122 Stripping*

    Yera pursed her lips, kept it totally shut as she tried her best to control her laughter with Xander's strip dancing.

    It was too funny but enticing at the same time. Yera did not know how to react that she ended up covering her eyes with her palm as she complained laughing, "Oh that's enough..."

    "But you asked for strip dance. Why cover your eyes, I'm almost at the stripping part..." Xander said laughing.

    "Okay, that's enough. Just pour me a drink instead." said Yera who abruptly removed her palms on her eyes to stare at Xander in her flushed face.

    "Alright... I'm stopping now..." Xander said grinning. He was on the act of removing his shirt. Yera suddenly felt regretful and Xander noticed it.

    "Hmm, should I continue darling..." Xander wickedly murmured with a sensual roguish smirk on his face.

    Xander stared in Yera's eyes while his body contorted in sensual movements that sent shivers down Yera's spine. He was creating an S-form movement once more and this time he was walking towards her as he danced.

    'Oh crap,' Yera mused, totally frozen on her seat. She could not even break the eye contact. It was like Xander was pulling a magnet on her not to cover those eyes this time.

    "I think you should change your career," Yera whispered because Xander was not only a good singer but a good dancer too. He totally nailed the best performer in her eyes.

    Xander stopped when he was already at her front and leaned forward to give her a kiss. Yera felt his hand touched her shoulders down her arms to her hands in which he held lovingly and firmly.

    "Darling, dance with me," Xander whispered sensually before Yera felt him pulling her up from her seat. He guided her arms to encircle his neck while Xander pulled her closer by wrapping his arms around her waist.

    Yera followed as Xander guided her into a sweet slow dance. Yera leaned on Xander's chest as she mumbled, "It's like a prom dance. I never experienced it before though." She hated attending parties so she did not even participated in high school proms.

    "If you want we can do prom night every now and then but you'll be able to dance only with me." Yera heard Xander spoke. She chuckled because it was not a bad idea, dancing intimately with her husband like this felt good. She felt so secure in his arms.

    She tilted her head and tiptoed so she could give Xander a kiss. She wanted his lips, those kissable lips that she longed for to have every single day.

    She gave him a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced together in the same rhythm as their bodies. Xander's hands started to roam at Yera's body, caressing her back then her curves before it went to unzip her dress from the back, letting the dress effortlessly slid down the floor.

    Yera gasped as Xander's warm palms touched her bare back unhooking her bra next. She let go of her arms wrapped around his neck to unbutton his clothes. She wanted to feel his body warmth on hers. Her hands went down to unbuckle his pants next. And as she expected, like her, he was too aroused already with his manhood bulging hard beneath his briefs.

    Yera wanted to feel it so she touched and caressed it while she continued to kiss her husband who moaned helplessly.

    She let go of his lips to kiss his neck, biting and making hickeys there and to his chest.

    "Ohh..." Xander gasped as his legs weakened because of the sensation running through his veins. He gulped when he felt Yera lowering down her kiss to his toned stomach, belly and to his manhood.

    "Darling..." he muttered in his hoarse voice when he felt her lips kissed his proud member teasingly. He unconsciously grabbed Yera's hair and cursed.

    "Oh... You will kill me with ecstasy," he grumbled, feeling Yera's tongue licking that length of his member from base to its head before twirling her tongue on its tip.

    It tickled and burning him alive that his body was shaking with anticipation and excitement. His wife's hands were playful too caressing his two small balls while she kept teasing his member in the center that was already dripping because of the nerve wrecking sensation.

    Xander bit his lower lip as he supressend his moans full of pleasure as Yera finally covered his member slowly inside her sweet and wonderful mouth.

    She was moving her head on him, in and out with her mouth to accommodate his length inside.

    "Oh Darling. You're doing great... Ohhh... Hmmm its feels warm..." Xander could no longer help but voice his pleasures.

    "Hmmm..." he kept moaning.

    "Darling.... Oh dear I love you..." his husky and stuttering voice hummed.

    Yera was feeling ecstatic along the whole performance she was doing. She wanted to please her husband as she herself was getting excited with her husband's moans and cries. She could hear the music of pleasures coming from his mouth calling her name, saying he loved her so much all over again.

    She held half of his member as a support and sped up her movements as she clamped his member with her mouth, pushing and pulling repeatedly. She could feel his member inside her mouth growing bigger and bigger and Yera could tell that he was near his climax with his drastic moans and hummings.

    "Oh Darling. I'm almost there.... Ohhhh... Ahhhhhhhh..." Xander cried as his body jerked, spreading his released in Yera's mouth because his wife did not let go of his member at all. Sucking it deep while she looked into his eyes.

    Xander cursed as he caressed Yera's head, he was still out of breath as he whispered, "I love you Darling..." He quickly scooped Yera up and carried her into his embrace. The night had just begun and he would end it by returning the favor to his dear, teasing, darling wife.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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