117 Burning***

    [WARNING: Explicit mature content ahead. Skip it if you're uncomfortable or not above 18 years of age. You've been warned.]

    It was 4.30 in the morning, but Xander was already wide awake in his bed. He moved to open the curtains to check if the sun had already risen, but to his dismay, there was still nothing out there but darkness.

    Since when had he ever had a second thought in doing things according to his liking? He sighed... After careful reflection on his part, he knew he should be more respectful and mindful of Yera's wants and requests.

    He stood in front of the balcony door, looking outside through the transparent glass when he felt a pair of delicate arms hugging him from behind. "Why are you up so early?" Yera asked as she nestled her face on Xander's broad back. She grinned as she teasingly added, "Don't tell me you're waiting for the sun to be up?"

    Xander coughed, followed by a blush on his cheeks, embarrassed that his wife had read his perverted mind.

    He felt her hands move downward, and his eyes widened. She was touching him down there, in between his thighs.

    "Do you think this unstoppable beast of yours can wait even just a minute more? Look at how... hmm... stiff it is now?" Yera asked in a seductive voice. Of course, she would not torture her husband any longer.

    She playfully slid her hand inside his boxer shorts and heard Xander growl. She tugged his manhood and rubbed it gently. "Why are you such a tease, Darling?!" Xander complained, his voice raspy. His unstoppable beast was ready to attack her as soon as the sun rose. But thankfully, his Darling just sent the go signal, so no more slowing down.

    Xander turned around and picked Yera up in one swift motion as he kissed her hungrily. He pinned her against the nearest wall, while still nibbling on her lips, sucking it alternately between the lower and upper lips.

    Oh, how he longed to claim those lips whenever he wanted, and not having to wait until it was just the two of them. He would often sneak glances at his wife when they were at work, and her voluptuous and sexy lips were always so tempting for him to take pleasure from. If only Yera knew the amount of self-control he had been applying in order not to devour and kiss her senseless in front of his employees...

    He slid his tongue inside her mouth and moaned. He had always been crazy for her. He loved kissing her like this, and he would replay it in his mind over and over again. So, could she really blame him for resorting to petty tricks sometimes, just so he could be alone with her?

    He heard Yera's soft moans during their intense kiss. The kiss was a deep one, as he kept probing to taste the sweetness of her lips, tongue, and mouth that he did not seem to be getting enough of.

    Yera's body temperature was getting higher. Just like her husband, she was burning with the same desire.

    Xander's hand roamed underneath her nightgown. Yera gasped when Xander cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it gently as if he was checking to see if it was still the same size.

    "Hmm, did you miss me too?" Xander whispered as his lips trailed along Yera's jawline, down to her neck, biting every inch of her skin, and nibbling it. His fingers kept teasing her nipples, which were already hardened from her arousal. Yera responded with a series of soft moans as she bit her lower lip...

    Yera felt Xander's hand move even further south, inside her panties. He was caressing her lady parts, his middle finger trailing their lips.

    "You're already wet..." Xander murmured while his other hand pulled down one strap of her nightgown, letting it fall from her shoulder, so he could taste one of those hard nipples of her.

    True, she was already moist down there. So moistened, she could feel her own wetness. This would always happen every time Xander kissed her. His kiss still had the power to make her weak. It had never failed to send a tingling and burning sensation into her inner core.

    "Ohhh," she cried when she felt Xander's mouth guzzling one of her nipples. She could only raise her arms and buried her fingers in his hair. Xander was not only pleasuring her nipples with his tongue but also with his hand... No, his fingers had started to enter her wet alley. He first inserted one finger inside to tease her while he licked and sucked her nipples.

    Yera could not help but moan loudly as the pleasure was building up inside her. Xander's put more fingers inside her and sped up their actions, continuously moving in and out of her. "Ahhh!" Yera whimpered as her body shook from the sudden climax.

    She did not even know how Xander had already removed all of his clothings, but she gasped when she felt him lifting up her buttocks. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

    She could feel him, his hard erection brushing against her wet alley, looking for its entrance, and when it found it, Xander made one deep thrust inside her. "Oh, Darling... You are so hot... I want to bury myself in you forever," Xander mumbled incoherently as he thrust himself inside her as deep as he could and pulled out only to plunge deep into her again. It was the truth, his wife was too delicious for him, sweeter than any desserts.

    Being inside her felt so good that he would not mind to stay there forever. Her inner muscles squeezed his rod warmly and tightly, and the feeling was indescribable.

    "Ahhh... Darling... I' coming...!" Xander exclaimed. He moved in and out of her with accelerated speed, while he sucked on Yera's nipples. Yera could feel her inside being fully filled with Xander's length. She would soon have her second climax.

    "Ahhh!" She moaned loudly as Xander kept slamming onto her, deeper, and faster... The room was filled with cries of pleasures as the couple reached their pinnacles. Xander's body was shaking as he moved deeper, spreading his seeds inside Yera, pushing as deep as he could, not wanting to spill even just one bit of it.

    Yera could only wrap her arms around her husband 's neck for support because her body would definitely give out any time soon due to the sensational, toe-curling orgasm that she had just experienced.

    Xander did not pull out from her. Instead, with Yera still in his arms, he carried her to their bed and gently laid her down with his length still inside her. "Darling... you gave him the name 'Unstoppable beast,' so I think he is just trying to make you proud by living up to that name," Xander jested as he slowly began to move inside her again.

    Yera smiled bashfully but parted her legs wider and even arched her body to meet Xander's movement. "It's okay... let him make me proud," Yera muttered, smiling before she pulled her husband closer for a torrid kiss.

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