120 Ominous War

    It was during the group break. Xander was at the hotel cafe, having a conversation with his trusted assistant, Ron and Rui while Yera and Rizie were together, enjoying the beach with the rest of their group.

    "Sir, I already briefed Rizie," reported assistant Ron as he handed the tablet to Xander.

    "It's good that Yera will have a friend on the inside. She's entering Life Globals alone, so she needs someone on the inside she can talk to about private things. Even though we implanted some of our own people there,  it's still better that Yera will have someone close, who can be by her side. Having Rizie go is an excellent idea in every aspect. The two already get along now, so their relationship would grow naturally. Overall, it's less suspicious, so an advantage..." commented Rui as he drank his tea. He was glad for Yera to have someone like Rizie. She was connected to Xander since Xander's closest cousin was Rizie's sister-in-law.

    On the tablet Xander was watching the footage captured last night from outside his room. "How come you did not confirm who this person was? Looked at how he intentionally looked at the cameras. He clearly wanted us to see him. Who the hell will give a warning to an enemy like this. These people are too confident in showing off bluntly like this. It's like saying that they are watching us." Xander exclaimed in gritted teeth.

    "We are not even sure if that's a 'he'. Who knows maybe that hoodie is a 'she'?" commented Rui as he drank his coffee. He saw Dion come into the cafe,so he waved the other man over and said, "Come, join us."

    Dion f sat in the vacant seat beside Xander. Rui grabbed the tablet, and showed the footage to Dion.

    "As you instructed, Sir, we checked Dr. Yao, but found nothing suspicious at all," Ron clarified, responding to Rui's comment. Rui seemed to suspect that Dr. Yao was involved.

    Dion looked around. He lowered his voice to a whisper, "Is it safe talking about this in such  an open place?" The hotel cafe wasn't entirely empty, and Dion wasn't comfortable talking about serious matters in public places. He was always wary of bugs everywhere.

    Xander laughed and patted Dion's shoulder. He proudly uttered, "See how reliable my brother-in-law is? I'll be at peace once he joins Yera at Life Globals too. Don't worry little bro, because the area was swept for bugs a while ago."

    Dion cringed, and complained, "Don't call me little bro... You're giving  me goosebumps. Stop making me feel so awkward for goodness sake."

    "Alright, I'll call you bro-in-law," Xander teased more.

    Dion snorted, "Call me Dion! You're just a year older than me" Dion shook his head seeing  Xander chuckle in response.

    "Alright stop that you kids. Kidding aside, I really feel suspicious about Dr. Yao too Ron," Rui said, while he made eye contact with Ron adding, "Keep checking in on her... Continue to tail her."

    "This person is fast and very capable. The real question is: who are they after? You, Xander, or my sister?" Dion wondered.

    "I will tell dad about this. Maybe he has an idea  if our family has some enemies that I'm not aware of. Because I really don't have any personal enemies. Maybe when it comes to business but that's with Yera and her ex-fiance only. I don't consider them enemies, just competitors..." responded Xander. He strongly believed that he wasn't a target. Only Yera.

    "So, that person already knew about your relationship with my sister, Yera. If it's her they're targeting... That's your room Xander. I only worry because, as of right now, no one has confirmed my sister's identity, except for me." Dion pointed out. Indeed, there were strange incidents like this, but so far no one's confirmed Yera's identity.

    "How can you be so sure?" asked Rui.

    Dion rolled his eyes. "There's only one person who wants my sister dead. Even though her death has been confirmed, there are still people making several attempts at checking her identity. That means  they still haven't confirmed a thing... Besides, I have men under me working, and hacking datafiles in every DNA Testing facility."

    "What the heck! You stalker half brother! Such a creepy clingy brother!" Xander burst in disbelief.

    "Look who's talking? Creepy, clingy husband," Dion muttered casually as he sipped his fresh fruit shakes.

    Rui and assistant Ron exchanged meaningful glances. Rui broke the creepier, clingier war by suggesting, "What about Rizie? I think she should know about Dion and his connection on Yera. That way both can work together, I believe.

    "No way! That woman is a chatterbox! She can know after, but not before," said Dion, terrified.

    "I told you:  tell Yera everything as soon as possible. Yera was young when she said that she would never accept a sibling from a mistress. Your mom is not a mistress; she is a respectable woman and mother for staying quiet all these years in order to protect you and your father's family. I know Yera would accept you without a second thought; you've done more than enough to protect her, even from the shadows," Xander was firm in voicing his opinion.

    Rui agreed, but  Dion's deep and conflicted sighs were their answer.

    Dion suddenly noticed something on the video. He changed the subject of their conversation as he replayed the footage, saying, "Check this out... I'm seeing something strange..."

    Rui laughed and said, "What? Bare skin? I didn't know you paid particular attention to a  shirt sliding up..."

    "There's something on that back!" said Dion. The man had keen eyes. He paused and zoomed in the video. Xander's camera's were  the highest definition.

    "Crap!" Rui exclaimed, seeing what Dion was referring to.

    It was a mark on the back. "I've seen this mark before. This cyclone... I've seen it in my country. I... have to go. I need to check on this..." Dion quickly stood up to leave.

    Xander instructed Ron to inform Ralf about this, while Rui recalled Dr. Yao when she wore her bikini. He had never seen her back because she often wore a kimono as her top.

    "I have to go too..." Rui said in haste.

    His mind was filled with imaginary images of Dr. Yao's back. He needed to see it for himself. He didn't completely trust Dr. Yao. He found her expressions hard to read. As a psychiatrist, this made him suspicious that he could always see deceit in her eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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