114 I’m His Wife

    Xander was itching to go near Yera. He watched as she enjoyed herself. He watched her swim along the beach, then rest next to Rizie in their beach chairs.

    "Stop that," Dion scolded as they walked back to shore.

    Xander pursed his lips, 'Such a nag...' But he kept his opinions to himself.

    This was the third time Dion had told him to stop staring at Yera. Xander, at least when it came to Yera, lacked subtlety. Dion warned him, worried that the other employees would notice.

    Last night the two men had talked. Xander had told Dion of Yera's plan to enter Life Global's group. Dion agreed, saying that he'd follow right behind her. He would transfer around the same time she did, so he could watch over her.

    Xander glanced up at the setting sun. "Finally done loitering around?" he murmured.

    He could only be alone with Yera in the evenings, so he preferred the days to go by fast, and the nights, slow.

    Dion sighed, "Such a love sick dude," he smirked.

    Dr. Yao suddenly appeared. She crossed her arms, blocking Xander, and startling both men.

    "Let's swim more Dr. CEO! The sun's still up, so why are you guys walking back to shore?" Dr. Yao cheerfully stated.

    "Hmm, I'll go on ahead. Warm days like these lead to chilly nights...," Dion observed, passing Xander a quick grin before speeding towards Yera. Xander gulped, deciding it best he looked around for Rui. He wasn't too far.

    "Dr. Yao," Xander mumbled, "I honestly feel cold already. Plus, if I keep my wife waiting any longer, she'll shoot me."

    His words made Dr. Yao crease her forehead.

    "Hmm, wife? You? You mean you have a wife? Since when?" Dr. Yao blurted. By that time Rui had already come in close, interrupting their conversation.

    "I'm his wife. What's so hard to understand about that? Why don't you let go of my hubby's arm and deal with me instead? I'm very much willing to swim with you for a little while longer Dr. Yao."

    Dr. Yao burst out in a fit of laughter, while Rui signaled Xander to scoot off somewhere else. Thanks to Rui's distraction, Xander was able to disappear.

    "What the heck..." Dr. Yao said, focusing fully on Rui. "You could be a comedian instead of a psychiatrist, Mr. Meddling Detective. So tell me, do you perhaps have those kinds of hidden feelings for your best buddy?" she mocked, with a smirk.

    Rui ignored the question, instead pulling her towards the ocean.

    "What do you think you're doing?!" hissed Dr. Yao. She stared at the hand holding her wrist.

    "Swimming, just like you wanted! Let's go! I'll swim with you all night long!"  Rui replied, failing to see the grin on Dr. Yao's face.

    "You're funny... really such a meddler..." she muttered.


    Finally evening had come, the Xander's moment had come. Or so he thought, there was still dinner and, the group agreed to one more game before they returned to their rooms.

    "Alright this one is so easy... Just a warm up guys before we all go to sleep. It's called 'the boat is sinking'. I will be the leader and instruct guys what you need to do." Explained Sun as he told the group to stay at the center.

    "Alright, those who want to go to sleep early can just leave? Right?" Announced Xander before the game started.

    His goal was to bring Yera back to their room as soon as possible, but he was ignored, and the game began.

    "The boat is sinking! Groups of three, fast!" Cried Sun.

    Xander panicked, pulling Rizie and Dr. Yao, instead of Yera who was closer to him.

    Yera's face fell until Dion joined her with one other employee. Xander scratched his head. He tried to signal Dion, but the other man only ignored him.

    When he was close to Dion during the game, he even murmured: "She should rest. Let's kick her out early."

    But Dion would always pull Yera, keeping her in the game.

    'Such a stubborn brother-in-law huh?!' Xander mused, hiding his sulky mood.

    "The boat is sinking, groups of four!" Cried Sun.

    Xander pulled three people blindly, once again leaving Yera behind. But, just like before, Dion was there to the rescue.

    Xander complained as soon as he got an opportunity. But Dion's reason was a simple one.

    "I think she can rest better here, than in your room," he whispered.

    'The heck?! What is that supposed to mean?' Xander complained silently. His brother-in-law was not cooperating at all.

    Xander almost shouted in joy when  Yera was finally 'out'. Yera's face however, sulked. As soon as Sun cried for another grouping, Xander subtly outcasted himself. Ensuring that he would be out next.

    He was so happy, he was even whistling towards the elevator.  As soon as he entered their room he lovingly said: "Darling..."

    A pillow suddenly landed on his face.

    "Ouch! D-darling...?"

    Another pillow flew at him, and he was able to dodge it. They were coming from Yera, who was sitting on the bed.

    "Darling, what's wrong?" Xander asked,  walking towards their bed.

    "Stop right there! Pick up your pillows. Go sleep on the couch!" Yera exclaimed with a crumpled, angry face.

    Xander's jaw dropped. 'Is she angry that I kicked her out of the game?' he played with the thought, and suddenly he was getting worried.

    "Darling are you mad for kicking you out of the game?" he asked.

    Yera only stared at him with raised eyebrows, but she said nothing.

    Xander gulped.  "I did it so you can come back to our room and rest early," he explained.

    "Yeah... I want to rest early, so you sleep on the couch tonight. I don't want to be disturbed," Yera uttered casually, maintaining a poker face. She was very much enjoying the game that her husband had just killed. Right now, she would make sure that she would get that early rest he so desperately wanted!

    Xander blinked dumbly. His wife looked stern. He let out a long sigh, picked up the pillows and walked towards the couch. With slumped shoulders he murmured, "I just missed you so much. I feel like the time we are apart lasts forever. I'm sorry darling, if I killed the fun..."

    Yera did not know how to react, seeing the downcast face of her husband...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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