113 One Of My Favourites

    Dion's thoughts were interrupted by Rizie, who poked him in his side.

    "Hey, have you reached your planet yet? You look like you're daydreaming; staring into one spot, and standing there like a statue," commented Rizie as she pulled Dion back towards their group. Dion didn't even notice her approaching.

    "Oh... I reached planet Mars. I was hoping to seek refuge from a chatterbox-y woman named Rizie," Dion said in jest. His comment made Rizie crumple her face.

    "The heck!? I know your life would be boring if someone like me isn't forever  by your side," Rizie's defense only made Dion shake his head as he walked towards the others.

    His sister was laughing hard from a distance. 'She's been through a lot,' Dion mused as he stared at Yera.

    By mere coincidence, the first time he saw Yera, Dion had already done his own quiet investigation into Deyna Song. He was able to get a sample from her and do a DNA test. He was overwhelmed, but grateful to confirm that she was alive and well. He was also able to confirm that she had suffered amnesia. He wanted to know what exactly had happened to her, but seeing her alive and in good health now, was more than enough.

    Dion thought that Yera could somehow start a new life as Deyna Song. Having a man like Bernard Cooper by her side. A man whom he had checked and confirmed  was more than capable enough to protect her. However, another tragedy occurred, and Bernard died.

    Dion was always there, looking after her. He watched Yera get involved with Xander, a man whom he was still observing. Dion watched Xander sneak glances at Yera lovingly. By now, he trusted that Xander would be able to take care of his sister. But, Dion was still unsure about how well her husband could protect her, deciding to keep a firm position within Yera's shadow.

    He was happy that Yera had someone like Xander. However, things were not as simple as they seemed. Yera was still in danger. Like his sister, he too wanted to find the truth about who wanted to harm her, and who killed their grandfather. Although he had never met his grandfather in person, he still wanted justice for himself and his sister.

    Yes, it was true: Dion had a hunch that his grandfather's death was due to someone pulling strings. He found that files were missing from the hospital, and irregularities surrounding some staff; like how the doctor who had pronounced his grandfather dead had gone missing soon after.

    And just a while ago, someone wanted to get a hair sample from Yera at that spa. Thank goodness she mentioned it to him in time. He was able to  swap the hair sample, ensuring that the perpetrator was misled. They would confirm that Dr. Deyna Song was not Yera Han.

    "Tsk, you're so out of yourself. Walk faster geeez," Rizie scoffed and pulled Dion in haste. Dion looked at Rizie and shook his head.

    "How will you manage to capture Dr. Dee's attention if you will keep on bugging me instead? You should bug Rui more like this. Right now, I'm the one who's getting the most attention," Dion commented nonchalantly.

    Rizie laughed, shooting him down directly, "Stop complaining. Aren't you honored to be one of my favourites? You should only worry if I don't pay attention to you, because that means I don't like you. I like weird people. So get used to my bugging. I'll bug Dr. Dee eventually. It's just that I feel shy most of the time when I'm with him. I don't know why..."

    Rizie's face flushed just mentioning Dr. Dee. Seeing this Dion rolled his eyes, just as the pair returned to their group.


    After various team building activities...

    "By the way, I'll also ask for help from my brother. He's a General so he's well connected. I'm sure one of those connections can help," Rizie said,. "You should also start looking into a self defense teacher... I mean... just in case things get physical, like in the dramas," she added, talking to Yera. They had a break between the late noon activities, and right now were tanning outside the pool. Other employees also took this time to swim and enjoy the place.

    Yera chuckled and said, "Why do I feel like you are more excited? A normal person would feel scared, or at least a little bit nervous..."

    Rizie pouted her lips. She rolled her body sideways on the beach chair to look at Yera.

    "I know right? Hmm, I think I'm weird," she said, pondering playfully. "I mean the adrenaline rush is there Doc. I feel excited to be honest. You know the feeling of finding those guys involved in abducting you? My blood boils, and  I want to take them all down for you. You mentioned Dr. Dee knew these things right? Maybe I should consult him about this, so he can assess if I'm normal or not," Rizie mentioned with a grin.

    Yera's face twitched. She felt that Rizie, as playful as she was, didn't quite understand the situation. "Stop joking around. This is serious; really," Yera said, her tone firm.

    Rizie pursed her lips. With a straight face she replied, "Geez Doc... I'm serious. I know what you're worried about. It's just that I love talking in jokes..." she grinned, continuing. "Hehe. I know what I want, and I want to be a part of this mission. So stop worrying about me, because, I, myself, have decided to be involved. You didn't force me. Always keep that in mind. I  do things out of my own will, because I want to help," she paused, adding, "You're like a big sister to me."

    Rizie smiled and continued with a meaningful grin, "Besides... I want you to be indebted to me also. You know... They say you work magic on all your patients. That's how I'll  collect my debt. By you making sure each of my family members are safe. Whenever their lives are on the line, I will firmly trust you, and only you, Doc, by putting their lives in your hands. You're like an exclusive surgeon for the Lim's now."

    Rizie chose her words carefully; making sure to phrase it in such a way that Yera would not feel burdened by her joining them in getting justice Dr. Yera Han deserved.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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