126 Make Sure It’s Important Or I’ll Kill You

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    "Dad, do we have some important occasion or something to celebrate?" Xander asked seeing the extraordinary feast his father had prepared to welcome them back homel. It was almost evening when they all arrived at Yang Hospital and then Yera secretly rode with Xander from the basement of the hospital as usual.

    Senior Yang smiled and  walked towards Yera and gave her a warm hug. "Welcome back daughter. I heard an accident occured during your trip, I was anxious when I heard about it but I'm glad you and Xander are both well. I'm very happy today that you two are back home so I have prepared all the dishes that I believe you like." Senior Yang said followed by a wink that brought a bashful sweet smile on Yera's lips.

    "Thank you father," Yera whispered with her broadest smile and walked to her seat when her father-in-law signaled them to sit. She really loved it, how thoughtful and heartwarming her father-in-law was with her always. Yera could feel a real family in Xander's household and she was really happy. During dinner, her father-in-law asked how their team was building, he was very caring for her health and everything that Xander only shook his head with a grin as he listened to the two, enjoying their chat.

    "Darling, the mixed vegetables are good. Have some..." Xander said and put some on Yera's plate. Senior Yang watched his son take care of Yera, his eyes were full of care and love for his wife.

    'They both seem very happy today! Maybe it will be better not to tell him anything as of now.' Senior Yang mused suddenly seeing how happy the couple was together. He let out a long deep sigh. He had earlier decided to tell Xander everything as soon as he returned home, but now he was a bit hesitant, not knowing how the truth would impact the relationship between them, so he started contemplating his decision of telling Xander the truth.

    'Kanya... What should I do?' Senior Yang was suddenly in a dilemma. "Dad, are you there? What's wrong? You were staring at us without even blinking," Xander asked grinning when he noticed his father was in deep thought while looking at them.

    Senior Yang smiled and commented bluntly, "Nothing, just wondering when I can finally have grandchildren in our big mansion." Yera's face blushed crimson hearing that comment unlike Xander, who had a wide ear to ear grin on his face. "Don't worry Dad, I'm working hard on it..." He mumbled proudly and Yera subconsciously poked him, her cheeks deep red, and said, "Stop it."

    Senior Yang laughed and added, "You both look great together." And at that moment he decided to not disclose the truth to Xander, because he was now afraid of the aftermath. The atmosphere was just too good to kill because of an incident that already happened in the past.

    After dinner, the couple went into their room. Xander was playful as always and he showered Yera with kisses as soon as they were inside the room. The couple were smooching and giggling when Xander's mobile phone rang.

    Several rings filled the room but Xander was too busy kissing Yera to pick up the phone. The ringing did not stop disturbing the intimate moment between the couple frustrating Xander to no limit.

    Yera gently pushed Xander and said, "Answer it first. I think it's important. I'll go clean up first."

    Xander cursed the caller silently and gave her a forced nod.

    "Hello," Xander scoffed and added, "Make sure it's important or I'll kill you."

    Ralf who was on the other line gulped and cleared his throat before saying, "Sir, I believe this matter is of great importance."

    "What is it?" Xander asked.

    "Sir, I have sent you the complete files and reports. I suggest you check it right now... and alone..." reported Ralf. Xander creased his forehead and looked  towards the bathroom where Yera was.

    "Alright. I got it," Xander said before he ended the call. He walked to the bathroom and knocked.

    "Yes?" Yera shouted.

    "Darling I am just going into the study room for a while to check an important matter. Do wait for me okay?" said Xander, before he went straight into his study area..

    He opened his laptop and checked the files Ralf was referring to. His face darkened, and forehead creased, Xander snorted, "What is this?"


    Yera was humming as she went out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. She felt refreshed after a warm bath. She opened her closet to choose a sleepwear for her. Earlier she would often choose a pair of conservative pajamas but now, with a bashful grin on her face, her hands picked up a royal blue silk slip comfortable night dress.

    She looked at her own reflection in the mirror before a contented smile curved on her naturally red lips. The color of her dress enhanced her skin tone more. She giggled then mumbled, " I can even giggle now..." Then quickly jumped on their bed and hid herself under the comforter since she knew her husband would definitely and absolutely tease her for her suddenly having a different taste in sleepwear. Xander was the one who chose her nightgowns and lingerie before and to be honest she had no plans of wearing them at all.

    Well that was in the past of course, before she came to realise her love for Xander.

    After thirty minutes of waiting, Yera's eyes started to feel heavy. She looked  at the wall clock, and realised that Xander was in his study area for more than an hour already.

    "Is it about work?" she mumbled. Xander was slacking at work these past few days so Yera  thought that he probably had a pile of important things to review. She yawned several times and could no longer contain her drowsiness because her body was really tired and not to mention that it was already very late.

    Xander, on the other hand, sat motionless in his seat, staring at the ceiling, for hours. His face was blank and expressionless, indicating he was in a very deep conflicted thoughts. Finally, he decided to stand up from his seat and walked out from his study area.

    He walked in their room and climbed on their bed, where Yera was already sleeping soundly. He silently and carefully joined her and hugged her tightly and buried his face on her neck...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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