115 Foolish Things

    Xander wandered over to the couch, maintaining his look of dismay. He kept his shoulders slumped, as he lay on the cushions, pointedly making his back face Yera.

    He wondered if he was a good actor. Was he convincing? Would his dear wife have pity on him? Xander knew why she was mad: he had acted like a child when he had tried to get her out of the game earlier. But could she blame him? He missed her so much. Sometimes he wished to lock the two of them alone somewhere together.

    He laid completely still, waiting. This love-sick shameless guy thought to just lay pouting on the couch for a while. Yera would soon feel bad, and he would get up and join her in bed. But he had to wait for her irritation to go away first...

    Yera, on the other hand, felt fidgety. She thought deeply about whether she should called Xander over, or leave him there; letting him get a taste of his own medicine. She glanced at Xander's back one last time, before rolling over, her back to her husband.

    She closed her eyes, sighing deeply. Of course she missed her husband, but this idiot really needs to learn his lesson. Right now was the worst time for him to want to cling to her, as she would be leaving. When Yera finally took Lyndon's offer and transferred over to Life Globals group, she didn't want Xander to suffer from her absence. Yera wanted to get used to him not being there, for her own good.

    While her head buzzed full of thoughts, her body was dead tired from her busy day. After a while she easily fell asleep.

    Xander on the other had, was restless. He turned around, checking on Yera.

    "How can she sleep so easily with her back turned like that?" he complained, pouting.

    He scratched his forehead, mulling over his options. To stay on the couch? Or join Yera on the bed?

    'Will she get even more annoyed?' He mused while his eyes fixated on their bed.

    'Maybe I should use the sleepwalking excuse? Hmm.. no my darling wife is too smart for that.'

    Xander's lips curved downwards... 'Should I move or not? Yes or no?' He mumbled inside his head.

    After struggling for a while, Xander got up from the couch He picked up his pillow and walked towards the bed. After a few steps, he halted.

    His forehead creased. He was in great struggle, wondering if he should, or even would continue walking.

    "Oh crap!" he scoffed as he scratched his head irritably.

    "Whatever happens, happens!" he beamed before he bravely crossed the invisible line, arriving at the bed. He gently placed the pillow. Very quietly and very carefully lying on the bed.

    He stayed frozen for the longest time. Xander just quietly stared at the ceiling.

    "Tsk... This is killing me," he whispered. He wanted to hug Yera.

    'Try it, maybe she's not mad anymore. If she shoos you away, then try your luck next time and sleep alone on the couch.' He wasn't sure whether this was encouragement or what or something else but by now his body moved on its own, moving closer to Yera. His arms hugged her from behind while he buried his face or her nape, smelling her perfume.

    Yera moved a little. Xander suddenly felt nervous, afraid that Yera would wake up and kick him back to the couch. He stopped breathing when Yera turned to face him. His heart thumped hard as Yera hugged him back. Her eyes were closed so Xander assumed she was not awake.

    Xander's lips lifted up, as he was moving in for a kiss. Yera spoke suddenly, her eyes still closed. "You're only allowed to hug. Go to sleep. If you do more than that you'll be going back to the couch."

    Xander, totally deflated, wanted to bang his head. He would absolutely avoid doing things like that again. Xander squeezed Yera, tightly whispering softly, "I'm really sorry Darling. I have weaknesses...  I will make sure to overcome them, so please don't get mad anymore. I'm just going to sleep while hugging you like this. I promise... I love you."

    Perhaps it was because he was so carefree.  He tended to think that doing foolish things like that was nothing...

    'You should be more sensitive Xander,' he scolded himself before he closed his eyes to sleep. All the while hoping his little buddy would also play nice the rest of the evening, or they were both doomed.


    At the Han Ancestral Mansion...

    Jam was watching Yera's videos; studying every facial feature and expression. She did in fact, finally get those videos from their Grandfather's room. Their mother was the sentimental type, refusing to throw things like that away.

    Her cellphone rang; she answered it immediately.

    "What? Are you sure about that?!" Jam hissed to the other line.

    Her face was a heavy mask as she stared at the widescreen. She listened intently to the voice coming from her phone.

    The call ended and she grit her teeth. Jam looked at the tv screen, suspicious, muttering, "Yera, are you really dead?" The report denied the hotel sample as being Yera's.

    She had paid someone to quietly get another sample from Deyna Song. She even had the DNA Testing in a different hospital; but the result was still the same.

    "Why am I still not convinced?" Jam thought. It would have been easier if Yera's remains were buried, but Lyndon immediately had her body cremated. For some reason, Jam would want to try one more test.

    She dialed a number, ordering the person to get another sample as soon as possible!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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