124 Nightmare

    She had been wandering around since she got lost and all she saw around were huge trees. She could hear the grumbling of her stomach, devoid of any proper food. All that she could eat were some leaves that she thought were edible and also were soft enough to chew.

    Another night came by and again she carried her frightened self on the branch of a tree, leaned her back on the tree trunk, crying with fear and longing to see her family, missing her home. She wrapped her arms on her knees thinking of ways to ge out of this place.

    "Mom, dad..." she cried... She almost forgot, her parents were already dead. She only had her grandfather now... so she whispered, "grandpa." Her voice was already raucous. She's been shouting all day long and now she felt as if she had no more voice. Her body was very weak and she felt cold, probably because of the heavy rain and thunder last night. She was too scared, "Please no more rain, thunder and lightning. Grandpa, please find me soon," she whimpered while crying. Her body winced when she heard another thunder roaring from the sky. Her whole body shook in terror....

    She tried to stand up to shout once more. "Grandpa!!!!" But ended up falling on the ground. She felt so helpless that she burst out crying hard.

    Suddenly she heard a voice. A voice shouting her name. "Yera!!!" Yera!!!" Someone came, calling her name in the dark. She quickly stood up and shouted in her toddler's voice, "Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!"

    She saw a beam of light coming at her. A woman was almost near her when she saw her being attacked.

    "No! No!!!" Yera heard the woman scream. The woman's face was a bit blurry to her because of the tears that were clouding her eyes. Yera felt someone abruptly pull her while the woman seemed to be fighting the other people around. She was shaking, totally scared of whatever was happening.

    "Be quiet kid..." hushed a man's voice who held her tightly. Yera felt the man holding her panic. Immediately, he put a  knife under her neck as the man exclaimed, "Don't you dare come near or this kid will be dead!!!" But the woman was fast. She snatched Yera from the grab of that man and shouted, "Run!" Yera heard the voice of that lady and she did as told. But because it was dark, Yera fell down, but she managed to grab onto something and tried to get up. She felt a hand grabbing and pulling her up.

    "Don't be scared darling, grab tightly onto my hand and don't look down. Just look at me darling." it was the woman from before, Yera was sure of it because of the soothing voice and loving tone she had.

    "Bitch!!!" a man shouted. "Ahhh" cried the woman, as if she was in pain, but her grip on Yera's arm tightened. She let loose one of her hands while struggling and battling with the man. By that time, the clouds moved and the moon suddenly shone brightly and Yera saw a man fall.

    She felt the woman grab her and tried to pull her up and she succeeded. Yera had no strength already. She could only smell the rustic blood when she felt the woman hug her tightly as she whispered, "You're safe now darling. Shhh, you'll be home soon."

    Those were the last words Yera heard before she totally lost consciousness...


    "Darling... Wake up..." Xander whispered as he gently tapped Yera's shoulder. He was awakened by Yera's mumbling. She seemed to be having a bad dream, but he was alarmed when he felt her sobbing in her dream. Tears were rolling down from her eyes as she kept whimpering.

    "Darling, please wake up." Xander's voice was louder this time while he slightly patted Yera's face.

    A few more seconds and Yera finally opened her eyes and looked at him with terrorised expressions. It took her a while to regain composure and realise where she was. She lazily rose up to sit and leaned her body on the headrest. She bit her lower lip and looked askance at Xander with a frightened expression on her face.

    It had been a while since she last dreamed of that incident that happened when she was a kid. Everything was detailed in her dream everytime, but whenever she would wake up, only fragments of the incidents remained in her memory.

    "A nightmare?" Xander whispered as he wiped the teardrops visible on her face.

    "Yeah... the memories of the incident when I was a kid. I barely recall it whenever I'm awake. Remember when I told you why I'm scared of thunder? That time when I got lost in the woods, someone, a woman, actually saved me..." she said.

    "Hmm, I should be grateful to her for saving my lovely wife. If not for her, I won't have the chance to meet you." said Xander as he pinched Yera's nose.

    She too was actually curious to find out about the woman who had saved her that time, but her grandfather said that the family of that woman wanted their privacy. Even her grandfather did not disclose the woman's identity to her whenever she asked. However, Yera always wanted to personally thank her because she was alive only because of that woman. But weirdly, she was unable to find a single thing or link related to her ever.

    She sighed... She would check on it again later as soon as she was done with her current problems and have found out the perpetrator of her kidnapping and her grandfather's killer. Maybe, Xander's people  would be able to find out about her as they were definitely more capable in their job.

    Xander got up from the bed to get her some water. She looked at her wrist watch and it was already 4:00 AM. So she only slept for an hour. She realized she was still naked and she hurriedly covered herself with the comforter.

    Just then she heard Xander chuckle as he sat on the bed to hand her the bottle of water.

    "Here darling drink this. Why are you still blushing? It's not like I haven't seen any part of your body. I have even counted how many moles are there on your body! Do you know which mole is my favorite?" Xander said in a hoarse and low voice, teasingly.

    Yera almost choked with water and her face turned deep red. Xander chuckled and with his customised mischievous grin, took the bottle of water from her hand and put it on the bedside table.

    That moment, Yera could already read that look on her husband's face. She was no longer startled as soon as the comforter was pulled off from her body, and her round breasts were presented naked, right before him. "This one is my favorite mole," Xander muttered as he sucked her right rosy areola where one of her moles was located.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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