119 Fated

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    "Madam Yang is so beautiful," Butler Garry commented as he stood beside Senior Yang. Sir Yang was examining the Yang family portrait that hung in the center of the mansion's staircase.

    "She is indeed beautiful. Even my son, Xander is grateful to get his looks from his mother..." Senior Yang frowned, "That brat!" He complained, recalling how Xander would always mention, proudly who he got his beauty from.

    "Have you decided to tell him about young madam Yera?" asked the Butler.

    Senior Yang inhaled loudly as he closed his eyes. He was recalling -that- night.


    Several Years Ago...

    Yang Globals Group and Life Hospital Group had a collaboration that year. Xander was seven by that time. The two groups had a grand celebration and had conducted a three day long fundraising event. A treasure hunt was a part of the event.

    A lot of kids had participated back then, including Xander. The place was well secured. Handled entirely by the management of Life Hospital Globals. Senior Yang could recall how excited his son was for the event; even his wife had participated. But during the event  one of the kids got lost in the woods.

    Everyone helped with the search, including his Madame Yang. Back then he had insisted for her not to get involved.  His gut was giving him a bad feeling about the entire situation; like something bad could happen. But Kanya was a good tracker. They both knew she was the best to lead the search party to find the child.

    He could still remember how her words left no room for disagreement.

    "Hon," his beloved Kanya had declared. "It's a six year old little girl! She's lost in the wilderness right now, and you expect me to do nothing? Imagine how scared she is right now! Not to mention how dangerous the woods are! We both know I am the best option this girl has to be found; a whole day had passed James! I'm going and you won't stop me. Just thinking that something like this could happen to our son..."

    His counter arguments were ignored. Kanya was just as stubborn as the day they first met. Senior Yang knew that nothing could change her mind, that he could do nothing to stop his wife from getting involved...

    She did succeed in finding the little girl on her own. Kanya managed to send her location to the rescue team, but by the time they arrived, his wife was lifeless, hugging and shielding the little girl; Kanya was covered with blood. The little girl was unconscious, but alive.

    When Xander found out about this, he was so angry at that little girl. He cursed the little girl for being stupid, and getting lost in the woods. Because of her stupidity she cut his mother's life short. It took a long time before Xander managed to get back on his feet.

    The psychiatrist said that losing his mother like this could be a reason why Xander had his erectile dysfunction disorder around women. He had rejection for women deep in his heart when he lost his mother. Everything Xander felt was psychological because he had no problem with his physical tests at all. Everything was perfectly normal except... that.


    Senior Yang opened his eyes. This really was a small world. It was really a surprise how everything could be connected in the end by fate, a fortuitous encounter. Maybe the two were fated all along. Because that child, the little girl Xander cursed for so long and calling stupid, the little girl that was saved by his mother was none other than Yera Han; the only heiress of Life Globals group. The now was Xander's wife, the woman who happened to be the only cure for his disorder.

    "I can feel the chills down my spine, Master. Young Master never bothered to check who Madame Kanya saved," Butler Garry recounted, hugging himself.

    "Indeed. Xander was too angry, he didn't want to know... I think he was afraid that he'd hold a grudge once he knew who that child was... I remember him promising to make that child suffer. Imagine a seven year old boy saying those words; so I took care of the matter. No one will find out anything about what happened then. Even those who were involved, I made sure that they wouldn't mention anything about it," stated Senior Yang.

    "Xander is a grown up; he's a man now. I'm sure he's not like how he used to be. Besides, I can tell he is head over heels for young madam Yera. He is devoted to her," Butler Garry pointed out.

    Senior Yang chuckled. The butler's words rang true... He believed the truth about Kanya would not be a hindrance, at least for his son, Xander. What he was afraid of was how Yera would react if she found out. He only hoped that everything would remain the same.

    "I will tell Xander about it and will let him decide what to do with Yera... I think that's the best thing to do; it's not good to keep secrets for too long," responded Senior Yang before he let out a long deep sigh.

    Yera had been through a lot already and he wanted to avoid his daughter-in-law feeling burdened with this revelation. Kanya chose to save her by herself, he hoped Yera and Xander's relationship would become stronger by this fact.

    Senior Yang smiled while he stared at his late wife's lovely face and brilliant smile from the portrait. "Hon, you saved your daughter-in-law. I am so proud of you..."

    Butler Garry looked at his Master with admiration. Though everyone encouraged him to remarry, he decided against it. He remained devoted to his deceased wife. Instead, Senior Yang focused all his love and time, focusing on his only son.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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