123 Sleepless***

    [WARNING: Explicit mature content ahead. Skip it if you're uncomfortable or not above 18 years of age. You've been warned.]

    Xander had brought Yera inside the bathroom where he pampered her by even brushing her teeth. "How come you always swallow it?" he murmured as he handed her the mouth wash. Xander was referring to his own fluids that Yera would often swallow whenever he would uncontrollably make his release inside her mouth.

    Yera was flustered with that blunt question that she turned deep red but then she snorted, "Research shows that there could be a natural antidepressant properties in it."

    Xander was totally amused by it and said grinning, "What the heck Darling? For real?" Yera's mouth twitched as she responded, "Of course not. It's only because I love the man who owned it, so that's why the smell and taste was not bad I believe..."

    Xander could no longer take the bewilderment in his face as he pulled Yera for a sensational kiss. They were still both naked, except for Yera who was still wearing her panties on. Xander gently pulled it off and led Yera in the hot tub filled with petals. He did not take her during the bath as they relaxed in the hot tub but merely caressed every part of his wife's body as if he was giving her a therapeutic massage that only left Yera wanting for more.

    "What are you doing?" Yera whispered as Xander continued to touch every part of her body as if he was memorizing every inch of her. Her husband was teasing her and she could no longer bear the anticipation any longer. All her skin hairs were up because of the electricity each touch brought, she was frantically shaking in every touch, because her husband was doing it erotically, sending shivers to her spine.

    Xander only gave him a mischievous smile, before his finger touched Yera's lips, trailing it's line while his sexy voice murmured, "I'm helping your body to relax Darling because as soon as we go to our bed... I'm afraid you'll end up sleepless."

    'Relaxing? No... You're making me burn up!' Yera mused that her misty eyes flickered with desire without her knowing. Xander saw those eyes burning of desire and he cursed inwardly. He suddenly stood up and pulled Yera out to the tub. He quickly dried her body and hair with the towels then carried her towards their bed.

    "I can walk you know..." Yera muttered with a grin. "But I love carrying you like this... It's like I have full power over you." Xander responded with a wink that left Yera speechless as their eyes locked with each other.

    'Didn't he know that he has full power over me already?' Yera wanted to say but kept quiet. Xander laid her down on their bed and placed himself on top of her for a deep kiss on her lips that shortly trailed down her neck followed onto her chest as his lips lingered there.

    "Hmmm..." soft cries escaped Yera's mouth as her husband steadily attended her bosoms, taking her hard peaks in his mouth. His tongue would teasingly play by swirling on it making Yera quivered, arching her body, asking for more.

    Xander would heed those body requests and would stop licking and biting to suck those peaks alternately while his hand and fingers caressed the other.

    One of his hands started to trail downwards, going down her nether region, urging Yera to part her legs apart as he caressed the sides of her thighs. Xander's fingers touched his wife's private part that was already damped... too wet that was tempting Xander to enter her that instant but he would not. He wanted to make her scream as he did her there with his mouth.

    He crawled down, planting kisses on every part his mouth would pass onto as he moved south. Yera bit her lower lip when she felt Xander's warm breath in between her thighs. Her right arm was raised upward, grabbing the pillow in her head while her left hand was on Xander's hair.

    Her hips wildly arched as Xander's tongue started invading her privacy, licking and lapping her like her womanhood was an ice cream. "Ahhh..." Yera could only helplessly moan as she drastically moved her head left and right while her husband was sucking her clit. She was too lost with the enormous pleasure she was getting from her husband's tongue and mouth.

    "Ahhhh, Darling... You're killing me with love," she whispered loudly without her knowing that  encouraged Xander to be more aggressive as he plunged his tongue in her insides, thrusting as deep as he could, pushing in and out, making Yera screamed as she reached her climax, "Ahhhhh".

    "Hmmm, you taste so sweet Darling." he commented as he licked her juices while his wife's body convulsed beneath him. Yera pulled him up as she murmured, "Take me wholly... I want you inside..."

    Xander obliged and positioned himself while Yera parted her legs more as she wrapped her arms on Xander's neck and pulled him for a passionate kiss. "Hmmm," another moan from Yera as Xander teasingly brushed his member on her sleek wet folds. She arched her lower body hastily, to urge him to enter her and quenched her craving.

    "Ahhhh..." she gasped in ecstasy as Xander entered her in one deep thrust. "You feel so good." she voiced out in her head but the words came out loudly.

    Xander moved in and out of her and Yera joined his rhythm, matching his movements with the same intensity. "Ahh Darling, you're driving me mad. It felt so good inside of you like this," Xander responded. He never thought he could experience something as wonderful as this his entire life, a union with his beloved wife like this was truly a blessing for him.

    The intensity went higher as the two bodies collided. Xander was thrusting hard and faster inside of her and Yera reached her orgasm for the second time around. With her body still shaking she moved her hips and Xander growled, a few more deep thrust and he too climaxed. Spreading all his fluids inside of his wife.

    He stayed on top of her not moving at all. Both of them were panting. Yera hugged him while he buried his face on her neck. After a while Xander tilted his head up and met Yera's eyes as he whispered, "I love you so much..."

    Yera's lips curved into a sweet smile as she answered, "I love you too." She was startled when she felt Xander moved once more inside of her. She looked at him who smiled at her bashfully as he whispered, "I warned you... You'll be sleepless tonight Darling."

    Yera gulped with how serious her husband's voice was but then pulled him into a passionate kiss as her answer.

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