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    On the last day of the team-building program, Sun instructed everyone to do individual action plan. Each individual would write a private letter to themselves. They would answer questions such as: "Today, what contributions am I most proud of?"; "What do I regret doing/saying, or not doing/saying?"; "In the future I'd like to be more..."; "I'd like to stop... and start...".The letter was sealed and would be dropped off in their mailboxes at home in one month.

    Xander enthusiastically joined in, and would sneak glances at Yera. She took the activity seriously, not looking up once. Yera and Xander did enjoy a lot of games during the rest of the program. Unfortunately, they had to go back to the City in the morning.

    The group had a good dinner in the dining hall. Before everyone returned to their respective rooms to rest, the group had a final session. Xander, as head, gave a short speech. He went on, encouraging his subordinates  and hoping that everyone enjoyed their trip. He continued, remarking that at the same time, they should have learned a lot of things from Sun's team, that they could take home with them. Things everyone could use back at the workplace, along with achievable goals that would reinforce key findings from the program.

    "Thank you so much Dr. CEO, for that wonderful speech.  I must say that this group is indeed lucky because we were instructed to prepare a small party in the function room; so we encourage everyone to join us! We will have various drinks, and everyone is allowed to get wasted. Right Dr. CEO?" announced Sun smiling, as he shifted his gaze to Xander.

    Xander smiled and nodded,  adding in jest, "Just make sure there's no violence afterwards, alright?"

    The group cheered. Some excitedly went into the function room, while others returned to their rooms to change into cuter, more 'selfie appropriate' outfits.

    Meanwhile, Yera's mobile phone beeped. She  saw it was Xander. She looked around, but Xander was no longer in the dining hall.

    [Will you care to party with your husband alone? *wink*]

    Yera blushed, smiling bashfully before she typed her reply.

    [Alright. I'm going up now.]

    She was still smiling as she walked towards the elevator. She wondered what her husband was up to, as she walked in the lobby going to their room.

    She opened the door and chuckled seeing the dim light and flower petals all over the floor. Their room smelled just like the scented flowers. Then she heard a guitar strumming a...

    Yera entered, following the petals and the row of lit  candles, making their way to the bed, where Xander was sitting with a guitar. There was a chair and a small table with a bottle of wine about a meter away.

    Yera giggled as she sat on the chair that was obviously meant for her. It looked like she was about to watch a serenade live. Performed by her husband. He winked, as he began to sing.

    "I never knew I had a dream

    Until that dream was you

    When I look into your eyes

    The sky's a different blue

    Thank you for loving me...

    You are the best thing,

    That's ever been mine...

    When you say you love me

    Know, I love you more, Darling"

    Xander's eyes never left Yera's as he sang. Her heart was racing. Not because of how good Xander's voice was, but because of his sincerity. His words were making her heart react crazily. She honestly wanted to pounce on him at that moment, but his voice was too mesmerizing. His eyes were penetrating deep into her soul.

    When Xander was done singing, he put the guitar on the side and held Yera's hand. He pulled a box from his pocket and opened it.

    It was a bracelet.

    "What's this for?" Yera asked, confused. What was the occasion? She wondered why Xander wanted to give her a present.

    "Hmm, nothing. I'm just very grateful for you returning my love. I just wanted to give you something special. A part for me of course. Only 'cause myself is the best gift I can offer to you, Darling." Xander's shameless statement made Yera giggle again.

    "What? You don't agree?" Xander muttered, pouting.

    Yera smiled and said, "I do agree... Did I say otherwise? I feel really lucky to have you in my life. But I thought we would party alone..." said Yera with a grin.

    "Yeah... I thought it's better to be alone since you tend to go crazy whenever you're drunk. It's better for you to get drunk here. The two of us will go all out wasted all night long..." said Xander.

    Xander led Yera to the room's personal mini bar and said, "I'll be your bartender tonight madam. Please,  tell me what you want to drink tonight. Don't hesitate to instruct me. I'll give you anything you want tonight.

    Yera's eyes widened and she wickedly said, "Ohh, including a performance; like a strip tease?"

    Xander laughed as he mixed drinks and poured them into shot glasses for Yera. He said, "Of course! Anything for my Darling, this husband of yours will oblige."

    To Yera's shock, Xander played music and even started dancing.

    "What the heck...!" she sniffed with rounded eyes, seeing how her husband was dancing seductively in front of her.

    'Is this seriously happening?!' Yera mused as she gulped, totally frozen from her seat as she looked at Xander in disbelief.

    "Did you drink already?" Yera mumbled, wondering if her husband was already drunk. Ah, but she didn't remember smelling alcohol on him earlier.

    Xander did not respond. He continued with his sexy dancing. He winked at Yera who  was already as red as a tomato because of embarrassment. She grinned inwardly at the thought of herself being embarrassed, when she was not the one performing.

    Yera's eyes watched her husband's performance keenly. He was still shamelessly dancing in front of her. No one would be able to beat her husband's shamelessness, but honestly she loved it; Xander's shamelessness towards her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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