116 Rule Number One

    Yera woke up in the middle of the night and felt Xander's heavy arm encircling her waist. She let out  a sigh and looked at Xander who was sleeping soundly beside her.

    She smiled and admired his control on his emotions as he slept by hugging her and didn't try doing anything else just as she had instructed him. Though he could not help sneaking on the bed, yet he had controlled his behaviour to a great extent. She had actually contemplated whether to kick him out  when she felt him joining her on the bed but in the end she decided to let him sleep beside her.

    "Don't be too clingy. It will help both of us to suffer less while I will be working to find out the truth." Yera whispered  while caressing Xander's soft cheek with the back of her fingers.

    Assistant Ron had taken care of everything last time, and by now she was sure the result must be out. They had planted hair sample from someone else and let the housekeeper do how she was instructed. When they started tracing the incident, as she had suspected,  the perpetrator of all the incidents were Jam. As far as she knew her cousin, Jam would definitely not stop until she had confirmed her suspicion that she was Yera Han.

    To be honest, though Jam was one of the possible suspects, Yera somehow believed that Jam was not that evil neither confident enough to frame her killing. Yes, Jam probably wished her to be dead and never wished good for her too, but she was not the kind who  would have her killed through someone.

    She would even bet it was Jam's dad, uncle Roy who was very blunt and vocal about his interest in managing Life Globals group. He would always make a fuss whenever there would be any hiccups in the management of the hospital. He was itching to handle Life Globals group and wanted her out from her position as the Physician CEO before.

    Xander, on the other hand suspected Lyndon Chu and his family more.

    But then, everything was a  speculation and they would need solid proof to be sure about them.

    While Yera was posted in her thoughts she felt a pull from Xander, who moved and pulled her closer as if  he was pulling in a fluffy pillow for a tighter hug. Yera's eyes were transfixed at Xander's full red lips that were enticing her to kiss him deeply. She grinned at her thoughts and her smile deepened when she recalled how sulky he was when she told him to sleep on the couch.

    She craned her neck and gave him a quick kiss. Xander moved when her hot lips touched him, seeing this Yera quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She felt Xander's touch on her face and heard him sigh several times.

    Then she felt him pull her for a tight hug burying her face in his chest. She could hear the erratic beating of his heart. Yera waited and drowned herself in his musculine scent.

    'What's with those sighs?' She mused because she kept hearing Xander sigh. Then she heard him mutter, "Geez, why am I awake again? It is hard to control now... Oh God, please put me back to sleep."

    Yera chuckled silently hearing his pleas. Her husband's voice sounded like he was in turmoil as he requested those words in prayer.

    She couldn't stop herself from falling into his charms and she moved and brushed her body more toward his, sliding her right leg in between his and she felt it, his little buddy was hard. No wonder her poor husband kept sighing.

    Yera remained still, wondering if her husband would manage to control himself and get back to sleep. She felt Xander tighten his hug and caress her back with his hands, while sighing and Yera who could no longer take those sighs opened her eyes and tilted her head towards him. "Stop sighing... I can't sleep hearing your constant sighing," she complained, trying to hide the grin on her face.

    Xander's facial muscles winced as he murmured, "I'm sorry Darling. Did I wake you?"

    Yera lifted her lips up while she shook her head. Without saying a word, she reached out to him and gave him an unexpected kiss.

    "Stop it Yera or don't ask me to stop if I start. Do you plan to torture me Darling? How do you think I can control myself if you attack me like this?" Xander complained when Yera let go of his lips.

    Yera laughed lightly and said, "Okay, let's sleep now. We should set some rules for us... Rule number one, don't be clingy. I don't have to explain why. I promise that as soon as everything is settled then you can go all the way in being clingy."

    "Tomorrow when the sun rises, I will lift your punishment. But now, relax and sleep. Who told you to come here anyway. I told you to sleep on the couch so it's not my fault if you get blue balls." Yera said firmly before she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

    Xander pouted his lips and looked at his wrist watch... He had to wait for five more hours for the sun to rise. Another long deep sigh was let out from his mouth before he closed his eyes. 'Xander sleep and recharge instead,' his inner self advised him silently.

    At the same time, outside the door of Xander's suite, a person in a hoodie stood still with back leaning on the opposite side.

    There was a flower in the slender hands of the person. The person looked at the cameras recording in the lobby and smirked. "Hmm, let's see if it's your lucky day..."

    *Woost woost woost....

    The person was humming a song as those fingers pulled each petal of the flower.

    "Later? Now? Later? Now?" The words were repeatedly said as the petals fell from the flower one by one.

    "Later?" Was the last word as the last petal of the flower fell. "Oh... it looks like it's your lucky day then since I'll have to do it 'later'. For now, I'll let you play and enjoy for a while."

    The person continued to hum while walking out from the suite but paused after a few steps to bend down because of the shoelace that was untied.

    The lower portion of the shirt slid up a bit, revealing a bit of bare skin from the back where a mark could be clearly seen, it was more like a tattoo showing a black cyclone figure.

    That person got up as soon as the shoelace was tied back...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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