowing the truth about me?" muttered Dion. "What? I'm being normal. What are you saying? How did I act earlier?" Xander asked naively.

    "You are really something you know?" Dion commented with twisted mouth. Earlier Xander treated him more like a love rival and he always talked sarcastically and was ready to bully him whenever he could.

    "Well, to be honest, I never expected even in my dreams such a revelation of your identity. After I came to know about you I have started respecting your efforts a lot. But, as someone who is older than you, like a brother, I must say that you should not prolong hiding this secret anymore. Yera has a big heart and I'm sure she will understand everything, so I believe you must tell her everything as soon as possible. Don't worry I got your back. Treat me as you brother-in-law from today onwards. If you need anything don't hesitate to inform me." Xander declared before he patted Dion's shoulders and ran ahead of him to join the others who were engaged in physical activities.

    Dion's face twisted. But his heart felt warm with those words, he was indeed at ease and he was encouraged.

    He recalled those days when he was still a kid. He would often ask his mother who his father was and where he was and his mother would always give him the same answer, that his father lives and works in Country D.

    As he grew up, his mother explained everything to him. He was a child born because of an accident.

    Dion's mother had a one night stand with a foreigner, a stranger not from their country. Everything happened in a state of drunkenness. They had attended a common elite party for business tycoons. The two of them got drunk and ended up sleeping together in the same room. That night they ended up having sex in their drunken state.

    The next morning, after his mother woke up, she quickly left the room and even cleared all the cctv footage to avoid a scandal that could defame her family.

    But her mother clearly knew the man she had a one night stand with. According to her mom, she did not regret anything that happened because she had liked his father from the first time she had seen him.

    They met just once and she believed that his father might not even remember whatever happened that night or even her for that matter. That was the first and last day his mother had met the man because later she came to know  that the man was already married.

    When his mother found out that she was pregnant with him, she kept this news to herself and did not even try to inform him because she did not want to destroy a happy family.

    Dion's father, who was also Yera's father, apparently had a happy family with his wife and even their own family was well known too so his mother decided to keep him and raise him on her own.

    Dion's mother gave him everything, she gave him both a father's as well as a mother's love including all material comforts he needed.

    However, as Dion grew older, he started to become curious and kept asking about his father every now and then. Dion's mother eventually told him everything and did not hide anything from him. Once he came to know everything, Dion then decided to check on his father's family and found out that he had already died in a plane crash with his wife while he was travelling in his private plane.

    Dion then found out about his half sister and it was then that he went to Country D and stayed there for a while. He got himself transferred to the same school with her and took up medicine course. He did not intend to stay there very long, however, for some reason, he felt his sister needed someone to protect her. He noticed that Yera always wore a blank expression on her face and her eyes were always lonely. She was always alone...

    He was always there for her, silently protecting her. To be honest, there was this time that he was ready to introduce himself to her but he accidentally heard her giving her opinion about the commotion in their school were a woman attacked a student who apparently was a mistress and pregnant.

    He clearly heard Yera's disgust saying that it must have hurt a wife too much to discover her husband was cheating and the worst part was the mistress even had a child.

    "I'm so proud that my dad was not like her husband and I don't mind being an only child. I might not be able to accept a sibling from a mistress," those were the words that he clearly heard from Yera's mouth. He was standing beside her while she was with her classmates, watching the commotion.

    And from that day on, Dion decided not to disclose the truth and stay with Yera as long as someone was not there to take good care of her.

    Dion sighed. He thought Yera finally had someone who could take care of her when she became engaged with Lyndon Chu. He was ready to go back to Country V but she was abducted and killed. He could not believe it at all so he also started his own investigation.

    But he could not find out anything, except the news that she was confirmed dead. His grandfather who never had the chance to know him had also died. He mourned for a long time and was really devastated until he saw a woman with Yera's face named Deyna Song.

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