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    [WARNING: Explicit mature content ahead. Skip it if you're uncomfortable or not above 18 years of age. You've been warned.]

    Yera gasped as soon as Xander sucked her areola. It was Xander's favorite mole but it was Yera's most sensitive spot too. She loved it whenever Xander would take those nipples of hers in his mouth.

    "Ahmmm," she moaned subconsciously. Her hands grabbed Xander's hair while he continued to lick and suck on her nipple. She arched her body without her knowing because of the overpowering sensations of passion her husband was sending down her whole body.

    Yera moved and placed herself on Xander's lap and brushed her already damped flower on his rigid member. Xander growled and suddenly left her breasts to look into her eyes and whispered bluntly in his hoarse voice, "Good thing I let you charge yourself for an hour, darling. I love your movements on top of me... back and forth....up and down... "

    Yera blushed crimson red on hearing his words and encircled her arms on Xander's neck and kissed him on his lips to hide her blushing. She moved and adjusted her hips in order to accommodate his member and covered it with her warmth. She gently moved her hips and buttocks downward covering all his hardness with her opening.

    Both moaned in pleasure as Yera began to move up and down on him while they kissed each other passionately, sucking each other's sweetness as their tongues collided with each  other claiming their dominance on the other. Yera kept on pumping him up and down.

    "Oh darling... Harder please... That's it..." Xander mumbled without him knowing and Yera followed every order he gave. Xander kissed her neck sucking and licking her there and then swiftly moved down to her nipples once more. He devoured those hard peaks alternately while his hand was busy in squeezing the other one and gently playing and pinching her nipples with his fingers, making Yera cry in ecstasy.

    Yera's movement changed into back and forth while he continuously sucked and licked her nipples. She arched her body backward giving him more access as she sped her movement on him, riding on him hard like he was a horse. Xander was about to reach his climax but as usual he controlled it because he wanted Yera to bathe him in her milk first with her own release.

    She moved faster, lost in passion as she moaned and called her husband's name. Xander could feel her contractions being inside her, indicating she was on the verge of her pinnacle. He held her buttocks for support as he met her movements, slamming her hard and deep as she rode him back and forth.

    "Ahhhh..." Yera cried out as she reached her climax, her body shaking as she jerked and her fluids covered Xander's member who had his released at the same time as hers.

    "Ohhh, I want more darling, I want to love you like this forever," Xander mumbled and suddenly flipped and laid Yera down on the bed as he continued to move inside her, not minding the sticky fluids dripping from Yera's flower, both his and hers.

    He thrust deep and hard inside Yera while he kissed her lips hungrily. He could never get enough of her, and he never understood why! His wife's scent always drove  him insane, he wanted her more and more.

    Yera on the other hand accepted her husband's love making with her legs wide open. She too was burning with the same passion and loved to be wanted by her husband, she wanted him to be this passionate, to be like this with her, forever. She desired him with the same intensity as he desired her. She met his every thrust with a deep moan while he was kissing her.

    Xander let her lips go for a while and lifted his head, to look at her face. Her eyes were closed while she was floating in the sea of  pleasure, but Xander murmured, "Open your eyes darling and look at me..." Yera did as he said, she locked her eyes with his and both their eyes were filled with passion and love. Xander was soon about to reach his second release just by looking at Yera's dilated moist eyes and sweet face with sweat trickling down her temples...

    "I love you darling," he lovingly whispered as he thrust deeper, harder and faster. His gaze never left her eyes, watching how his wife was enjoying his thrusts, her mere face full of euphoria was like more than paradise for Xander.

    "Ahhhh..." Yera's body convulsed the second time around while Xander was still inside of  her. A few more aggressive thrust of his member inside his wife and Xander followed his wife in reaching his second pinnacle, making him shiver in pure pleasure as he thrust more to shoot out all his fluids inside his wife. Then he collapsed on top of Yera, burying his face on her sweet scented neck.

    Yera hugged him. "Let's sleep one more hour..." she whispered, feeling exhausted after their several love makings.


    The next day, as soon as the sun rose, the group prepared to return back to the City as scheduled. The distance was long. Xander still joined the group in their shuttle bus but this time he was not seated beside Yera. Xander sat beside Dion instead while Yera sat with Rizie.

    Rizie chuckled as she looked on her opposite side where Dion and Xander were seated. "I guess, a lot did party sleeplessly last night," she mumbled pertaining to Xander whose head was rested on Dion's shoulder. Rizie looked at her right side, where Yera was also sleeping soundly using her neck pillow.

    Dion's face was too wrinkled that Rizie could not help but tease him. "You'll understand this feeling once you're married." Whispered Rizie that made Dion roll his eyes. "Stop spurting nonsense as if you know everything when you yourself hadn't experienced a thing yet." Dion mumbled with twitched mouth.

    Rizie pouted her lips and did not respond because she actually had never experienced this before and she did not know how to counter that fact. She only shook her head because she simply understood that the couple obviously did not sleep last night and had played around all night long...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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